Stash system needed

Ok, so I have mixed feelings about this game at the moment, I do like this game and get sucked into it. But I feel it’s missing quite a bit that could have made this game so much better. I do wish they had brought in a stash system at your safe house where you could store weapons and things to come back to later. I mean is it to late to bring that in or can they do it?

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There is a way, but its not pretty.

You can drop items on the ground (at a safe house! Important), quit to main menu, load up another character. You will spawn at the same safe house and the bag will be on the floor where you dropped items earlier. You can buy me a beer :v:


That’s one work around, but a proper stash systems would be easier to manage



A lot of people are suggestion to add a Stash System to the game.
Be patient, I’m absolutely(!) sure they will add it to the game.

3 reasons for me being sure:

  1. TRULY A LOT of people would like to see this feature added.

  2. On the official Generation Zero homepage there is a chapter/link
    called “The next Chapter” wich tells us that they are looking for gamers input
    as to what should be added to the game in the future.

  3. I have seen a very recent video on Youtube where Devs of the game
    mention (or hint towards) the fact that a lot of people would like to see this feature.
    They do not make promises in the video, but it sure “looks” / “sounds” promissing.

No guarantees however, merely a personal thought!

You can find a link to the video here:

Fix the numerous game-hacking bugs first, then add/change content.
Stash is a no-brainer, really. The safe houses are essentially refuge and stash anyway.

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100% agree with a stash box at safe houses. The game is amazing but I think that the loot system lets it down very badly. Also an additional “USE” option when selecting usable items would make sense rather than the clumsy job of putting things into quick slots first and then just dropping them. Basically there is little desire to make use of “trap” items when the system is so clumsy.

Yeah, a Resident Evil style “magic” storage box where anything you dump in it will be available from any storage location on the map world would be a massive QoL improvement. Thirty hours in and I still haven’t found either a weapon or attachment in better than ‘worn’ quality. I’ve maxed my inventory space but it’s constantly at capacity with stuff I need, so I dread the day I find a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ quality item…

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stash boxes at safe houses should be the first thing they add to the game. I can deal with all the bugs and glitches but we need somewhere to stash all the guns and ammo we pick up.