Talk about the Planes and Airports in Generation zero

Not actually saying, but I’m hoping that. When we are given locations in the lore that we can’t find on the map, it could be that those locations are on another island, or they are just mentioned in lore for story reasons and have no real location in the planning.

There were a few other similar locations in the lore, of which I suspect they are not on Östertörn, nor on Himfjäll, because nowhere on the in-game map. There is also one location/area on Himfjäll that is not on the map, but is known to me, and I am still in process of tracking it down.

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Of which one are you talking about?

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Ssh… I can’t tell you yet, it’s a secret. But I can tell you that everybody has probably seen it. So it doesn’t involve any shady business. I will lift the veil if there is more is known. :world_map:


Although not about The Ransacker of Planes, it’s still interesting to answer your question.

The veil is lifted

I was talking about an unknown location I found in a Rival name, “Hedevallen”. But it wasn’t just one after all, later I found a few more. I wasn’t sure if these unknown ones were also pointing to an existing area in the GZ world. But now I have it confirmed.

You probably seen them too. Names like:

The plague of Hedevallen
The Kommissar of the Bog
The Monster of Himdalen
The Monster of Ulvbacken
The Beast of the Rugged Wilds
The Top Dog of the North
The Tyrant of the Ski Slopes

I added the Confirmed Area names to the Memory map.

If anybody has a rival that has such a name that points to a location that is not officially mentioned on the ingame map, please let me know. So far I have found 12 such Rivals.


FYI, added some new pics and info of the Life and Times of FOA 2 Arena to stay up to date.

I found a better view of the Vråken ejector seat (raketstol 37) with a warning. Took a picture of it.

Not sure if this is the correct translation.
Varning! raketstol uppåt => Warning ejector seat upwards?

Yeah, that’s pretty accurate :+1:

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wouldn’t be a good idea to let us fly those in the game :rofl: once you got into the air you would already be hit with the ( u do not own the content repositioning ) edge of the map

I am investigating a piece of the lore concerning Vräken Pilot Shiva Elsa Khorsandi. Her registered address is Hagabodavagen 23, Boo. So “naturally” I wondered where her house would be. But although her address is given, the houses in Boo do not show the name Khorsandi, nor do they show numbers.

Elsa was born in Tehran, Iran, so it would have been great if the Devs had decorated a house in Boo with some Iranian items, like Persian tapestry, or a Hookah, colorful kitchenware, etc.