Tactical Response Update Patch Notes - discussion

I’m sure there will be an official announcement of the patch notes here on the forums, but let’s use this to discuss about it.

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Nothing about apparel schematics being unlockable?
Or was this fixed in previous update?

Have not played since that one launched due to the bug that removed our homebase…

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Not sure… Wasn’t there a fix?

Like I said, I have not played the game since last update and the last thing I read in the topic about the apparel schematics was still indicating it was broken.

Last posts in that topic:

Maybe @SR_Carni can shed some light on if this is fixed now or not?

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Yay looks like I can probably finish my “Invitation”-mission !? Or at least (re)start it again.

We’ll see…

Our newest round of testing didn’t detect any schematic unlocking issues, but let me know if it still happens

From Missions
" An Invitation - Fixed an issue where [redacted] would not appear."

What is redacted? Mona?

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Yeah. That should have been written more clear.
Like “An invitation - Fixed an issue with one mission objective, that was reported to not appear sometimes”.

I still cant unlock 4 of them.
Or were you talking about “after” the 25th of May update?

So when and how we get that new weekly dynamic mission? Todays FMTEL assigments just came, but dont see anything new.

It hasn’t got anything to do with the FMTel assignments.

Check the map, and see if you got a blue mission marker - also check the log for any new “Side missions”.

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Nothing in map, checked all filter and without them.
Side mission list all checked and completed, no new missions.

If this is weekly thing, it might trigger same time when FMTEL assigments reset for the week maybe?

Need clarification for this, or i am just not able to spot it. Before stamping the bug on this one.

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Is there some more info about that in the tutorials section of the log screen?

The new missions should pop up in your mission log… If that’s not the case, perhaps somebody forgot to flip a switch. I’ll poke around a bit.

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I am having a few issues with the update so far, I ended up with 4294967280 apperal schematic points which ended up with me having -16 once I picked up one from an enemy, then my second character got reset after starting the game, my worlds got the dlc areas reset and the achievements linked to them as well

How (and why) did you get as much apparel schematic points??

Do or did you use any mods?
Wouldn’t it make sense to create an own topic for each issue after this update? Otherwise it could get lost in an ongoing discussion here…

Just an fyi, the new mission “Investigate Anomalus Signal” appeared in my mission log. It was in Forest region for me. Not sure if it’s connected, but the mission appeared soon after completing a base assault on Tveberga control point in farmlands region. Got some loot after completing new mission.


I didnt use mods, what most likely happened is that I had points spend before the update and it somehow messed up and thought I had never earned any, removing the points on the tree (which most likely were 16) making me go into -16, but as its not supported by the pop up message on the top of your screen it counted backwards from the 32bit limit, I would make it into its own thread I just didnt feel I have enough to provide to make it worth while
edit: added screenshot of picking up a schematic

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Ah, ok.
A screenshot would have been nice.

Appeared for me now. Straight when logged in game.
Some backend switch flipping was probably required. :slight_smile: