***PS4 trophy "Go-Getter" still broken? (patch 1.10)

I deleted but backed up my 100% save to retry the trophies “Go-Getter” and “Fashionista”.

I am counting 27 missions completed from both main and side missions. 4 of them are intro missions, 3 of them are Warboard, while 20 are mixed main & side missions. My log also says total missions completed 44 (joined some multiplayer sessions)

What are the requirements for this trophy or is it buggy again? Why doesn’t it pop when I have total missions completed 44 or my solo player ones at 27?

Can the devs please fix this.


Now I have 32 missions completed and still nothing

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It’s just a guess but if they did fix it with the latest update, it probably started its count then. Just like the way Fashionista was fixed. If so you still need to wait for a retroactive fix.

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If I remember correctly I got that trophy on my main account after finishing every side missions.
All missions included it’s a total of 84 in this game.
On my second account which I play currently, I have finished 82, only missing the last two end missions, and still have’nt got that trophy.
Also the trophies for killing tanks/harvester and find 5 bunkers wont pop up. Initially I thought the count was reset with the august update, but that is apparently not the case.

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“Go-getter” was apparently fixed back in April and many seem to have it, but the counter seems to be broken again or the requirements don’t fit the description. Something is wrong.

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Fashionista maybe fixed but I’ve noticed a pattern on clothing pick up since I’ve accumulated over 200-300 appearances. This pattern I’ve been seeing is getting only a dozen of the same clothing and seldom times something different comes along. Granted I’ve got possibly every in game non dlc item at this point, but at this rate I won’t naturally get it until this retro patch comes.

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Yes I will probably wait for the retro patch for fashionista too… but what’s wrong with Go-Getter…

@SR_Kimchi Any update on this?

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Go Getter counts side missions. You will need to complete 25 side missions for this to unlock.

On my son’s ps4 account I have finished every side mission and Go getter has’nt popped up yet.
The only missions of a totaI of 84 I have’nt finished is Enemy of my enemy which is currently bugged and then Behind the curtain.
Go getter is currently not possible to achieve on my son’s account, along with a few other trophies like Tunnel Rat, Yippee ki yay, Say hello to my little friend, Gangster and Commando.
These trophies should have popped long ago, but refuse to do so :blush:
I think this has something to do with august update.

I’m gonna weigh in on this as I also had this issue. The world missions themselves…imagine as a book with chapters.

You have will have to complete each chapter associated with the world mission - in order for the world mission to count as 1 completed mission to the tracker.

Now this was pre August update, and may have changed but I know for sure this was the issue. To pull it another way I was tracking 20 World Missions complete, and had 6 side missions remaining to do.

4 / 6 were linked to individual world missions, that added to the total count of 24 / 25 once completed. The remaining 2 were linked to the same world mission adding the final count to 25 unlocking the achievement.

I found the issue developed when I progressed further than the game that I think it expected me to do, leaving early world missions in limbo, while I progressed with new ones.

I would recommend going through the log, and looking at what’s left to do…also you can navigate the map and see what missions are left to be found, and specifically work on them. I’d also keep a manual count from your current point to make sure it’s tracking correctly.

Good luck sir

Does it matter if they were completed online with other players, if somebody else completes them for you or by playing offline?

Tracking ( again ) is a frustrating issue as only the host servers progression counts. So if they joined YOUR game file your progression will save.

If you have JOINED an online game, then it will not hence the confusion on what’s actually been unlocked in tracking and what’s not.

Still broken on 1.09 and 1.10

Still broke on xbox too, as well as the final countdown, I have completed all the war board in game as well as all side missions and neither achievement has popped for me. I know some have deleted their game and started new and have been able to get these achievements but I haven’t started a new game since launch and still using same save game and these are the only 2 achievements I have left so guess ill wait for a retro fix hopefully sometime soon in the near future.

25 Side missions only. I had to do more than it stated Solo *so I had to go online as a guest. And it popped finally for me last patch.

It wasn’t an added patch fix I think in this latest September patch but Late June it popped for me when I did over 30-35 side missions if I remember right.

You went online as a guest and got the trophy there?

I am having the same issue, although fashionista is now fixed for me. I’m on PS4 and have completed everything and on my truth tree it says I still have main missions to do.

Yeah I had the same… Thanks for confirming the issue

@Erkawest yeah I had to join my wife’s game. For some reason also I only had so many side missions I could do. A lot of them would disappear on me if I turned off the game and came back. But if I remember I was able to do 22 side missions solo. And I did an extra 10-15 with her as a guest.

Are devs only replying to forum threads once a week?