Talk about the Planes and Airports in Generation zero

Soviet Landing Hovercrafts

Hovercraft are hybrid vessels operated by a pilot as an aircraft rather than a captain as a marine vessel. Hovercraft use blowers to produce a large volume of air below the hull that is slightly above atmospheric pressure.

Landingzones from South to North in order

Landing zone: Fedyenka
Status: Open, intact and reachable

Landing zone: Elga
Status: Closed, intact and off the coast

Landing zone: Dima
Status: Closed, intact and reachable

Landing zone: Calina
Status: On fire and reachable. (Destroyed by Norrmyra tanks and artillery)

Landing zone: Boris
Status: Open, intact and reachable

Landing zone: Anya
Status: Open, intact and reachable

Landing zone: Unnamed or unreached
Status: Sunk, close to the docks


Which docks are you showing?

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Hagaboda docks…

Thank you. Now I will check it out.

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The second picture is probably a J-32 but it might be a A-32

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Maybe they are just wrecked models of the Vraken.

As we all should have seen, many models and textures got improved as the game evolved. One of the best examples are the Vraken. These destroyed parts of planes could just be based on the first models of Vraken, but didn’t get an update.

Can you show pictures of the two planes?

No, that’s not it. I know now where the wreck models in GZ came from. These are assets from the game “The Hunter CotW”, and I found them in that game. There is a landmark at the wreck that tells about a small passenger plane that crashed in Calburn in '70s, and had one survivor who was rescued after seven days surviving in the wild. GZ has a few of these assets crossed over from “The hunter” Game (like for instance the ‘drei meilen bis’ Milestones / Riksrösen)

But what type of passenger plane it was, was not mentioned in the lore.


Concept art posted by Pontus in Discord


Now we have new Flying Machines roaming the airspace that probably also needs to have an area where they operate from. The Planned landing point for the Soviet Firebird reinforcements is at Hagaboda docks.

How big is the Firebird?

I have take the Firebird’s blueprint and approximately calculated the wingspan. The blueprint has only values as the scaling number, no specific lengths. For instance, they have given two points on the circle with the value 1/65 (1 unit = 65 units)

So the (red) blueprint shows the scale in units, but it doesn’t say what the length of 1 unit is.
I opened the blueprint in an editor and zoomed to 1:1, and then roughly measured 1 unit of the shown grid, this is about 0.5 cm. I counted between 30 and 31 units between those two points.

For this approximation I used 30 units (30x65)/2. The 1/65 scaling works out to aprox. 9.75 metres. From that we can infer, that the wingspan (circle) is ~13.78 metres. If I use 31 units of 0.5 cm I get a wingspan of ~14.24 metres. Please check and comment what you think?


That’s the beauty of VTOL aircraft - they can operate from everywhere, without a need for an air base :wink:


Yeah sure, Firebirds are VTOLs, but they still probably have some base of operations, or at least I hope they do. I’m gonna look for it. :coffee:

However, and I’m just speculating here, according to the intercepted Soviet communications the Firebird Reinforcements came from Camp Kabarga, which is probably somewhere on the island North-East of the North Coast Region.

Trivia: Kabarga (кабарга) means “Musk Deer”


I have updated the strange up and down happenings in the the story of Norrmyra Arena, with a new picture. Now, as of the feb '23 update, eight of the pillboxes in the arena which were added with the Recon Update aug '22, are gone again, but left a hovering door.


Checked it for PS5, too: confirmed.

Press square to open

Nothing happens. (just an opening sound and status change to open)

Press square to close

Door disappears.

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Remember how we had to run around the F23 fence to find an opening or a spot where we could jump the fence in the old days? :wink:

Nowadays, it has changed quite a lot, now there are many spots to get in or out the base. I had added the fence to the map, but I thought I’d document it here too.


Ian Josefsson posted this interesting Saab 37 Viggen video in the Facebook group, I thought to share it here too.

Viggen is the definite form of the Swedish word vigg, which has two meanings. According to Saab, the aircraft’s name alluded to both.

The first meaning refers to åskvigg, or “thunderbolt”, inspired by the lightning strikes of the Norse god Thor when he hunted giants with his war hammer, Mjölnir.

Vigg is also the Swedish name for the tufted duck, a small diving duck common in Sweden. In this sense, it serves as a reference to the aircraft’s canard configuration, as “canard” is French for duck


I was in Old town (gamla stan) yesterday where the landing gear of the crashed Vråken there seemed more detailed than I can remember, but memory is a strange thing. I couldn’t find an older photo among my photos, where the focus was on the landing gear, to compare.

Anyway, we can clearly see the sturdy left leg of the main landing gear, and the wheel strut remnants where two wheels were attached. The nose landing gear would also have had two wheels.

Landing Gear view…

Top view of Main Gear

Nose Gear…

Upside down back view…

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Did you all add the crashed jet in the archipelago region in a field?

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I should have, but you be the judge… look here - Crashed Vråken Strike Fighters

Might have been number 5 i found.

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So you’re saying that maybe, maybe, in the not too near future, we’ll be able to travel to the big island and fight the flying machines in their own base?!?!?

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