The semla returns

I fast traveled to aspenas to farm for us weapons. I made my way through the kitchen and found a piece of semla on a table
Keep in mind this is just after the february 2021 update
Is this a permanent feature now or do I just not know swedish holiday dates?

It is most likely timed event, lasting for one month, like it was last year.

Here’s further reading about “Fettisdagen” holiday,

Looks as though it’s gone again already. Found 10 yesterday but not one today. Even went back to where I found one before but nothing. Either they have gone again or have a very long spawn time.

If they have been removed it is a disappointment as being an end-gamer it gave me something a little different to collect .

I haven’t never found the Semla in the game. :pensive:

But i found this in my fridge, real Semla :drooling_face:
It might not look as good in the game, but it will taste even better.


Funny that during the semla event it gets quite obvious that some houses have no kitchen and therefore no Semla :rofl:

Yes, and the interior (or layout) of the kitchens differ. I’m quite sure that the Semla is set to spawn at a specific location on the kitchen table of a standard layout in a standard type house. Unfortunately I came across a kitchen with a fridge where the Semla was supposed to be. So it ended up inside the fridge announcing it’s presence with the usual “grab” icon … but the fridge door could not be opened. Bummer.

In another kitchen part of the table had been removed, leaving the Semla floating on its plate in mid air. Right out of a Harry Potter movie :blush:

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@Tackleberry447 the Semlas were tied to the sedish tradition ”Fettisdagen“, which is today, tuesday february 16’th! It would very much make sense if they were present in the world again today. :wink:

I found one IRL…


The Semla is back, i just found one in the himfjäll cafe (it was there, but i picked it up before the screenshot) there is also another in the first house in yttervik, but there is more, there seems to be one in almost all cafe’s!

It looks like a roll with reddi wipp. Lol! Is that HOT CHOCOLATE!!!

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I have 4 of these in my fridge right now:

These specific ones are with marzipan. And these aren’t the first four as of lately but instead the 2nd set of four i’ve had.


WOW. That looks incredibly nice!! I also had one yesterday, didnt look that nice though :slight_smile:

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That is the german variant we call here “Windbeutel” engl. Windbag. Regulary it is filled with vanilla cream or with strawberrys and cream.



At my end of world Carneval is celebrated very heavy. On thursday before Fastnacht our wives running around with scissors in hand and cut off :scissors: any tie of a man what comes across .:grimacing::scissors:

At these days we love to eat “Berliner” image

that are pancakes filled with marmelade :hugs: I had these on the last sunday.:grin:


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I have to admit that I’m not really familiar with doing the Semla but today we did this first time and we really enjoyed it :yum:

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It is still the case? Checked yesterday and no Semlas in any house we visited. Didn’t check cafes though, must give it a try tonight…

I found a lot of Semlas in Hagaboda :cake:

Interesting, thanks for the hint, we checked Himfjäll hotel, Farmlands and Mountains…


There are no Semla around here.
But we have these during the entire year, they are even sold by vendors at the beach.

These are the standard model but I prefer the chocolate and strawberry variants.


Well we observed a really strange behavior yesterday. After starting our MP session, we moved to Hagaboda. Entered first house, entered kitchen and… while both looking at the same table, client saw Semla, but the host did not. So client collected the Semla and to the next house we go.

House nr. 2, same situation…
House nr. 3, same situation…
House nr. 6, again, same situation, client got Semla, host did no see it, just an empty table.

We even tried to enter the house different ways, like a) client first, host followed, or b) host first, client followed, c) both at the same time, but it did not help.

So the client collected 6 Semlas after literally walking into first six houses while the host not a single one.

Alright, we restarted the game and this time, no matter which region we visited, no one found Semla anymore.

We decided to restart the game again, which we did couple of times, even our computers… nothing, no more Semlas…

So we split our collected Semlas but the taste was bitter as something seems to be bugged here.

Can anyone, like @Avalanche_Pontus - officially confirm how does is work this year? Last year, Semlawas everywhere for couple of weeks if I recall.


Closest thing we have in Britain are Scones, I am so going to sweden to try one some day.