[SOLVED] Progress not saved when playing offline on PS4 (PSN required)

Hi! is this offline, or are you connected to the internet permanently with your PS4?

i play offline on the ps4 base model

This has been reported to me before! I’m sure that it is a bug. Gonna check in with the devs about it!

thank you and I hope it gets fixed soon

I cant get my game to load on ps4. It starts out saying performing log in and then it goes to black screen with the loading cassette wheels and they just keep going and going. My internet is out today so I dont know if that is the problem or not

What update do you have on your ps4 the new update the devs put out should fix this

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I have the new 1.06 update installed. I just dont have any internet right now. That may be the problem I’m not sure

That probably is the reason but when your internet does get fix if it doesn’t work you probably have to reinstall the update I had the same problem with it on my ps4 and I reinstalled the update and it worked

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Thank you for the info. I will try that if the internet situation doesn’t fix it.

The problem is that you have to be logged into PSN for it to be able to save.

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If your progress isn’t saved on PS4 while playing offline and you aren’t signed up for Playstation Network (PSN - Not the same as PS+) please see the quoted text below for a solution;