Stucked on top of the tower of Iboholmen castle (PC)

Platform: PC

If you go in that position, even trying to crouch, or jump, you still stucked. In my case was particolary annoyin, cause atm i was doing the mission related to the castle, so machines still are in combat even i can’t see they from my position, no way to fast travel to a safehouse so. :frowning:
Also flares and radio does not work in that case.

COORDS: 3072.095, 2799.174

Steps To Reproduce:
Go in the top of the tower near the bed on the floor and you will be stucked.

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Host or Client:
Single player campaign

Players in your game:
Just me.

AMD FX 8350 | 16 gb RAM DDR 3 | GPU NVIDIA 1080 Ti.

You should consider an unstuck feature, as other games have.

that looks annoying.
maybe this should go to bug reports

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When I had that I happen sometime, I’d drop a grenade at my feet and I would come unstuck.

But you die, i suppose.

Not if you topped up your health.

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That’s good to know, thank you for the suggest :slight_smile:

Moved into, thank you for the suggest :slight_smile: