Rival Prep for Xbox & PS4


I would suggest ANYONE that is on console - take this time to start getting a team together. Over the weekend across the official FB page, and the PS4 / Xbox specific pages there has been an ongoing issue with experimental weapon drops.

The reality is - the drop rate is terrible, and not worth the risk or effort with current RNG. Use the remaining 13 days they have left to release it - to start putting the feelers out for other players, who are currently working on their rivals ready for the update. IF you can, get a party of 4…and a solid party of 4 that can be counted on. Ideally, similar time zones - help each other out, and get every region at max ( 10 Rivals, 9611 XP, Level 20 )

Your own total available is 64, so with a team of 4, all with fully maxed rivals on map - you’ll all get a go at over 250 rivals. (256 total )

General loot drops are also not true to the RNG, as after killing 6 Apoc Hunters, 1 Apoc Tank, and 1 Apoc Harvester in one hit - the rewards were compresed air, .243 soft point ammo, 44. hollow point, and SMG FMJ. Basically, nothing I have used in maybe 6 months so yeah…just wait, plan it…it will all be good soon.

Place your bets
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