Robot requests for GenZ

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To alter this, they would either need a revised enemy hardness, or new harder enemies.

Also their Skill system would need a total overhaul, addressing the added higher levels.

Personally, I would love to see much more and much tougher enemies.
If you have seen Kill Command: well…
Also, and while it is somewhat logical, I miss “the evil” in the game.
In Kill Switch this was addressed, though from a logical, “machinely” point of view:
“Goal: Training.
Dummies did not perform as anticipated.
Moved on to living targets, to motivate better resistance, which we can learn from.”
(Well, not an ACTUAL quote, but the essence captured).
Just… waaaw…
And not even touching his (SARS’s) voice!

My two cents.

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Well, in most games you can fill up the skill system completely if you simply play long enough.
That this game maxes out at level 30 is quite an interesting fact that I didn’t know of evidently.
Knowing this surely makes you think twice on what skills you want to spend your skillpoints
since the ability to skill up will be gone after level 30. If this is how it is intended by the devellopers
than it doesn’t bother me that it stops at level 30, I even find it interesting and
it poses an extra challenge aswell I believe. Now it makes all the more sence why you can create a second character that can have a total different skill set. If skillpoints are limited you’ll have to create other characters if you want to try out those other skills. Makes sence.

I’m not familiar with “Kill Command”.
I have played Kill Switch but it has been quite a while
so can’t really remember how it went.

But evidently, since there are only like 6 different enemies in this game,
that are multiplied by the different weapons they each can have equipped ofcourse,
it would indeed be nice to have some more enemy characters in the game.
Simply because the characters they have alreaddy given us are quite cool and it would
be interesting and fun just to see what other great robots they can come up with. Design, sounds, behaviour, weapons.

From a gaming point of view I think the game has enough enemies in my opinion for solo mode players. At level 30 Hunters become really annoying and hard to kill if your alone with the limited ammo you can carry. So don’t need more of that. However, from a multiplayer CO-OP point of view I totally understand the wish for more enemies very well.

PS: Personally I believe there is “EVIL” in this game. It’s just that it is very well hidden away.
I feel the evil in the fact that you encounter not one single living person in this vast open
world in the entire game. This kind of evil doesn’t jump you in the eyes like other sorts of
“evil” in other games but in solo op you’ll come to a point when you really start noticing
the abscense of living interacting humans in the map. That is quite evil infact.

I fully agree with you, it makes the game quite… interesting… for sure.
Kill Command is a movie, about a machine (SAR: Study, Analyze, Reprogram) that runs amock.
Here’s a trailer: The Link.

Yes, the sum of enemies is sadly extremely low, IMHO.
Specifially: it has no Spec-Builds (Special Tasks Type builds), which I find quite a shortage, more so, since these machines are military.
And we all know, the military has a tool for everything, from wiping their behind to control nuclear missiles. :stuck_out_tongue:
So the lack of variety is… not logical…
I made a topic about this in Feedback.
You might want to look it up?
Another The Link.

As for evil, I mean, the drive of the machines.
WHY did they turn on humans?
In that movie it’s a training program, that went sour.
What is the motivation here?
There must be one, even if it was sheer human stupidity. XD



Well the trailer has got me hoocked already, I definately have to see this movie.
Seems actually exact the right movie to watch when beeing in Generation Zero Playing Mode :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing this trailer link. Awesome :+1:

Now that I see what you are getting at with the enemies I better understand your point of view.
You are right. The military has something for everything. In this view there is indeed
a lot of open room for robots with specific special tasks (Spec-Builds).

I’ll definately have a look on the topic you created.
Thanks for sharing the link. I’ll have a look right away.

Concerning the evil: I get what you mean.
I haven’t finshed the game so I don’t know what answers are still to be found.
I truly hope to find out “in-game” what caused this whole situation in 80’s Sweeden.
I believe this is the reason why people play the game to it’s end right?
Not simply to shoot stuff but to understand what has happend.
I do believe ( or I really hope :slight_smile: ) that developpers will reveal to us, in-game,
what has caused all of this so I still hope to find that answer.
Would be quite unsatisfying if the game just ends at a certain point without
answering that question.

9 out of 10 it will be sheer human stupidity, I guess.
If this game has to be authentic anyway, muhahaha :joy::rofl::joy:
(just kidding)

It is clear humans are behind it somehow, right from the first batch of inactive robots you find in the
container quite early in the game. And lets not forget the typically Human Robot Blueprints in the game.

Somewhere in the first missions they talk about hearing Russians on the radio, and there is also the “The Berlin Wall has fallen” toppic seen in “The Girl who Cried Wolf” mission for example and on the leafelets at the Kiosks in the map. This hints to a Russian involvement somehow, however, the tekst found on the inactive runners in the containers is not in cyrillic alphabet but clearly Swedish in origin. Furthermore, the entire game takes place on an isolated Island where every bridge(connexion) to the mainland has been destroyed. A perfect setup for a military testing area. So chances are most likely that these are their own “swedish” robots fighting their own population. I only hope “the reason why”
will be revealled in-game at some point.

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Very nice post, thank you.

You know what could be an awesome twist?
They took over control of the defense systems, turning machine versus it’s creator.
And to top it off: New, alien machines, VERY much harder than what we have up to now.
If you take one down, you have a small chance to loot it’s weapon, thus increasing your chance to survive.
Maybe each alien machine could be “invulnerable” except ONE and ONLY ONE type of damage.
Being it fire, armour-piercing, explosives, Kinetic Damage or some Energy type that is used by them.

It would be extremely awesome to go to a point in the story, near convincing people of “X” (where X is the guilty party/person/…) of blame, and then… something ENTIRELY different.
Just to mess with our heads.
Something ENTIRELY unexpected…
The story of Part One should stop there, with that new reveal, and part 2 begins just right there: Release the Alien bots.
A complete new enemy on top of our current ones…

Ah, I am only thinking out loud here. :slight_smile:

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Aliens would be a nice twist.
But I feel like Aliens always get the blame :wink:

Here is something different, although not so unique either,…

I have seen some grave hills on the map somewhere.
I mean some Viking or Celtic grave hills that truly exist in Sweeden.
They are on the map somewhere, I believe northwest of a church called Angeras,
if I remeber correctly.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if some old long forgotten culture had their hands in it.
Not so much that this old culture is still alive but that some of their still existing hidden artifacts caused this.
Sure, with aliens there is a lot more logic directions you can go with robots, but i’m sure
if we (just for arguments sake) say that the older cultures had also some mighty knowledge,
than it could go quite in the same direction.

So aliens vs. our own anciant civilisations.

Well, just a tought :wink:

Why not Neanderthal?
That would be something different…?

Merely thinking out loud.

Yes, why not.
Although I wasn’t thinking about them to be honest.
IMO it doesn’t feel right, but if we go this road of ancient civilisation, why not.
Neanderthals are no Home sapiens so we would even be talking about a pre-human culture.

I was thinking more in the direction of the lost civilisation of Atlantis.
Or to make it less fancy, why not a 10.000 or 6.000 year old Egypt - Europe connetion.
We are still puzzeled about some of their building tecniques today.

As I sayd, that culture does not need to exist anymore.
It would suffise if some of their relics would be still hidden in the ground,
causing the robots to go amok.

But hey, when you like the neanderthal idea. Maybee the Map in Sweeden could be their last retrait where they grouped to escape the slow but sure extinction by homo sapiens.
With some technologie they tried to hide from us. …

Evidently this is all very fancy. A simple human error, be it programming, radiation,
army tests, and what not, would be far easier to create and maybe more compelling
the the wider public if they don’t like fancy stuff.

Neanders got extinct by unknown reason, we all have Nean DNA still.
But imagine, all that time, the waited, to wreck revenge on us, since “we killed them off”.
So, we then got motive.
And why would they not have survived, you spoke of an old culture… well: meet OLD. XD

True, hihi.
We indeed all have NEAN in our genes.
But they got extinct because Homo sapiens is smarter.
So somehow it doesn’t feel right that they would have had technology that is that advanced.
But hey, why not, if they survived like you suggest, their technology would have grown aswell.
If they really would be alive and would be as smart as us, I believe we would be the once that got extinct this time.
So if they would be alive, waiting, preparing for a revenge, it could be plausible.

However, just one sidenote:

I 'm still thinking about the Alien suggestion you made earlier.

I think this would nicely fitt into the game afterall.
Because the whole Game seems to be kind of a tribute to the 80’s.
The teme song reminds of Terminator. The robots in Game aswell.
The military and weopons remind us of Rambo.
All 80’s movie classics. So Alien, evidently, would fitt in perfectly with the theme of the game.
Maybe aliens are the better choice afterall :wink:

Why not?
They could’ve smarten up, even surpass us, if they focused on just revenge.
With help from a few whacko humans… everything is possible…

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everything is possible :wink:


Nah jk.

Personally, I would go for Aliens.
It opens up a whole new line of tech, weapons, defense, you name it.

But that’s just me.

To lift this up to a philosophycal level:

No culture will grow or even surpass the present if they focus only on revenge.
Being open minded towards culture and lifestyle of others is what makes us evolve
up to a higher level. Only be being confronted with other and new things we grow ourselves aswell. Anyway, just a little sidenote. Don’t take me to serious.
We are talking about a reason for imaginary robots gone amok in an imaginary sweeden of the 80’s so everything is possible. Even the revenge of the Neanderthals if this is what the public would like it to be :wink:

Muhahaha, yep, that’s a great one :wink:


I think you are right, afetr reconsiddering: Aliens would be a good choice.

We can even make Earth like a war zone between 2 alien species, each with their own, specific tech.
Species 8472, anyone?

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Yes, it could be.
Adding not only one but even 2 alien species would surely give the designers enough room
to create tonnes of different robots with each their unique specs. And since our world is right in the middle, it could be that at a certain moment we would have to choose as to what alien race would would back up and help in order to destroy the other aliens.

However the story, it would give devellopers and designers a lot of room to create different enemiy robots.