PS4 Hotfix Now Deployed

Hi all.

A hot-fix was recently deployed that should address the recent issues that were introduced as a part of the May Update. Please check for the update when you are next by your console, and have a great weekend of GZ!


I’m in!image


I launched the game and it doesn’t crash. I don’t have time to check it out more yet.


It’s a shame that 80% of ps4 users have already gotten refunds and the other 20% get to experience nerfed explosives. Yay

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In addition to the fact that my Hunters are ignoring fireworks and they’re all over the starting island now. (On the brightside flares actually seem to function now)

Keep in mind that fireworks won’t work if you have already dealt damage to the Hunter. If you’re not happy with the change to their spawn locations, then that is valuable feedback that the Devs would like to see in the according Subforum:)


Fighting Hunters off with a rusty 12G and a Hunting Rifle is pretty tough, luckily I found a Assault Rifle by a Military camp.

Thank you for the information and your team effort on fixing the ps4 crash. I honestly love and missed the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just tested it, games appears to be working just fine again, keep up the good work.


Thank you for putting up with some of the irate users, especially me. Appreciate the diligence of all involved.

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Thank you so much, the update so far is amazing (besides the missing loot in toolboxes) and I’m so glad to be back in before the weekend!

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I’m in but can we have a mini gun.

Yeah, but good luck finding a reliable supply of ammo for it. :slight_smile:

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Yes do let us know lol

Game loads on PS4. That’s great. However, I have no loot in any toolboxes. None. Restarted game. Same thing. Also, if I am in a fight with mor than 3 larger machines, frame rate drops to nearly nothing. Machines are also spawning inside buildings while I am in them after clearing. Machines are glitching through walls. These are consistent problems. This is unplayable right now. Every update it gets worse.

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Yes where on the same boat.

Hey Daskk, thanks for joining the Generation Zero community here on the forums! We appreciate the feedback. These are all known issues that are being looked into :slight_smile: Feel free to continue reporting bugs in the bug reports thread.

Hi there, here is a thread where you can post images and discuss suggestions for weapons in GZ :slight_smile: feel free to add your ideas to that post so they are all together in one spot!