PS4 trophy "Fashionista" When is it getting fixed?

As topic says, been months now. Any guess?

The devs are working as fast as they can to provide a fix, and on a number of other issues people have reported that have stayed a while. I don’t know exactly when, sadly. But with the June Patch out of the way there’s more time to go over issues like these.

Collect 200 items of apparel.

Has anyone actually counted how many items they collected? I’m wondering if it only counts found items so any starter items or Vanity pack items don’t count. It seems like I found a lot of items but a lot of them are repeats of the same thing. different variations of the same item may not count towards the achievement so having 3 different colored helmets would only count as 1. I seem to find different style apparel depending on the style of characters I made so you may need to make four different styled characters to find 200 unique items. I know it is not worded that way but some of the mission descriptions also seemed a bit too vague so it could be possible.

@kakarron it could also be possible that you need 200 pieces of the same type of apparel that might be something else to try as well you’ll just need one character and alot of time on your hands i know someone on ps4 has the trophy already so who knows

Something seems fishy to me to the person who completed the game on ps4 notice how he or she unlocked all the achievements except for 3 all on the same day something doesn’t smell right to me with that. I also noticed they completed the game skyrim all those achievements as well all on the same day june 10 2019 lol

Was this fixed in August update?

No sir.

It was not, despite this being the 5th update - basic tracking of the game is still causing issues for achievements / trophy’s.

If like me it’s just Fashionista left to do, then I’d recommend coming back to the game every month in line with the updates that will be coming for September, October, and November.

I was hoping ( this being the OFFICIAL forum ) that I would get some clarity on this early into me joining the group but wasn’t taken seriously as it’s not gameplay related. From the initial August patch notes, it gives some indication that they will focus on the more on side missions, following their focus on main missions in June… so I’d predict that September will be fixing the plundra boxes and game crashes, October a hot fix to level out the September issues that didn’t get fixed so potentially Nov / Dec time before it makes the “ to do” list at Avalanche.

But fair to say, there’s a lot to do before any of the above gets actioned.

I’ve been waiting since the game released… And yeah basically I’m checking this forum once every month. How hard can it be to just fix this one last trophy.

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Well my friend, I’m gonna try and put a positive spin on this later. I thought of an idea that may help speed things along at camp avalanche.

Details to follow :innocent:

So no confirmation? Another user on another site posted that the devs confirmed that the trophy is fixed… But seems to be a hoax?

There’s no unlock in the community at all.

And you can tell it’s not fixed, because you can still pick up fashion inventory displaying as being added, when you already have it.

For example, my reserve wears an eye patch. While in Klinte on a hoarde last night, it was found again displaying as something to add to the inventory.

TA & TT are all showing as locked still, so I call BS.

According to the “known August update bugs” post, it is halfway fixed.
Apparently it is now counting the new items you find, but it is not yet counting what you already have. So they are continueing to work on the problem

Sure, but can the trophy be earned by collecting 200 as of today?

It is now possible to unlock Fashionista. However the count will start counting your pickups after last patch. We have a retroactive count in the works and hoping it will come out with the next patch.

Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy! :star_struck:


That’s great news thank you for updating direct!

Could I ask, purely for clarity on the item itself ( bomber jacket ) for example would count as 1 item, and another colour version count as 2? Or just 1 item regardless of how many alternatives are available?

I’ve collected what I believe to the majority of the clothes. I rarely get a message that I’ve picked up something anymore. Does the fashionista achievement ONLY count unique items i.e. items your picking uo for the first time?

After reading this I decided to delete my save and start again and have since collected another 200+ items of apparel. I’m playing on Xbox and did not get the achievement.
Are there certain items that don’t count? Some clarity of what actually counts towards the achievement would be appreciated as at the moment it doesn’t seem to be fixed.

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Same as mate, booked a day off work - 225 total count now. I’m not surprised but surely won’t be too long before the September patch lands and I can finally put this to bed.

As for the clarity, again- 100% agree nothing has been clarified whether 5 colours of the same jacket counts as 1 or 5 / no confirmation as to what ACTUALLY counts towards the count ( make-up / gas masks / the dlc add ons…)

It just seems a little too good to be true, and still not unlocked via TA.


To clarify. The items that count need to be unique, they are not part of your starting outfit and are not DLC or special event apparel.

When you loot apparel in the world you can get duplicates of one item (ex Hat - blue) several times, but only one will show in your apparel profile view and only one will count towards the achievement/trophy. Each different color (ex Hat - blue and Hat - red) does count as separate.

We are working on a retro active solution that will include the items picked up before patch 5 in the count.

Thank you for reporting, helping us gather information and for your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the clarity. Spot on