Rivals and Allies

I once found a hunter stuck in a ditch. It couldn’t move and sitting there while facing the working end of my HP5 it produced some heartbreaking, wailing noises. I felt sorry for it, and being me (soft and emphatic), I really wanted to help it out. But how? Obviously it ended badly for the hunter and I found myself relieved of a clip of rounds.

But what if I could have helped the poor hunter out? Imagine if I could have untangled the fence wire that blocked its leg actuators? Or if I could have reattached the hydraulic pump fitting that had left it paralyzed? Then I would have won myself an Ally. A grateful machine that would protect me in a fight until its last drop of hydraulic oil. It would drop me its lure (or alarm horn) as a token of our bond, which I would keep in my backpack inventory. We would part as friends. But next time I would find myself in a pickle facing a tough Rival, I would drop the lure, and my Ally would come running to fight by my side.

Just an idea.


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