Swimming Ability


we should have the ability to swim across small areas

Swimming an idea for it working
Add swiming please
Swimming in GZ would be nise
[Suggestion] - Swimming
A swedish who can´t swim....i can´t believe it

Would be nice to get to those islands just a skip to far :slight_smile:


Hey trethepharoah if you’ve ever been to Sweden in the winter the water is freezing and you’d not be able to swim for very long before dying. The devs did consider however said it most likely won’t get added. However we never know what the future holds!


We could Atleast get some kind of transport system between Islands. Like from one port to another without using fast travel


That’s true but…
you don’t need to eat,
you don’t need to drink,
you don’t need to sleep,
you never catch up a cold.

I think to be able to swim would set the immersion a little bit up.


Hi there, first of all my congratulations for launching your game, i like it, over all the setting, enviroment and the weather, day/night sistem.
And i like the idea which stas behaind the game, sadly the game feels nor finished, more like an EA version where there is still a lot of work to do on it.
First off all, this big and beautyfull world is far to empty, there is no life in it, not even animals ( at least till now i didn´t see none), then the houses are getting all very much the same after a short time of gameplay.
There are some other things i noticed while gaming but can´t remember right now.
The main thing i noticed is, that our char ( suposed to be a swedish person ) can´t swim, and it even seems that he/she is afraid of the water. That´s very unrealistic, swedish people are living with the sea and i don´t believe that there are a lot of them who can´t swim. Me myself i´m danish born, and i don´t know nobody there who can´t swim.
And in my opinion, swiming in this game could open some new gamefeatures and styles in it.
My best wishes for the future, and keep on rocking!


its probably added as some form of “invisible wall” so you don’t start to travel to islands you aren’t supposed to be on.


Most Swedes doesn’t have robots shooting you when you step outside either. Its a game and not based on a true story. Maybe the government forbid the teaching of swimming to civilians to “keep them safe”?

I don’t know, i understand what you mean though but… i would’t swim far during the fall in Sweden with the cold water, full of gear on me and clothing before drowning :slight_smile:


Dear developers, I know that you put a lot of hard work in this game to really make it a great gaming experience and that time isn’t you friend. But what I found missing was the ability to swim across short distances between shores and islands.


They stated on a stream they had no plans to implement swimming to the game. “The waters are cold, nobody really likes to freeze” Whether their opinion has changed or not, I do not know.


It’s November in Sweden. You won’t survive 5 minutes in the water


You can take a swim in Stockholm in November and see if you like it.


I actually live in Stockholm and yes I do take a swim in the lakes if it’s not frozen :wink: It’s really refreshing! you should try it :slight_smile: But I do agree if you don’t get to a warm place or have som spare dry clothes you’ll become less happy fairly quickly.


I think swimming would would be very beneficial and it would grant us more ways to explore the world . What do you guys think ?


Swimming is not allowed, so it will create artificial game area boundary. So you don’t swim out to the playable area.

Sure it would nice to go over some lakes or river, so you don’t need find bridge or route around. But as it is game area boundary thing, i think it will never change.


Yes probably, but it would still be nise to swim over lakes and rivers and then just block off swimming from other island


Realistically its very hard to swim with 96Kg in your pocket.

Also I have tried swimming with a kpist in my hands. Really not doable unless your a navy seal with frogfeet.

Nah, I’m ok with no swimming.


There’s been a few suggestions about this topic already. There are various of answers, like mentioned above, but also swedish waters in November are frigid, and very deadly. But GZ isn’t that much a game steeped in realism, more about fun gameplay in a believable setting.

Like @Lonewolf mentioned, the no-swimming mechanic acts as a way to keep players within the game’s playable boundaries.

Personally though, I’d like to see swimming ingame, albeit limited. Perhaps some HUD elements to measure how long you’ve got until you freeze, or simply your health ticking down slowly. Or only being allowed to swim closer to the island, due to the danger of strong currents. Or all of it, combined.


What could be very interesting was if you could go by boat to those smaller islands , having secrets there to discover, either new clues, small bunkers to explore some curiosities and easter eggs or even small “enemy bases”, maybe machine ammo and fuel depots, which you would have to destroy from time to time (yes like a small raid) to prevent great numbers of Apocalypse class outside Himjall (or some other new and more difficult machine class).


Like another dlc i could see that being very interesting