Third GZ Anniversary Event (March 25 - April 11)

The GZ Twitter account announced that the third GZ Anniversary Event will begin March 25 at 10:00 CET and last until April 11 at 23:59 CET.

During this time Rivals will drop the Fancy clothing set and a “sparkling little surprise” will be found in loot containers in the world.

As of March 28 the event is live - Firework boxes can be found in loot containers and a new outfit called “Resistance Fighter” has started dropping from Rivals. The Fancy set has yet to be found and it’s anyone’s guess why they dropped a new outfit without saying anything.


What is exactly the"fancy clothing"?
Is it new or old?

Old, but event only apparel.

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No, no, no… please, not the old set :pleading_face:
It’s like getting for your birthday a piece of last year cake.


Considering what they’ve said on recent streams, this anniversary seems like it was a last minute thing. So bringing out an old clothing set makes sense.

Thx for the clarification, then I´m not interested, i´m not being a major critic, but that must be the most ugly clothing ingame :frowning: as of date.


They also said machines would be dropping a “sparkling little surprise”, whatever that means. So that might be worth checking out.

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Fireworkboxes? :star_struck:

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Bro. They should drop explosive disco balls.

Those are fireworkboxes, they are worth it yes.
But its irrelevant for non new players, because in a few weeks or months they will be a new craftable item.

So how do firework boxes work exactly? Do you drop it like a boombox/radio and it shoots off a bunch of fireworks?

That’s exactly how it works.

Wonder if you shoot them with shock ammo would it make the boxes fly in the air too?

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@VladTheInhaler @JuanEyeJack
You dont shoot anything.
They are firework boxes that weight quite a lot on inventory.
You put them on the ground like you do with mines, radios, boomboxes…etc
And the result is fantastic.
I still have 3 of them since 2020.
check the video in the link, ive asked for this for 2 years, soon we will finally get them!

I’m with @0L0 on this one.
Why can’t we get a new set to search for instead? :weary:
Is this the 3’rd or 4’th time the “fancy set” is up for grabs?
That set doesn’t even look good, or cool, or fancy, or useful or anything… If you’ll forgive my rudeness. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It has never been for grabs since I started playing on 29 March 2020. And I and many others don’t have a single item of this set. We did have the halloween event a couple of times.

That would need preparation. Designing, programming, testing: binding ressources.

You see the problem?

You can shoot the boomboxes and radio and send them flying now so that is why I am hoping we can send the fireworks boxes flying too. I only have a few left and it has been over a year since I have played with such a rare item. I can’t remember if it is something that can be shot at or not.


They could plan and create a new anniversary set if they wanted to.

Well…just to summarise doesn’t look like anyone is getting drops atm