(TIP) How to attribute more ammo to your weapons


Most GZ players probably alreaddy know, but for those who don’t:

You can attribute more ammo to your weapons than only one single ammo slot fill,
as long as it is the same type of bullet. This saves you a lot of space in your inventory.

I take the MP5 as an example:
One inventory slot of 9 MM FMJ SMG ammo can contain up to 240 bullets I believe.
Imagine you have 4 slots filled up max with FMJ SMG ammo. Than you attache the first
package to your MP5. Once this is done you attache the second SMG ammo package to your MP5. This will swap the ammo package that is alreaddy inside the MP5 in first instance, but if you repeat this process once more, the second package will be added and the slot is empty afterwards. You can repeat this process with the third SMG ammo package, etc…
I believe I had 1200 FMJ SMG bullets attributed to the MP5 a couple of days ago this way.

When you pull your weapon you will notice how much you have stocked it up by the bulletcount. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it must be the same bullet type,
so no mixing FMJ with Armor-Piercing bullets.

This will save you a lot of inventory space for those who don’t know this yet.

PS: I believe there is a maximum of ammo, different per weapon,
so this stocking up will not go one forever. Once it reaches a maximum count
you loose the ammo that you add further, if I remember corretly.

Here is something interesting someone else has shared concerning inventory space and weapons. Also very interesting for those who don’t know. Very cool, you should test it.
I have tested this on PS4 and I can confirm this works.


Excellent information, but it only highlights the broken inventory system, and wacky ammo allocation. Too many types of ammo!


I wouldn’t immediately say that there are to many ammo types in the game.
We have different caliber weapons so it’s logical to have quite a few ammo types aswell IMO.
However, I do agree on one point concerning ammo. I have seen this remark in another tread alreaddy but simply can’t remember where. It is totally useless to have 2 different 9 mm bullet types. By that I mean one for Pistol and one for SMG. As both pistol and SMG use exactly the same round. So that is really unlogic and unnecessary. They should simply be the same for pistol and SMG.

New weapon, new attachment and ammo change

I totally agree about the two 9mm types. I think the problem is that the m/45 ‘Carl Gustav’ on which the m/46 ‘Kpist’ is based fires a 9mm hyper-velocity round, rather than the typical 9mm Parabellum. So the designers decided to separate the two types of rounds.

Of course, it can fire the regular round irl anyway, and for simplicity sake, it’s my opinion they should have simply stuck with two types of 9mm (FMJ and AP).

I’d love to see a way to quickly switch ammo types as well. At present it’s actually quicker to switch weapons with different ammo than switch ammo in the same gun.

Back on topic, though: It’s actually stacking up the bullets on the inventory slot, not the weapon. If you ever want to separate the rounds again for whatever reason, simply drop the ammo box in question. It’ll drop one full box of ammo each time.


Yep IMO 9mm rounds should serve for both weapon types. Let’s not forget about the H&K MP5 that uses standard 9x19 parabellum (luger).

Concerning the Carl Gustav M45. I could be wrong but if I remember correctly, the M/45 was not “specially” designed for hyper-velocity rounds. It is more that the projectile used for the M45 ammo was different. Instead of having a soft-jacket, the 9 mm projectile for the M45 had a coated steel jacket instead. This to hinder deformation of the projectile when cutting into the grooves of the barrel thus creating more pressure as no hot gasses could slip by. So the bullet type was different but not the powder load. (no magnum type powder charge to say it in an easy way) I’m sure a 9mm pistol could handle such a type of bullet. Not only due to its strong barrel but because a pistol barrel is shorter also. So pressure would not build up as much as with a long barrel. Would give a bit harder recoil though.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, we both agree that it is really stupid to have seperated 9 mm ammo for pistol and SMG as they easily/realisticly could serve in both weapon types. I mean, if they really wanted to be “that accurate” than soon we all will need to start looting 9 mm sub-sonic bullets if we like to fire silenced weapons right, muhahaha :wink:

Hehe, totally agree. I do the same as you now. I also use the FMJ and AP ammo in different weapons to enable quick change, wich is why I carry 9 weapons at the moment. All that lost inventory space :pensive:

I would have 2 sollutions for that:

  1. On console like PS4, we could simply use like the L1 + R1 button combination (at the same time) to switch ammo type. I’m sure PC and Xbox gamers can come up with a button config. that suits them aswell. Evidently we would need to be able to attache 2 different types of ammo to a weapon aswell. True, it is more realistic to have to switch the actual ammo in your inventory, but hey, I remember the 80’s. I don’t recall hearing news about automated robots gone rogue in Sweeden back than :wink: There should be a balance between realistic and fun gaming experiance. So being able to quickly switch between FMJ and AP while holding the same weapon would be a nice feature making the game more fun. Even if it involves a small animation of the character switching mags, to loose that 1-2 seconds in combat, while switching ammo types. (good combination between “realistic” and “fun” game experiance)

  2. I suggested this in one of my early posts. Maybee it’s only a small detail, but I would love to see different icons for different ammo types. If different icons would be used for ammo types and these icons where shown on-screen, like next to bullet count for example, one simple look would tell you what ammo you are firing when in mid combat. Could prevent some in-game fatal errors :slight_smile:

Back on toppic as you say, in my game, when I repeat the action as discribed twice with the same slot, the ammo pack is gone from my inventory and added to the weapon. I have to repeat every ammo slot addition twice however as stated. So in the first place it will indeed swap weapon ammo with slot ammo pack. But when I repeat this, the ammo pack is gone and it is added to my weapon creating thus a nice empty slot. One thing I have to say though. If I would decide to take out my stocked-up ammo from my weapon, the system will only give me 1 full ammo slot. So if I have 1200 bullets in my MP5, I will only recieve 240 bullets if I decide to un-attache them from my weapon. The other 960 bullets are “lost”.


This was great info, actually:

To be honest, I was quoting information from a weapons book on my shelf:

But after I read your post, I had to go and look it up. It seems an interesting, if brute-force approach, to achieve higher muzzle velocities at the cost of increased barrel degradation.

This comment made me feel a lot better about myself:

Although I’ve finally bit the bullet and dumped my shotgun and all its ammo; and by dumped I mean went on a rampage and dismembered Hunter after Hunter with glee.

So now I’m down to 2 Assault Rifles, 2 Rifles, 1 SMG, 1 Recoiless Rifle and 1 Sidearm.

You’d think I’d now have all this extra space, but I’ve just filled it up with Ticks and tanks, and other junk.

As for ammo switching, I was going to suggest hold Square/X for ammo change, and also show the reloading animation. But you’re right, then we still have the ammo attachment problem. Might just be better to remove attachment altogether and handle ammo loading solely from the combat-end? But then the ammo stacks would have to increase by either 25% or 50% or something to compensate for rounds no longer being stored in the weapon. Actually, this would solve the whole ammo micromanagement problem as well…

As for your next point:

Brilliant. Hell, I wouldn’t mind them clearing up the visuals of the ammo icons in the inventory as well. The different shotgun types you can tell at a glance, but the rest are differentiated by a tiny label on the box. :frowning:

I’d also like to see colour codes on the attachment grid when you place your cursor over a weapon. For ages I had been dropping good silencers not realising that one of my weapons still had a dilapidated one.

Look, I’m way off topic again. Surprise, surprise.

Back on topic, yeah, I realised what I had done. I had detached the ammo. But that stack of ammo you mentioned? The 960 bullets shouldn’t be lost. When I did it, I found if you drop the stack, you’ll only drop one box. So if you drop it multiple times you can re-separate all the rounds. Unless maybe I did it in some weird order? I know I tried a lot of things before I decided to dump the bugged stack. It was 8 HE rounds after all.

Of course, this is only of use if you’re playing multiplayer and want to share, or if you’ve accidentally used the exploit, like me, and want to fix it.

Right now, for some reason, it won’t do the stacking trick for me in order to test the fix… Great… The bug is buggy. :slight_smile:

[SUGGESTION]Quality of Life ideas

Very nice post, thanks Vasdema :slight_smile:

In defence of your book: one could say that it indeed fired a “more” special “higher” velocity cartridge. However, with the speciality beeing the projectile jacket composition and nothing more. The unfortunate choice of words in the book do make it sound like the cartridge is only for the M45 but the cartridge
(seen as a whole) indeed gives a bit more velocity :slight_smile:

Totally agree with you that this is a true brute-force approach as the barrel suffers quite a bit with such ammo types. The grooves get simply polished away in the long run.

Your next remark gave me a smile aswell, as I did kind of the same thing as you.
After consideration, I also got rid of my normal pumpaction shotgun at some point aswell.
Our playing config has quite the same buildup:

I also use 2 Assault Rifles (FNC and AK47)
2 Rifles (.270 and .50 cal)
1 Carl Gustav Recoiless Rifle
and 1 Sidearm (Klaucke 9 mil)
However, I have 2 SMG’s (MP5 and MP45)
And since a day or two I have picked up a class 4 Semi-automatic shotgun
so I took that back into my stock as it is great for easely killing runners without loosing
my good Assault rifle and SMG bullets. And besides, there is truly a lot of buckshot to be found in the game, so that’s a reason aswell for reintroducing it into my inventory.

You know about the trick how to attribute weapons to your quickmenu right?
I mean where you normally keep your binoculars and first aid kits etc.
I have 3 weapons equiped via that quickmenu giving me 6 empty inventory slots.
Even with only 2 weapons in there (like if you want first aid kits and gastanks/mines in the 2 other slots) it will give you 4 empty slots extra.

Brilliant. I like this idea a LOT! That truly is quite a good find right there. Why have to attache ammo to your weapon via your inventory at all as you can do it simply in the game via a button as long as you have that ammo in your inventory offcourse. Most shooter games do this right?
So simple, why haven’t I thought about that one. Cool.
Than we only need 2 buttons (or button configs) that make you choose between ammo types you want to load. Like left hand normal ammo - right hand special ammo. Loading is done with square(on PS4)

Or, even better, I have the SOLUTION, so simple:
(for PS4) Push L1 + R1 for first ammo type, than simply reload in-game via square.
If you like to change to ammo type 2, push L1 + R1 once more, and continue reloading that ammo type via square.
Evidently all of this without going to your inventory. So, in combat as you say.
That would be quite cool and would indeed solve the whole ammo micromanagement problem at once. And we don’t need the 25% or 50% ammo increase this way neither.

This leads to the next point:

Thanks, would be cool right? It would even be necesarry to have a different icon for ammo types in the combat screen if pushing L1 + R1 makes you switch ammo for you to tell what you are shooting. Would get confusing otherwise. And yes, ammo type is not always so easy to seperate from one other at first sight when looting. Looting should be fun right? But hey, If they introduce the ammo quick change system I could live with that.
Give to recieve, muhahaha :wink:

Great idea aswell, wouldn’t be to difficult to create right? But would give the gamer a real quickview on the attachments quality as you say. Nice.

Anyway, back to toppic to wrap this up :wink:
Cool. I didn’t try that before. Cool to know that you can gett all ammo back that way.
Well, if you have enough space in your inventory alteast :slight_smile:


The devs can do a lot of adjustments in the inventory system [ horrible ] and ammo types, IMO. In their hour-long video, I think they did say that they were not anywhere near weapons experts, so there’s that. Some other points:

A bolt action firearm is not semiautomatic–it’s bolt action.
The .50 BMG round has in excess of 13,000 ft lbs of muzzle energy–the .243 round has a muzzle energy of 2,000 ft lbs. In the game, there is not a lot of difference.
AP rounds in the game do not really act like AP rounds in the real world.
9 mm in a Glock has 350-400 ft lbs of muzzle energy. The .32 ACP has about 125-225 ft lbs of muzzle energy. This is not reflected in the game statistics.
So…some fine-tuning of ballistics is needed in the game for sure.


It does not work for me at all. It only swaps ammo no matter how many times you attach it. I am at PC in 1.05 release.


It’s possible this exploit was patched within the last two updates released (Updates were released in both April and May after this thread was created) :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried this but i will when i get home, my only concern is the random vanishing ammo