Survival mode in game

I’d like to see a survival mode in the game.
I am aware survival isn’t for everyone but a lot of people do like the concept of fighting for survival not just against the machines.

If this isn’t your idea of fun then please be understanding to those that do
IM NOT ASKING FOR THE GAME TO CHANGE FOREVER I’m asking for a MODE that can be turned on or off for the side of the community that enjoys survival.

With features like having to :


Each possibly having slight bonuses to things like having slightly better aim if you are full on drink
Slightly more health if your full on food
Maybe better stamina while fully rested

And you get negatives if your tired you can’t run
Hungry your health drops by a percentage
And lack of water could make your aim worse

Maybe even go a step further and add temperatures the more snowy regions could affect you with the cold and can give you a slight damage over time unless you wear warm clothing
And the warmer areas could give a slight bonus for being warm.

And the temperature would make the clothing have more of a use other than looks and a couple of mods.

To compensate for these new bushes/trees could be added for wild berries to eat with maybe random apple trees.

Drinking water from pumps in towns or springs/rivers In the wild
Finally put the water in the game to some use.

Maybe a survival kit
New items like fish traps to craft and place in rivers to catch fish over time just place and return to get a chance at a fish to then cook on a camp fire again a new crafted item for survival maybe even a quick makeshift tent to unpack and pack at will.


So you would like it to be redesigned from ground up and become a completely different game.
There have been a few other suggest this survival mode for Gen Z. WHY?

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How is adding a survival aspect remaking the game from the ground up that’s way over the top and secondly if you don’t like the idea of survival I did say MODE hence you don’t have to play it

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Because survival elements would change the focus of the game…

I quote my quote of other topics about that.

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Yes to killing robots with some basic survival needs it’s not changing the game it’s adding to it giving players that enjoy the game and survival the option to combine both I understand survival isn’t for everyone that’s why i suggested a mode that can be turned on or off

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And in regards to that previous post that’s the point of survival you have to prepare not just run off blind hoping for the best

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What would be the point of this. Doesn’t make much sense. If you feel hungry or thirsty or cold, just walk over to the nearest abandoned house and eat some of their canned food, sleep in their beds or pour yourself a glass of water from the tap, as everything is still working (ie. water, power) cause it only just happened. Almost every house has some left as their owners were all slaughtered by the machines quite quickly, so there will be lots left. If we are talking about years later in game then sure that would make more sense as everything will have been picked over, power and water would probably have shut down, etc… and then it truly becomes more about where your next meal is coming from. Maybe that could be the next version of the game. GZ2, years after the initial attack.

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Survival would still work even with the abundance of supplies.
I’m not wanting a overhaul of all housing to add working water but just a bit of food or water scattered around.
Not everyone was killed otherwise bodies would be all over the place just the local forces and a few civilians so many would have taken as much food and water as they cud carry to escape and hide.
And I honestly don’t see the harm or problem with an optional feature.

I do like that idea of a GZ2 set a years later though with a more run down buildings and maybe overgrown cities with the hopes that the machines have advanced enough to create new machines to match the nee environment

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No bodies is because the robots dragged them away for experiments. Most people had no idea the attack was coming as can be seen by all the meals un-eaten on tables. No time to collect stuff, just dead or captured moments later. Only a very lucky few (in terms of general population) escaped the initial attacks or the short period after where they mopped up.

I just imagine all the upcoming complaints…

“Mission xxx is impossible to finish. I always die starved just short before the end and must begin it again.”
“We need more inventory space. I tried to carry enough food and water to be able to finish mission xxx, but ran out of ammo.”

There could be more examples… Even if it’s an optional mode, all the game would have to be balanced for it so that every mission can be completed. Plus all the additional items/objects that would be needed to meet the demands.

This would affect every single location…

The focus is on fighting the machines and solving the mysteries now.

Introducing hunger, thirst, sleep, temperature,… would change the focus to surviving. It would be all about that.

“Oh, just one more shield generator of this base is left… Shit. I’m out of food.” leaving the mission area, mission is aborted and base reset

@JuanEyeJack is right.

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GREAT idea. Providing a new mode for the game would allow players to select that mode ‘only if they wish to do so’. Since no player would be forced to play it, the complaints listed in previous posts here by those who don’t want this mode would not be applicable. Players could simply switch back to any of the three easy modes at any time.

Having said that, I’ll add that you shouldn’t hold out much hope that any such survival mode will ever be developed for Generation Zero. Speaking matter- of- factly, development of it would clearly tax the developers of this game, who are already struggling with the implementation of a single companion machine. Additionally, the are a few here on these forums who reply to almost each and every idea with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” response, and they seem to have the ear of the development team- assuming of course, that they’re not developers themselves.

In any case, you presented a great idea worthy of consideration. Kudos to you.

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I’m not keen on this idea. I play this game through stealth most of the time. That means it takes longer to accomplish missions and my own objectives. And then have to add hunger, thirst, hygiene, and rest to all that? It would just kill all the fun for me.

I’m also thinking about all the all work the devs would have to put into the survival mode you’re talking about since it would affect so many factors in the game. I think the devs just want to focus on dealing with the machines.

They also have three more islands on the map that they plan to work on in the future. I don’t want them side-tracked from that by working on survival mode.

If you want survival, just play a game that already has it. There’s already so many out there.


Again it’s a suggestion and an OPTIONAL FEATURE it affects no one that don’t want to play it if I wanted to play other survival games I would it’s a suggestion forum hence the suggestion

And yes other islands would be great I enjoyed the first one but they already have been distracted from that idea with the many mini dlc packs that seem to pop up all the time so they seem to have plenty of time

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It WILL affect the dev’s schedule. They only have so much time in a day. I’d rather they use that time to fix bugs and add features other than survival mode to be honest.


And everything they do affects their time on bug fixes like creating a companion or endless weapon packs although they are great I love the dog everything they do no matter how small takes away from fixing bugs

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They will always have people and time set aside specifically to do bug fixes.

What WILL be affected is the time to add new features. I’d rather that they use that for features that EVERYONE will use rather than just for a small subset of players.

And we will never know how small or large that actual subset number is as it seems that every time someone even makes a suggestion in regards to anything survival related they are bombarded with large amounts of negative comments

Instead of just accepting the fact it’s a SUGGESTIONS forum and the prospect of this feature being added is next to zero I honestly don’t understand why so many people get triggered over the mention of survival lol

It’s a suggestion something I hope and quite a few others hope will be added but we know it won’t we write a suggestion here just on the off chance a dev reads it and thinks can we make it work or not….

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I do believe that the developers have made it clear that they have no plans to develop any of the islands in the foreseeable future. If their intent has changed, it must have taken place very recently; in the case of islands however, that would be a good thing.

You do have a good point about any work on a survival mode eating up time that the developers might put into other features which everyone ‘would’ use. On the other hand, I can’t help but wonder just what those features might be. We’ve been ‘weapon DLCd’ and “item DLCd” to death, figuratively speaking. Frankly, I’d love to see the islands opened or more story line content, but it seems as though we just get more of the same.

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They made it as clear as every developer would if there currently is nothing to show… Or if it still takes a lot of time…
Imagine Rockstars announcing a GTA 6 immediatly when they start developing it…

I don’t give up hope on future DLCs with more content like a new island. We’ll see.


Every suggestion is a good sugggestion.
But many of them don’t always fit the game.

It’s not just the work and time that is needed to develop that. It’s all the changes that have to be made.

You said a survival mode wouldn’t affect the players who don’t select this mode, but I say it would. It’s not just a trigger “survival mode on/off”. Every single aspect of the game would have to be looked at.

It’s like making a new game… But it’s quite more difficult to implement it in an existing one than starting from the scratch.

That’s why I always wrote that I’m against it.

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Thanks I can appreciate where your coming from but I will say in regards to survival affecting others even with the feature turned off is not completely right…

I’ll use Skyrim as an example here when you play Skyrim it is just the standard Skyrim experience no survival at all
But then when you add the survival pack to the game it becomes survival by just activating the survival features and when you disable it Skyrim returns to the normal Skyrim experience with no added survival features so if it was added the same way then survival would not affect anyone so long as they keep the function turned off or even made it a paid DLC not your thing don’t buy it and it will never affect your game and if people worry about multiplayer make it an offline feature or only allow people into your world with the same survival feature on

As iv said before though it’s a suggestion nothing more and even though I posted it and will stand my ground on this suggestion I know it will never be added it’s just wishful thinking tbh or maybe a slight hope it could be a feature it GZ2.