The Evolving one

If FNIX evolves and is evolving how should it Evolve?

What do you think of the future of FNIX?

How Should it bring about our possible demise?

How Should FNIX stay Superior against the human pest lurking amongst the Debree?

I wish to raise these serious questions to my fellow FNIX lovers.

The question is more whether FNIX intends to destroy people at all. So far the machine has focused on military and political goals.

I hid SPOILERS in this comment.

I mean from what I know, its policies are not good for humanity,


especially if its using human beings as a form of resources.


It also killed all the civilians it could on the island and then continues to hunt survivors.

Safe to say FNIX wants to kill everything.



Yes, and that Is why I dont really want to focus on the players survival in this chat and I want to focuse on the driving focuse that FNIX has.

In late game its less of a threat, especially if you understand how the machine functions, the fear factor kinda disappears.

As a survivor we start off in an dark eerie place without a clue in the world. Obviously it cant really stay that way for the player, but you can in moment’s. Like Alpine unrest Hell mouth mission you can induce eerie awe.

The machines unique design fascinates me and gives a threatening vibe, they take the form of or act of a predators. Giving thier unnatural appearances, I would hope too see more behaviors and machines, especially in the late game. I dont mean more as in many, I mean absurd new ones, fresh, seemingly unpredictable and dangerous.

The Machines dont have a bright future, the resistance is getting stronger and whoknows what the countries in the world is planning. And FNIX got no airforce or navy so it cant stop their enemy either in the air or on the sea.

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Well, somehow they downed some Vräken.
And as long fnix had control over the artillery, ships could not get close enough.

So what will the future bring to us?

Fnix seems to be on a sinking ship. Will landfall be its end or will it be a new step in the evolution of fnix?

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Humanoid machines (T800 ;P)

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Modern aircrafts can shoot from a very far distance, and the artillery is under human control after the mission there, the artillery at the fort atleast. But the FNIX one was easy for the resistance to take down.

Does anyone know where the hunters drop from when called from a harvester? Is there a secret space station we dont know about or a troop canon?
When will we see gunships or drop ships, do you think they will add any?

I’ve been thinking about this, too.
Had the same ideas.

There is no describtion of how and from where they call them in. It’s one of the biggest mysteries in this game until now.

I hope we’ll get an answer, if not directly by a dev then through future lore.

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I would think they appear from the dropped pods.

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And where do the pods drop from? The runners the reaper call in are dropped in from pods also.

It could be a teleport type device somewhere on a near by island. Future mission that we go to said island and destroy teleport device but may also encounter newer machines from FNIX and strong defense systems. There are tanks all over that have been destroyed, lore hints that some of the machines are using the tank parts. Maybe a tracked machine similar to the Soviet Wolf will make an entrance that deploys it’s own type of little machines.
Could also see a seeker type flying machine the size of a Wolf that is doing the machine drops of hunters and runners that is developed with fighter/bomber weapons. So after they get called in they drop bombs and attack targets that ground forces are dealing with.

Last few times I spawned onto my map there are battles in progress, hope that doesn’t go away but is added to so there is more fighting.

:joy::joy::joy: Well your not wrong

Me too, Cant wait for the uncovering of this mystery!
I mean If the military was working on a groud force then obviously they would be working on automated air too. We got some Islands unexplored still if not just a revamp. And Ive come to the conclusion that the island has many more underground facilities (at least thats what I think the devs imply from their visual story telling).

I always thought the pods came from the big pod tank in the back of the harvester.
Do you see hunter’s falling from the sky?

The rectangular boxes on the back of machines are tick pod boxes and where ticks come from. Proto tanks do not have them. The hunters the harvester calls in and the runners the reaper call in, just drop from the sky as pods that then pop open. The hunters have a yellow dot on the ground where they will land you can see from time to time. Overhead flying machine drops them or they are teleported but not the same way as fast travel.

At times you can see machines just appear out of nowhere like a player fast travel.

Yeah they fall from the sky. Sometimes it doesn’t always render.

So after doing the survey.
What I remember was
There is a chance of seeing in the future:

More walkers


Flying machines

All of which would be epic, but what would you lean towards and why?

This has “disturbed” me since it was introduced.

It would have been much less complicated lore-wise if the harvester just had gone into its prawn position sent out a distress signal of some sort, and then the hunters could have spawned in 100-200 meters away, behind the harvester or in some direction the player isn’t looking. (Except behind the player, that would only be mean)