Rpg missile launcher where?

Hello, I am leaving the archipelago region and I have seen harvesters and tanks in the area. But I don’t have a missile launcher or any weapon that I think can handle them. However I have seen some videos where the players do own that RPG. Where is this powerful weapon located? Thank you

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It’s allowed to make a short search :wink:
Here they are:


:black_medium_small_square:Salthamn naval base (In the gas room).

:black_medium_small_square:F23 Överby Underground Bunker (In the gas room).

:black_medium_small_square:Inside Torsberga Fort.
(Coordinates: -4511, 4504)

:black_medium_small_square:In the half-submerged container.
(Coordinates: -2515, -4318)

:black_medium_small_square:Östertörn Bridge
(Coordinates: -1363, -4828) Requires: The Bridge

:black_medium_small_square:Is a potential drop from killing rivals.


What @Balla_Jazzuz said!

The “Granatgevär M/49” is a grenade rifle, based on the real life Carl Gustav 84mm Recoilless Rifle.
And just so you know, it’s not very good against Tanks and Harvesters. You need a lot of grenades to take out a Tank/Harvy. Even a Hunter can withstand several shots head-on. The M/49 works best against groups of Runners, in my opinion.
The best tip for taking out Tanks/Harvys early on, is to disable their weapons first. Use EMP’s if you have them and then go in and circle around them with an assault rifle, SMG or a shotgun. Go for the weapons first, and always shoot where you see blue sparks flying upon a hit. :+1:

And get yourself a PVG 90 .50 cal rifle, that’s the real deal for hunting big machines!
(If you’re on PC I could give you one…)

Thank you very much for such a comprehensive response. It is appreciated. I’m on Ps4 so you can’t give it to me. Hahaha. silly doubts: what is EMP or SMG ?. I have Meusser Hunting Rifle, Automatgevar 4, M46 Kpist Submachine Gun and Sliding Shotgun 12. In the PLUNDRA I have AI-76 Assault Rifle, HP5 and a semi-automatic Sjöqvist. As a pistol I carry the Klaucke 17 and the Magnus 44 and the Möller PP in the PLUNDRA.

EMP: electromagnetic pulse. They comes in three sizes, small, medium which are throwables and large which you put on the ground and shoot it or let the tank/harv step on it. EMP’s temporarily (the larger the longer they last) shut down their system and you more easily shoot off their weapons.SMG: Small machine gun. And Your HP5 and KPIST is such.

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@Corronco No problem. :wink:

I made a quick drawing for you.

4* HP5 should be inside a container, next to a dead soldier, By/at the railway.
4* AI-76 is in a storeroom in the basement of the apartment building on the eastern edge of town.
4* Pump Shotgun is under the terrace of a cafe by the ocean, almost hidden under a dead soldier.
(Beware, A unique Tank with a railgun is guarding it.)
5* .44 Magnus is on a shelf inside a barracks by the FOA 2 northern gates.
4* M/49 should be inside a half-submerged container.
4* Älgstusare is beside a dead soldier at some sandbags, inside the old ruins.
4* PVG 90 is at the top of the lighthouse.

All of these weapons can be collected by any player. You just have to run fast and avoid enemies, and always look at your compass for new safehouse icons, so if you die you can just respawn there and try another run. Don’t waste medkits and adrenaline on this, unless you feel like fighting of course.

These are not all the good, fixed spawns in the game, but they’re the ones I think you should hunt for first. You can find more locations if you check out the Wiki. Or you can check this topic:


Wow!!! If you have worked it out !! Thank you very much but I am still very far from that area and my best weapons are 2 stars. I’m about to leave the archipelago area yet. but I’ll keep your notes. Have you already finished the story?

@Corronco I know you said you were still on the Archipelago. But like I said, It’s still possible for you to obtain these weapons. Just run as fast as you can from safehouse to safehouse, grab the weapons and get out! There is no penalty for dying, So you can try running for the weapons as many times as you want. :wink:

Yes, I’ve played GZ since launch (march 26’th 2019), so I finished the story a long time ago.
I know my way around the game quite well by now, but I’m only closing in on 190 hours of playtime. There are others in the community with one or several thousand hours in-game. Those are the real experts! :smile:

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@Corronco I’m on PS4 and I’ve som golden weapons to give away if you like. I’m at work so I don’t remember exactly but I think I have a golden PVG, AG4, AG5,KpIST,HP5, Algstudsare,Møller, Klaucke and maybe a AI-76 and Sjoquist shotty as well in my Plundra.
My ingame name is the same as here.

perfect. If you can give them to me, they would be great for me. but I don’t know if my offline game will break. I usually play at night from 11pm (Seville-Spain). How could we do to provide me with those weapons without breaking my game? thank you very much

You have to play online and invite me, we meet in Saltholmen Church for example, I just take out the golden stuff you want from my Plundra and give it to you, then I’m poff gone :slight_smile:
Not much of a risk of breaking your game.
I can be available tonight at 10 pm Norwegian winter time, isn’t that the same as Sevilla?

okay. perfect. if it is the same time, although in Norway it will be colder. LOL. between 10:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. I invite you to join my game. on the site you said.

Online donations are one hell of a shortcut to getting the best weapons.
I played for 100 + hours before I finally could throw away the 4* AG4 and the 4* PVG 90 that I had been using all up until then. Finally found me some 6* experimental weapons from the rivals. :star_struck:
If you really want to do some damage, the 6* PVG 90 sniper rifle and the 6* KVM 59 machinegun are the true beasts in this game! :sunglasses:

Anyway I just wanted to say, collecting all the 5* and 6* weapons, complete with all attachments takes a very long time if you do it all by yourself. :wink:

Will there be much difference then between my weapons and the ones that are going to donate to me? super grateful

@corronco Thats all good.
@NJR87 Yes, it take some times, but I personally like to do everything by myself, but it’s nice to give away those weapons I don’t need instead of ditching them. Soon all char in lvl 31, but missing a lot of exp weapons, seem to only get Klaucke :crazy_face:


I don’t mean to talk over @Balla_Jazzuz here, but yes, those weapons he had available will be quite a good upgrade for you. :slight_smile:

And just so you know, when someone says “golden” weapons, they mean 5* weapons. They say “golden” because the 5* indicator has a yellow background. :wink:

Color codes are:
1* Dilapidated - Gray
2* Worn - Green
3* Good - Blue
4* Exceptional - Purple
5* Special - Yellow
6* Experimental - Red

Also, by roughly comparing the stats of the different tiers of weapons, it looks like each stat increases about 4% pr. tier. If so, that means a 5* weapon does 20% more damage than a 1* :slight_smile:


This is appreciated from the donation of superior weapons because playing alone is difficult. In Dyng Light I remember having donated golden weapons to my brother, yes … I deserve it … hahahahaha


How do I invite you to my game @Balla_Jazzuz? Don’t let me send you friend requests due to receiver settings

6* Experimental - Red

That’s debatable :joy:

What, are you colorblind? :wink: