Strange weapon cutout - Red Dot Sight


Strange weapon cutout when aiming down sights with 2x Red Dot Sight

Steps To Reproduce:
Aim down sight on assault rifle or shotgun (tested on AI76, AG5 and 12G) with Red Dot Sight mounted. Some part of the weapon mysteriously disappear.

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Host/Client (single player)

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Aorus X5 gaming laptop (i7-5700HQ, 32 G RAM, 2x GeForce GTX 965M).

Has this been acknowledged in any form, and being worked on? This is also the case for the new machineguns…

It does look odd. I’m on PC as well and I’ve never seen this issue. Maybe it’s related to FOV?

There was thread recently with a similar scoping issue (darkening in the upper left area) that had been related to the auto-resolution feature. It was this one:

Yeah I use auto resolution. Too bad the game engine is really CPU heavy compared to other games, which is why I have to use auto-res to get a decent framerate. :thinking:
And yes, I also get the same sniper scope dark area as shown in the other thread.

Should be a simple fix, a mere oversight in not re-calculating certain screen coordinates (sizes and positions) on res change.

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Do you play with any of the “clear vision” or “No blurr” mods active? I had that issue before when dynamic resolution and a custom mod were conflicting.

I use no mods at all.

This is still an issue with “Dynamic resolution” in your engine… :pensive: