The eternal hunt for better weapons


This is a question for the more seasoned players in here.
I just clocked 100 hours in GZ, which of course is peanuts compared to a lot of you.
My question is simple: How long did it take for you to find all the 5* and 6* weapons?

I have only found the experimental Klaucke, and thankfully, the PVG90!
My only 5* weapons are the fixed drops + a .243 Meusser, a KVM89, and of course the PVG from the car trunk.
I would love to ditch that old 4* AG4!

How long is this «grind» gonna take?
Any opinions? :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m somewhat ashamed my first 5* weapon was the AI-76 at Ålnästet. For a weapon found in the world, it’s a really solid find though, without the need for grinding and getting you started on some really good endgame gear that sticks with you for a long time.

The first 6* weapon I got was the Experimental AG4, which dropped almost immediately from a Rival Tank.

I can’t say that I grinded for any of the weapons, other than the Kvm 59 because I really wanted it. But that was by the time Alpine Unrest was released.


I see. Well, every time I decide to use the 5* AI-76 for a while, I always end up switching back to the 4* AG4. It’s more accurate, and feels equally powerful pr. shot.
I may of course be wrong…


For those of us with an unhelpful, machine-hacked, everyone-at-Avalanche-falling-about-laughing drop algorithm, I had to be given a 5* AG4, and a 6*, but finally got a EXP .50 cal from a Rival Hunter. I got a 5* shotgun from a Harvester, but only when someone joined my game and that’s the only time in 350 hours a Harvester has ever dropped a weapon. It can be a long old slog, and meanwhile, make the best of what you’ve got. :wink:


It’s all about the RNG my friend. I’ve got friends who have been playing longer than me who only have 1 or two EXP weapons. Before the rival update I was able to obtain 2 full sets for my first two characters, and 3/6 for my 3rd character. After the update, I have yet to get a single one. I get the sense it’ll be much harder to get them now due to all the complaints about it.


Also since I’ve been playing the game I’ve found maybe 3 5* weapons, those are non existent for me. That’s why I say RNG is everything. Some people are just lucky


You’re lucky to have good friends then! :wink:
I don’t play multiplayer, but maybe that’s where I should seek my luck? See if anyone’s in a giving mood? :slightly_smiling_face: Sadly, online players often get annoyed when amateurs like myself show up without a microphone, and they have to type! :joy:


Microphones are ten euros. Buy a microphone. Mind you, some people here don’t use them. If you play on a laptop like me, then it already has a microphone.

There’s nothing “amateur” about either you or your lack of microphone. Fight with friends. That is; with friends on your side. Make friends here, and then private message them and arrange to meet in-game. When you are in-game, weapons are much more likely to be dropped because there’s two of you…

At least that’s my experience…

Buy a mike. Go to the shop in the morning and buy a mike. Think of it as central to your happiness. It takes five minutes to set up, and Discord just moments to register. All will be well.


I’m one of the old timers and way back then (launch day), weapon drops were different than they currently are.

They very 1st 5* weapon i got was .243 s-rifle from FNIX tank at 4th of May 2019.

3x screenshots (click here to see)

FNIX tank just outside Gun Club safehouse in Mountains region.

FNIX tank loot.

1st 5* weapon in my inventory.

Back then, it was 100% guaranteed that you get 5* weapon or 5* weapon mod if you took FNIX tank down. Taking down FNIX harv had about 20% of a chance to get 5* weapon or 5* weapon mod. That was how i got all my 5* weapons and i also created a collection of every 5* vanilla weapon with 5* mods on them.

Things changed as time went onwards. At the end of May, May’s Update came which removed respawns of known weapon spawns, making every item outside of the loot container as a single pick up only.
May’s Update - Persistent Loot,
patch notes:

At the end of next month, things changed again. This time, the 100% guarantee of 5* weapon + 5* mod drop from FNIX tank was removed. Instead of that, a RNG (random number generation) was introduced, making weapons finds from machines a grind. That, and now you can also get about 80% of wasted ammo back from tanks/harvs, messing up the specific ammo drop machines had. (Just look my 1st screenshot and the ammo FNIX tank used to give.)
June’s Update - Machine Loot,
patch notes:

6* weapons came with Rivals update, at the end of October. I haven’t counted how many Rivals i’ve iced so far but i’ve taken my time to level up Rival to lvl4, for highest chance of a weapon drop. The weapons i’ve gotten are more-or-less equal amount and there haven’t been a case where i get one weapon in abundance and none of the another.
So far, i’ve found (in no particular order):
4x 6* .50 cal
3x 6* AG4
4x 6* Glock 17
5x 6* m/49
3x 6* Kpist
4x 6* 12G shotty

October’s Update - New Gear: Experimental Weapons,
patch notes:

Currently, i’m only missing 5* KVM 59 and 5* KVM 89, introduced in November’s Update. I’d love to play and get them but game has been extremely unstable for me since Christmas of 2019 and for others as well,
topic here: Endless crashing, please help!
and dev note:

Also, by seeing how much of a grind others have seen in getting 5* LMGs, i don’t have high hopes of getting them any time soon,
topic with statistics: Drop rates for MG and gear/clothes need a tweak

Gameplay hours wise, there’s no point of telling how many hours it took me to get all 5* weapons since it was different back then (guaranteed 5* weapon from FNIX tank + respawns of known 5* weapon spawn points).
With 6* weapons, i didn’t take note how many gameplay hours it took me to get a full set of 6x experimental weapons. But if i have to guess, i’d say about 100 hours of gameplay. Oh, i’m not that kind of person who grinds and grinds all over. I play casually and solo.

I don’t use mic in any of my games, be it offline or online. Also, i don’t like to hear mic chatter while i’m in GZ since it messes with my in-game sonar big time.

It’s the sound that gives me an idea of approaching threat and most of the times, i detect machines well before they detect me or even get into visual range. I have 7.1 surround sound and it helps a lot in GZ. I did try stereo sound and i couldn’t tell from where the sound came from, effectively making me “blind”.

So yeah, i type in games and if anyone has issues with me typing, i won’t be playing with them in the future.


Thanks for the informative reply. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve played GZ from the day of release as well, but 100 hours is all I’ve had time for.
I waited a while before I engaged the FNIX machines, guess I thought they were more dangerous than they actually were. But the first or second FNIX harvester I took out gave me the 5* Meusser.
I got really lucky with the KVM89, got it from the 20’th or so Apoco tank i killed.

If anyone wants to trade me one 5* AG5 + one 6* AG4, I’ll give my 5* KVM89 in exchange! :joy:


it tock me 2 months of playing to get all 5 and 6 star weopons and to finish the game and dlc


Thought I’d throw in my two cents only thirty hours in lvl 16 I have the 5* 50 cal sniper and recently that 5* Al 76 and probably about 6-7 various 5* mods. No 6* stuff.

I only play a couple of hours a day and the drop rate so far seems decent as the better gear plus the right leveling points being spent is letting me take on tanks and harvesters now comfortably.


After 100 FNIX tanks and harvesters, you should have a good selection of 5-star weapons - at least I did.
I don’t know how long that’s gonna take … :wink:


Not long enough to be honest. I started playing shortly after experimental weapons were introduced and I was still on the starting island when I fought my first tank. I didn’t know s…t about their weak spots and I’m pretty sure I still had a green Moeller, a green Meusser and a grey Rocket Launcher.

First I set up a trap with like 7 or 8 explosive gas tanks and a fuel cell (think it was medium), and was rather bummed out that, while it did kill all the runners, the only thing it apparently did to the tank was to make him look in my direction with an annoyed growl. I’ve spent the next 40 minutes or so going through all of my med kits, all of my adrenaline shots (think I had like 12) and almost all of my ammunition to take him down. It took extra long, because after I ran out of adrenaline, I was extra careful, because my next safehouse wasn’t exactly around the corner.

Anyway since he downed me a few times during that fight, he became a rival and in the end dropped an experimental shotgun, at a time at which I didn’t even have a blue weapon. The final joke is, after the fight I finally realised that there was a not yet unlocked safehouse basically across the street…


I don’t much care for the five-star ones, too much bling for my taste so I tend to stick with the four-star ones I find. Good thing, I guess, since at around 250 hours in (about 200 of them on one character) I still haven’t found a higher rated pump-action shotgun than a three-star one, lol…

I have not found a single experimental weapon either, the only experimental piece of apparel I’ve found is a tactical headset and I never really got the machines to drop any of the timed holiday exclusive items despite killing hundreds of them. I think my loot drop rate is bugged… One of the reasons I fucking hate the timed events. It’s just so greedy and such a scummy thing to do. Kinda lost interest in the game after they started doing that, but I digress.


That’s very weird. You’ve played more than twice as much as me, and still found so little? :thinking:
With the exception of the 6* PVG90, It’s all the stuff I really want I can’t find. If I could juuust find the AG4, AG5 and the 2 shotguns, that would be an early christmas for me! And of course, the elusive KVM59! :wink:

As for a 4* star pump-action shotgun, there is a fixed drop in the world. You go to the cafè down by the sea outside the Norrmyra base, you know where that unique Tank with a railgun is? Under the balcony of the cafè, facing the sea, is a dead soldier with a 4* shotgun lying beside him. :slight_smile:


Go to Norrmyra or the Northern bunkers and loot the weapon boxes. They have a decent chance of spawning 4-star weapons.


Or go here:
For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****


It is actually absolutely not weird, it’s RNG going extreme.
While some are STILL hunting for instance a certain LMG (like @Shrigga Mc’Trigga), I had BOTH golden versions from the FIRST TWO Apoc Tanks I encountered, where Shrigga is on the one extreme side of RNG, and I am on the other extreme side.
More, I dropped over I think 30 LMG’s to folks that wanted it, but oddly, I have not ONE LMG attachment while the weapon itself dropped like once every 4 Apoc tanks.
That’s the ugly beauty of RNG.


@Aesyle I’m on PC.

@Xogroroth Well, I get that. It’s basically a lottery for every lootbox and kill.
It seems trading with other players is the most effective way to get what you need.

And I repeat: I’m willing to trade, if anyone’s who’s loaded with gear is interested.
Give me one 5* Ag5 + one 6* Ag4.
I’ll give one 5* KVM89 in exchange.

(I may consider trading the KVM89 for a KVM59 as well.)


What’s your platform? Since trade doesn’t work cross-platform.

Edit: Okay, i’ll keep my eye out if i happen to come across those two weapons.
Edit 2: For faster way, might want to check out GZ Discord trade channel,
Discord invite: