[Request] We should be able to turn off the EXP KVM59's lightning


This has been bothering me for a hot minute.
The Overdrive mode of the EXP Kpist can be deactivated, so it only makes sense to be able to deactivate this too.
Reason number 1 is that once enemies get closer you start dealing a considerable amount of damage to yourself, it would be nice to quick switch so close enemies can be shot.

Second reason is that I would like to be able to enjoy the game’s athmosphere without this thing constantly sizzling into my ear. It’s not a very pleasant sound to have on all the time.


Well, 6* Kpist is only exception to experimental weapon special ability, since it’s ability is fire mode, which you can toggle. All other experimental weapons have their ability “On” 24/7. With that, i’d say it makes sense that 6* KVM59 ability can’t be turned off since most of them can’t be, except one exception.

Chain-lighting ability is one of the most powerful abilities in the game and it’s fair for balancing that you’ll get zapped if you’re too close. Else-ways, 6* KVM59 would be way too OP.

That reminds me when people complained about 6* .50 cal humming. Topic: Humming sound from Pansarvärnsgevär 90

Quick solution would be holding different weapon in hand, when enjoying the atmosphere. :wink: E.g i usually have my 5* HP5 in hand when hiking around (since it doesn’t take up that much screen space and i have it for close-combat.)


It’s novelty does wear off.


Uh… get a 5* ver? Exp is basicaly “5* + special effects”.
I’d like to have option to toggle “on/off” effects on all FNIX guns. But that’s not up to me to decide.


You know, your bang on ^

Isn’t a 6C KVM without lightning a 5C KVM?

Unless I’m missing something?


It is. Also, weapon appearance is different. But other than that, it’s same weapon.


Interesting argument, I would argue this way: The Kpists power is a fire mode, which can easily be switched. The PVG’s power is penetration, which is either a modification to the ammo or to the firing mechanism of the weapon, both of which couldn’t logically be switched “on the go”. With the AG it’s also the ammo that would have to be modified. Same goes for the EXP pump

With the KVM, the power is the electricity flowing through the coils attached to the barrel. It would make sense to me that that would have an off switch, to conserve battery lifetime when not using the weapon (this would be the logical thing to do).

The only other EXP where this is the case is the Klaucke. But then again, maybe that should also have an off switch, but thats something for another feedback post


To add to what Carniv0re is saying. Generally speaking, the heavy machine guns are not overly accurate at long range. Which means that, if you die if you use it at close range (speaking specifically about this gun), the only option is medium range which is severely limiting. You could say, “well, just add a red dot scope so you can be a little more accurate at long range.” True, but the electrical arks get in the way of the red dot, especially whilst shooting. So, accuracy is even worse with sights, since the option to add an actual rifle scope is non existent.

So, if an option to turn off electricity was present, it would make this guns usefulness less constricted…and it wouldn’t kill you.


If the 6* .50 cal uses railgun technology (magnet fields to increase the velocity) then it can be switched on/off as well. And by looking at the weapon, it does have some barrel modifications, with tubing going to the barrel (e.g magnets around the barrel and tubing for electrical current).

What amuses me, is the wish to get rid of harmful features to the player. If you didn’t loose HP for being too close, i doubt you would’ve made this topic in the first place. :thinking: Or am i wrong? :smile:

6* KVM59 isn’t the 1st experimental weapon that has limited use though. 6* 12G shotty has had it the worst, with very short effective range, and where one ammo type is completely useless (slugs).

But yeah, it would be nice if you could use your weapons in as many situations or ranges as possible but at some point, reality check comes.


You’re wrong, I made it solely for the annoying sound. I don’t remember why I put that as second reason


Now my rant-ngine got started up.
Judging by design features - these guns are FNIX-made and the AI been toying around these prototypes (hence “experimental”). Being tiny war machines in form of fancy guns they sure being very sophisticated.

Case of Exp. Kpist - it’s action is “simple (straight) blowback”, that means bolt operates on the recoil alone and bolt “locks” by means of recoil spring jamming round into the battery.
A tiny motor with oscillating rod is all the difference. Just like that - on/off the tiny motor.
There exist guns (mostly MG’s ) that use electric drive on bolts for variable fire rate (usually by regulating the motor speed). This kind of gun is possible, except for power source circa late 80’s.

Why not other guns?
A case for shotgun is it’s special ammo. Right way would be “this shotgun can be fed only this ammo”, where’s fun? Otherwise - it’s same pump shotgun, but mildly “mall-ninjed”. Gun itself likely to be standart, but ammo is fantasy.

A case of M/49 - well duh. A “back” round kicks “front” round out of way. I can’t think up any reliable way to load RPG/rocktet launcher same way and have one shot per one trigger pull (unless it’s electric rim-fire with electronics on trigger, which isn’t popular within military). Ammo is standart, weapon is plausible.

A case of “Incediary” G3. it’s either have “super hot ammo” and all that fancy stuff is cooling gear or the gun heats up standart ammo as it pass through barrel. Lingering burningn of bullet hole is hard to explain (molten bullets?..). G3 is that simple to allow metal oven inside foregrip. If “cooler” - plausible, If “oven” - fantasy. Heating may be result of strong oscillating magnetic field (“levitation melting” principle) - relatively to barrel the magnetic field is constant, but aligned in different directions in different points. Relatively for bullet - it’s oscillating magnetic field.

A case of Glock. Fantasy gun with likely fantasy ammo. Remembering how car battery’s are EMP bombs (which is BS), then with pistol shoots tiny charged capacitors.

A case of pvg 90. I don’t know about how standart .50 BMG bullet reacts to magnetic field, but I suspect same case as exp, shotgun - a special ammo for special weapon. A cartridge, based on dimmentions of .50 BMG, actually very long and heavy. The projectile is launched by igniting primer and then coils along all the barrel’s length accelerate the “bullet”. If standert ammo is also susceptible to magnetic field, then
already powerful kick is enhanced further by coils. Thing is - the humming is coming from coils. Coil guns are very sophisticated due to timing of coils’ cascade pulls. Same humming also indicate that colis are “pre-charged” and ready for power spikes.

A case of MAG. Hands down - fantasy gun. I suspect that tiny generator powers both bullets and drive motor, that runs bolt.


I’m gonna shoot them both this evening at the target range, see if I notice anything


You forgot one weapon: experimental sledgehammer. :smile:
I’d like to know your explanation to it as well since other explanations were interesting read.

My explanation: knock-off of Mjölnir.
Why? Because it can call in lightning strikes. But you can’t flung it like a boomerang nor does it have the “those who are worthy” requirement to lift it.


So I threw a few thousand rounds down both barrels last night.

Stock, and with the compensator, and silencer swapped across both showed no difference in overall use.

Using Iron sights you’ll get minimal sparks while ADS on the X59, however - using the Red Dot does create the spark sight which can get annoying, but to be fair doesn’t bother me.

So in summary, the only difference is cosmetic.


I didn’t get one to examine it’s intestines. Besides, right now I’m not in the “brain-dead” state due to getting some sleep.


What the frick reality check y’all talking about? Never have I ever seen a shotgun that shoots explosive rounds. Not to mention, in the 80’s weaponized robots were something of fiction (at least, to the extent that they are portrayed in the game). Also, I personally actually do use the slug ammo occasionally, even with its ridiculously awful range, ( which is logically unsound, because obviously, if the ammo is heavier as slug ammo is, it would go much farther).
Also, if your gonna pull the “reality check” thing, its not the best to do that when talking about a video games like generation zero, simply because its so not realistic. I mean, I can literally take a fifty cal to the face, and not die immediately. And in the same way, I can empty a 10 round clip of fifty cal, and not kill something that should have died with half of that.

So, to round back to the lightning KVM, why would the military, or anybody for that matter…make a gun that kills you if you use it too close to the enemy? I mean, I know I said that video games aren’t The best when your talking about logic/realism. But, that actually makes no sense at all, because it damages you, while your trying to damage something else. Obviously, the electricity would hit you if you were too close, that does make sense. So, if you don’t want to get hit by it, naturally, you would turn it off.


Not everything has to be beneficial to the player. And the fact that 6* KVM59 ability is harmful to the player if you’re too close, IMO, is welcomed change to the usual: “i want everything easier”. :roll_eyes:

You could also ask the same moot question of: Why anybody, in their right mind, would make Area of Effect weapons, for the chance of it killing dumb allied soldiers standing too close? E.g grenades, rockets, land mines etc.


Both of those are valid arguments. But, one thing I’d like to add to your statement…

  1. Not everything is beneficial to the player, and that’s completely acceptable. The game would be boring if there was no challenge. I just feel like the guns usefulness is restricted because of the fact that you can’t use it all that well at long range, and close range will kill you.
  2. Solders shouldn’t chil next to grenades. That’s just logic.


Same goes to m/49. Using it long-range is difficult due to the high bullet drop it has and for close range, well, HE rockets are AoE ammo.


The sounds on both PVG and the KSP should be able to be turned off, if only for the player itself.

Remember: hearing impaired ppl often have trouble with high frequency sounds, and the “sparks” or the effect on these sounds are very high frequency.