Random crashes, but too frequent

Platform: PC

Steps To Reproduce: Play the game

Images / Videos: N/A

Host or Client: Solo game

Players in your game: None

Specifications -

  • Windows 10 Home, Version 1809, OS Build 17763.503
  • Intel i5-9600k 3.70GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • GPU: Geforce RTX 2080 (8 GB)

Issue summary

  • random crashes
  • been happening ever since I bought the game (sometime mid April)
  • Can crash right away <1min, or almost 2 hours until it crashes. Most of the time in under an hour.
  • I’ve never lost any items, it always seems to save before it crashes thankfully

I’ve tried playing on all the preset video levels from the lowest to ultra. It’s one of the most beautiful and nerve racking games I’ve ever played and I love it. Just wish it was playable. Most of the time it does create a bug report and I always click send report. However sometimes, like it did just a few minutes ago, it did not create a bug report. I’ve had it crash while i’m afk and while actively running around the map.

Please make it better so I can recommend it to friends!!

Hi, several people are reporting the exact same thing, even some console players.

From looking at the windows logs it seems to be an Access Violation … so something memory related. I thought it would happen primarily on 2GB GPUs, but by now it seems to be happening regardless of system specs.

What’s really worrying:
Just Cause 4 also uses the Apex engine and players have been reporting a similar issue back in 2018! And it doesn’t seem like it got fixed (at least not for everyone)

So, here we are, talking about (probably) the same issue again 6 months later. They KNOW it’s a problem, but since only like 1% are complaining about it they are not talking about it…at least that’s my impression after putting in a lot of effort to get this fixed.

Thanks for the reply!

Is it really only for 1% of players? From everything I see and hear it definitely seems like much more than that

That’s my impression, not a statistically proven number. We’re still a minority compared to everybody else complaining about broken quests, bad AI, the lack of base building or whatever.

This thread reported the issue on April 11:Frequent random crashes preventing progress
I’m not gonna get into what it took to get Graham to respond to this. Since then not a single word about the issue.

Here the known issue thread:Known Issues [April Update 2019-04-17]
It was edited on April 30 and several other posts were made since the thread was started. Not a single word about instability.

By now there seems to be no further point in discussing the issue, so all the relevant threads get buried by the gameplay related ones.
I know I digress here, but after putting in hours of testing and posting I don’t see what else I could tell you.