Region rivals gone

My forest region lost all the levels and all but 1 rival, so dropped to Level: 1 Score: 0 , Active Rivals: 1.
PS4, was playing with one other player and was hosting. Anyone else have this happen ??
I had around 5 rivals and the region level was 10ish.

Did you destroy any rivals in the Farmlands, or any other region? (but Farmlands mostly)

Only 1, in the Farmlands trying to get the reaper to spawn . Why ?

I was the other client.

If I remember right, we were trying to get Reaper to spawn and the Rival in question was a Farmlands Rival, it dropped Farmlands to 19 and Forest to level 1.

@Catalyst_Light, or was it before that Rival?

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This is not a oh I Killed all my rivals when they were not in their region mistake, This is a bug. I am reporting it to Avalunche.

I only noticed it after, we killed the rival, although it might have happened before. By the way what is your forest region at ?

17 I think, still at work. I’ll PSN you it later tonight.

After the last update I’ve noticed that 2 or 3 of my regions have reset back to around level 2 and that’s with 7 rivals in it all for those areas. It’s a real pain having to find enough enemies to get the areas back up to level 17-18 which is what they were at before hand. Other than that no other issues with the game so far.

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