Rivals disappear

Platform: XB1

Description: Rivals have disappear, one after another, now 22 is missing.

Steps To Reproduce: After I joined a multiplayer lobby as client and it crashed and returned to my game rivlas are gone. Happens to me everytime a multiplayer game crash.

Images: In these photos you can se hole map and no rivals, and photos on every region and number of rivals but cant see them anymore.

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I think this may be related to the post below?

I’ve also started to notice that they seem to disappear (not 100% sure yet), or that they roam around in another region.

Recently I have been seeing my Rival notifications disappear. (When my Rivals level up or spawn into the world.)

Related as in, about Rivals? Yes.

Though, my report is about rivals spawning outside of their region.

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My problem is not that they roam around to other regions. My problem (games problem) is that they disappear and I can’t get any new rivals.

Is it a big deal right now for me? -no not in this moment because I already have all ex.guns but what happens if dev-team put in more guns and I can’t spawn any new rivals.

Have a nice day :+1::+1:

Latest update fixed my problem.

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Yes i can confirm my PS4 lost Zero rivals , all 47 present after update :+1:

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Rivals have disappeared with the April update on Xbox.

Rivals are still levelling, they are just invisible.

Just has my first glitched out Rival Spawn. It is a prototype-class hunter and is supposed to be literally right next to the Saltholmen Church (like within 100m).

The rivals character model is not present in its indicated location, however, and I have searched the area up to 1km around the icon with no luck. Thankfully I am done with the Archipelago Region, but it definitely messes with my ‘completionist-OCD-ness’. lol

My main concern is that such bugs will happen again from time to time.

Two Rivals that spawned north of me seem to be doing fine as their icons are moving. Hoping this is an isolated incident, but am worried this is not the case since similar bugs have been reported prior to recent updates.

P.S. Not sure if it is a “disappearing rival” issue or a “bugged spawn” type of issue.