Ticks Respawn infinitely/ outposts locked out/ random ingame noises for outposts heard from far away, game freezes and kicks back to home screen

Platform: Xbox one

Description: Ticks respawn infinitely. Finx outposts affected. Random outpost sounds can be heard from a great distance (starting around 300meters or so from closest outpost. game will slow down and freeze and close itself out, more so happens when ticks infinitely spawn

Steps To Reproduce: Reproduces itself constantly in a few different ways, any tick pods on machines living or dead start spawning infinitely. More so in or near finx outpost, rare occasion ticks will spawn with no pod nearby. Game will crash due to ticks spawning to much, happens more frequently near finx outposts. sometimes game will crash on its own with nothing going on(example in the middle of nowhere and no machines nearby game just randomly crashes.

Images / Videos: Having issues getting videos from xbox one to computer, may try to use a streaming service if necessary.

Host or Client: No just playing by myself. multiplayer setting is turned off

Players in your game: Just myself. 0

Specifications: Xbox one.

The only i’ve noticed so far that hasn’t had infinite tick spawning is himjfall, but game crashes frequently and it gives 0 warnings.

It’s an often reported issue since the latest update.

Please, please try to search and read before just starting new topics. It has also been announced to have a solution for these issues with the upcoming Recon Update on August 23rd.

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Like @Madchaser said, this is a known issue. Search before you post.

Closing report.