"Running Wild" trophy won't unlock


“Running Wild”
Use a melee weapon to blow up 20 cars.

can someone explain this? i blowed up over 40 cars with a sledgehammer. trophy didnt pop.
is it glitched with the december update?

The ones that came before us & running wild trophies bugged
PS4 - Broken Trophy - Running Wild/Gustafsloppet

same with me also have I a bug where achievement “Running Wild” Blow up 20 cars with melee wep is not registering

XBOX Achievement Unlock

Use the sledgehammer only. Full charge on-top of car straight into engine bay


I did it with 5* baseball bat. Few hits to the right spot and “boom”.

Also, if you happen to blow up several cars at once (since they are parked near each other) then do note that only the car you swing at counts. The rest blow up since the 1st one blows up (secondary explosion).


I did the same though i counted out all the cars, not including the multi explosions and nothing happened


Keep blowing up cars at farms, fast travel to different regions - its bound to pop eventually


I have the same issue on PC, the achievement does not get unlocked. I blew up more than 20 cars with each of the melee weapons and nothing happens.


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is it possible that the trophy/achievement “Running Wild” is bugged after the december patch? no one got this since then. i tried to get it. 60 cars with a sledgehammer > no trophy. over 100 with a bat > no trophy. tried it with a new character but nothing helps.

December Update - Now Live!

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@SairenOne, don’t cross-post your issue all over the forums, especially since you already made a dedicated bug report about it.



weve found out that it has to do with the december update. it is obvious to post it there.


If you have a fix or additional info for your issue, feel free to post it here.


Nobody has been able to obtain the Running Wild trophy since the December Patch, i personally have blown up 100s of cars with sledgehammers and baseball bats.

I have also ran 292kms on foot without getting the Gustafsloppet Trophy (90kms on foot).

Thanks in advance for the fix!


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if i had a fix i would be one of the developers :wink:


Well, perhaps the issue is that you’re blowing up cars in the parking lots and several cars blow up at once, while instead for it to count, you need to blow up individual cars, far from other cars? :thinking: Have you tried that?


yes i tried that.

i tried:
-only single cars > nope
-20 single cars without dying > nope
-new character > nope
-online > nope
-offline > nope
-only bat > nope
-only sledgehammer > nope
-i also tried only cars on the dlc region > nope of course

all in all i blowed up 273 (single) cars. nice hm?


Well, that additional info helps devs to pinpoint the issue. Good work on troubleshooting that. :+1:


Yea same here ive destroyed so many vehicles and never got the trophy. Ive destroyed more than 20 at this point thats for damn sure. Please fix this ASAP team!its the last trophy i need too lol


Don’t post demands here! :no_entry_sign: