PS4 trophy "Fashionista" When is it getting fixed?

Well my friend, I’m gonna try and put a positive spin on this later. I thought of an idea that may help speed things along at camp avalanche.

Details to follow :innocent:

So no confirmation? Another user on another site posted that the devs confirmed that the trophy is fixed… But seems to be a hoax?

There’s no unlock in the community at all.

And you can tell it’s not fixed, because you can still pick up fashion inventory displaying as being added, when you already have it.

For example, my reserve wears an eye patch. While in Klinte on a hoarde last night, it was found again displaying as something to add to the inventory.

TA & TT are all showing as locked still, so I call BS.

According to the “known August update bugs” post, it is halfway fixed.
Apparently it is now counting the new items you find, but it is not yet counting what you already have. So they are continueing to work on the problem

Sure, but can the trophy be earned by collecting 200 as of today?

It is now possible to unlock Fashionista. However the count will start counting your pickups after last patch. We have a retroactive count in the works and hoping it will come out with the next patch.

Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy! :star_struck:


That’s great news thank you for updating direct!

Could I ask, purely for clarity on the item itself ( bomber jacket ) for example would count as 1 item, and another colour version count as 2? Or just 1 item regardless of how many alternatives are available?

I’ve collected what I believe to the majority of the clothes. I rarely get a message that I’ve picked up something anymore. Does the fashionista achievement ONLY count unique items i.e. items your picking uo for the first time?

After reading this I decided to delete my save and start again and have since collected another 200+ items of apparel. I’m playing on Xbox and did not get the achievement.
Are there certain items that don’t count? Some clarity of what actually counts towards the achievement would be appreciated as at the moment it doesn’t seem to be fixed.

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Same as mate, booked a day off work - 225 total count now. I’m not surprised but surely won’t be too long before the September patch lands and I can finally put this to bed.

As for the clarity, again- 100% agree nothing has been clarified whether 5 colours of the same jacket counts as 1 or 5 / no confirmation as to what ACTUALLY counts towards the count ( make-up / gas masks / the dlc add ons…)

It just seems a little too good to be true, and still not unlocked via TA.


To clarify. The items that count need to be unique, they are not part of your starting outfit and are not DLC or special event apparel.

When you loot apparel in the world you can get duplicates of one item (ex Hat - blue) several times, but only one will show in your apparel profile view and only one will count towards the achievement/trophy. Each different color (ex Hat - blue and Hat - red) does count as separate.

We are working on a retro active solution that will include the items picked up before patch 5 in the count.

Thank you for reporting, helping us gather information and for your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the clarity. Spot on

Kimchi once again thankyou

Fashionista is finally fixed and works retroactively as intended after patch 1.10

Sadly there are 8 other trophies that have been glitched since patch 1.09.

The glitched trophies are:

Decimation (destroy 500 machines)
Hasta La Vista Baby (destroy 30 seekers)
Yippee-Ki-Yay (destroy 15 harvesters)
Say Hello To My Little Friend (destroy 15 Tanks)
Explorer (discover 50 locations)
Tunnel Rat (discover 5 bunkers)
Kill Switch (destroy 10 relay beacons)
Go-Getter (complete 25 world events)

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Have you considered an offline play through?

Tried it, and was still unable to get the ones I managed to do, such as discovering 50 locations and 6 bunkers.

Even when I search the trophies on psnprofiles, I can see that no players have got these trophies this month. Not even for killing 500 enemies

By deinstalling the game and playing offline without patches should work for all the trophies except for Go-Getter, as that was also glitched at launch

Go getter was not glitched at launch. The requirements to getting it were someone cloudy…

This link should help if your still stuck, despite being on Xbox - the principle stays the same. Good luck :+1:t2:

So what are the requirements? Go getter is still bugged. No trophy popping

My log:
Main missions: 26
Side missions: 28

I have visited all warboards, but not completed all main missions. But the dev said side missions… so wtf is this?

Warboard: 31
Sides: 36
Total missions: 71

The devs really need to be clear because it doesn’t work. “World missions” what the hell are those? I only see main, side, intro, warboard… Can devs please stop wasting peoples’ times.

Edit: 30 side missions completed in my log. Still nothing