PS4 trophy "Fashionista" When is it getting fixed?


As topic says, been months now. Any guess?


The devs are working as fast as they can to provide a fix, and on a number of other issues people have reported that have stayed a while. I don’t know exactly when, sadly. But with the June Patch out of the way there’s more time to go over issues like these.


Collect 200 items of apparel.

Has anyone actually counted how many items they collected? I’m wondering if it only counts found items so any starter items or Vanity pack items don’t count. It seems like I found a lot of items but a lot of them are repeats of the same thing. different variations of the same item may not count towards the achievement so having 3 different colored helmets would only count as 1. I seem to find different style apparel depending on the style of characters I made so you may need to make four different styled characters to find 200 unique items. I know it is not worded that way but some of the mission descriptions also seemed a bit too vague so it could be possible.


@kakarron it could also be possible that you need 200 pieces of the same type of apparel that might be something else to try as well you’ll just need one character and alot of time on your hands i know someone on ps4 has the trophy already so who knows


Something seems fishy to me to the person who completed the game on ps4 notice how he or she unlocked all the achievements except for 3 all on the same day something doesn’t smell right to me with that. I also noticed they completed the game skyrim all those achievements as well all on the same day june 10 2019 lol