Unknown soldier - adaption for screen

Today I have started watching a series on HBO about a war my grandfather fought in (as a finnish soldier). It is based on a book of fiction by Väiniö Linna. My father said it was very true to life.

I thought you would like it because of the gear, clothes, environment (lots of running - even biking - in the woods).

Have you got any suggestions on movies or series to watch if one is a Generation Zero fan?
I also like anything with robots, it doesn’t need to be realistic.

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Check out these: :coffee:

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And this topic too: :blush:

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A.X.L. (2018)
Bumblebee (2018)
Chappie (2015)
District 9 (2009)
Ex Machina (2015)
Ghost in the Shell (2017)
I Am Mother (2019)
I Robot (2004)
Kill Command (2016)
Monsters of Man-Robot 2020
Morgan (2016)
Outside the Wire (2021)
Real Steel (2011)
Runaway (1984)
Short Circuit (1986)
Short Circuit 2 (1988)
Singularity (2017)
Space Sweepers (2021)
Terminator (6 movies)
Transformers (5 movies) (not robots)
Upgrade (2018)

I would add one more sci-fi series, from 80’s. I remember watching this as kid.
Tripods, base on same named books where huge 3 legged alien robots roam on earth.
Hope it would get remake someday.

“War of the Worlds” from 2005? :thinking:

Best i could find with quick search.
Main characters are 3 teenagers escaping.