PSPlus ad with November update

This poll could help find some clarity. Description below.

  • I get an in-game ad on PS4 and I’m not a member of PSPlus
  • I get an in-game ad on PS4 and I am a member of PSPlus
  • I don’t get an in-game ad on PS4 and I’m not a member of PSPlus
  • I don’t get an in-game ad on PS4 and I am a member of PSPlus

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With the November update I got a problem on the PS4. I deliberately didn’t post this in the thread designated for feedback on the update because I don’t think this would get the attention it needs.

The problem with this is that I bought GZ without built-in ads. It seems that GZ made some deal with PS4. I don’t know if that would even be legal. In any case I feel cheated.

From the moment GZ was updated I started the game and pressed x to continue.

But at the same time that the player is spawning at the last location the PS4 is loading something. I can abort by pressing o. But for some reason I am curious.

Tataah! An advertisement for PlayStation Plus. I can hear GZ in the background.

After pressing o the ad is gone. I have to do this each time I continue or select a player.

I’ve never exposed my PS4 to the net. It’s pretty clear that the issue started after the update and it is only with GZ. It serms that no other games on my PS4 have this problem.

Could it be an issue with PS4? Yes, nevertheless it is also an issue with GZ. Maybe other GZ players on PS4 already are PSPlus members, so I’m the only one getting this?

In any case… this shouldn’t happen.

Makes sense now. I have PS Plus because a LOT of games require it for multiplayer however games that do require will push ads. It is likely that Sony had pushed for this with the certification. I might be wrong but Sony has changed a lot of things for terms and agreement lately with PS5 on the horizon.

It’s worth looking up if it’s game-related at all, or if it’s something related to the PSN, so we can get some clarification, at least.

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Fairly sure it is PSN related.

I can’t see our Devs pulling a stunt like this without letting us know…

How very sad, that is…

But do you have PS plus? @Raco

I’m sure it is. Nevertheless it is also GZ related.


Ok, nowadays most people have it, that might be why you are one of the few “affected”, but it´s still strange.

PlayStation love to get money from you and the dev team are, I believe, in no way responsible for the ads that pop up because Sony can force those things in because it may be Avalanche’s game but it’s Sony’s system and hardware.

If the issue would be with the game, we would see the ads on all platforms. So far, i haven’t seen even a hint on PC. However, proprietary hardware (consoles), have the power to “pause” the game mid-loading, and put ads in your face.

I don’t think this would be the case here, but these days I can completely see that they can pull off these sort of things. May it be the forums or behind the scenes, but there are experiences negatively impacted directly or indirectly by those trusted.

And just this is why I can’t see Devs do this.
Sony “overwritten” the normal game with an ad command displaying the ad.

Quite sure of it.

Actually, you even don’t need to change the game code to present in-game ads. All one needs to do, is program an overlay that is presented at specific times and which won’t go away after user input and/or certain time has passed.

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Miss, I meant, the game had a command line from the system overwritten the game.
Not that the game itself was altered…

Apologies for not being clear…

With all due respect. You’re missing the point.

GZ is not one product, but many products, each for every platform, with its own contract. Your argument isn’t a valid one.

And so, and here is the problem I’m having: Or, the contract has changed, or consumers have not been informed properly to the fact that at some point in time ads would become part of the game.

On the disc and cover it is not mentioned that the game can contain in-game purchases. I’m not quite sure but initially, I think this also wasn’t mentioned in the PSN Store.

Whether this clause would be covering PSPlus ads, I don’t know, in any case I’m not getting a product within the same margins of the initial product. Or I could be wrong, of course.

Let’s make a comparison. Say you buy a movie disc. On it and its cover it is nowhere mentioned that there are commercial breaks coming with it. But a year later, suddenly the movie is being interrupted. Would that be right?

Edit: I would like to add that I don’t see Avalanche would profit from this but they at least have the responsability to their consumers to make sure that the publisher is not altering the product in such a profound way.

It is a SONY executable that overwhelms the game with the add.

Our Devs would not do this behind our backs.
Besides, not all players have this, only those without PSN.
That says it all, sir…

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It doesn’t matter who implemented it or how Sony has implemented it. It’s completely irrelevant. The fact that it is implemented alone shows that Avalanche or whoever’s responsible is allowing those ads to be implemented.

You don’t think Avalanche will sell to Sony without some groundrules, do you?

Who’s to say? I’d rather wait to hear from someone who is informed and wants to explain why ads are shown on PS4 since the November update.

I’m not sure how to respond. It sounds like you think all of this is normal. That ads are normal. And expecting to join PSPlus is normal…

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Indeed. Nobody on here except the devs are in a position to answer, all other answers you get are merely speculations (people like to speculate on here, like, a lot, lol!). Perhaps @SR_knivspark could chime in on this subject?

Sir, you are joking, correct?
Cannot be that you are serious, sir!

The ad is NOT part of the game.
It’s a Sony executable that loads simultaneous when you fire the game up.
This does mean that the Devs are very likely not the culprit.

Not every PS player has this, sir.
That alone, this alone… says all.

If you want it gone… well… get PSN.
No, not here, our Devs are not responsible.
Sony… that’s where you need to be, sir…

I sense a high level of paranoia in the matter…

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I’m not being paranoid, I think. I’m just connecting some dots and I’m not even saying that my impression is sound. I already said that I could be wrong, but it seems that the agreement was made for PSN to push ads with GZ. I’m not even guessing what the exact reason for such a profound change is.

I’m afraid I’m not following… Why do you say that the fact that PSPlus members are not bothered with ads, says it all? Could you elaborate, please?

Edit: oh I see now. You mean that it proves that it is a PSN issue. I guess you didn’t understand what I said earlier.

Sony does needs no agreement, sir.
It’s their system they can do with it as they please.

IF the Devs had implemented this, ALL PS4 players would have it.
But they do not.

There can be only ONE conclusion, sir…

That it also is GZ related?
No, IF that were the case ALL PS4 players playing GZ would have this.