Runners disappear during fight

Pc win 10 64bit
Edit: with Alpine unrest DLC

I wanted to fight a harvester on the new island and as always I wanted to kill the Runner escort first. While I was fighting them (2 apocalypse type and 2 FNIX type ones) I lost line of sight for a few seconds and they were gone. I could not find them, they did not attack me and there were no destroyed runners on the ground. That happend already a few times.
Btw.: The here descriped disappearing runners right after the fight also happend to me a few times.

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So far I have not found out a way to provoke this phenomenen.

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no sorry.

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Host (single player)

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Intel Core i7-4770K
Nvidia GTX980
16 Gb RAM

Has also been reported here:

Thats true but the first report only describes the dead machines. Therefore I would rather leave this thread open.
We can delete it when the bug is fixed.

Fine by me. As I voiced my experience in the other thread, I just wanted it to be linked here.

I honestly think that for the devs this already is a known issue. It is not really anything you can overlook in case you play the game at all.

PS: I secretly think sometimes that the actual back story of the game is a virtual experiment. That would explain the sound (white noise, beeping, certain sound effects not playing, and such) and a variety of visual glitches as well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have seen them alive mid fight disappear , 3 runners 2 just vanished , 1 that was left was wondering where his backup went haha , PS4 all updated with paid alpine dlc ._ cheers


There is no spoon… :sunglasses::wink:


Saw this for the first time today aswell. I was fighting a lvl 3 or 4 Harvester Rival on the DLC island and 2 of his still alive runners just went poof.

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I managed to get a more complete breakdown, so I’m crosslinking it. Bug, Disappearing Harvester Escorts

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