Weird pixilation when using riflescope

**Platform: PC**

**Description: In combat i get som weird pixilation with colours round it. I think it's only when using a scope of some kind. It has happened on many occations since the last update.**

**Steps To Reproduce: Fight robots using scoped weapons.** 

**Images / Videos: See images below in replys**

**Players in your game: One (just myself)** 

**Specifications: AMD Ryzen 5 1500x quad core (8CPUs), 3,5 GHz, 16Gb RAM, Radeon RX560**

I think it’s an AMD GPU issue.

PS4 and Xbox 1 users reported similar thing.

Ok well it hasn’t happened before the september update, just to be clear. I’ll try and re-install all the drivers and shit, and see if that helps. Has any other PC users with AMD experiensed this?

I had the same yesrerday and i have an NVIDIA card. It happened to me when a FNIX runner with a rocket launcher was aiming for me with his laser. So maybe it is connected to this lasers. Were there any layer enemies when it happened to you?

Yes but not every time. The last time it was a lone tank. At least i didn’t see anyone else.

Maybe it is also the normal red light that contributes to this bug.

Did a clean install of graphics driver. But same shit. I didn’t even look through the scope this time. The tank looked at me and the funky red and black started. No fun at all.

I can confirm this with PC version. Not any typical weapon related. Something to do with scopes.

Rig: Intel CPU, nvidia GPU.

I have noticed in my games, this is related more fighting with tanks. And that pixelation starts just before they fire they machine guns. Like muzzle flash or some other effect starts it.
Recorded couple of videos and checked them.

Would be nice to know if this is something that is being looked into? It’s every time i play. And others seem to have the same problem.

I was fighting a tank and got the pixel error without watching through a scope too.

System: Win 10 64bit
CPU: Intel i7-4770k
GPU: Nvidia GTX 980 wit 4 Gb VRAM
RAM: 16 Gb
Mainboard: Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H-CF

Hope they can come with a solution soon or at least let us know they are looking at it. I doubt it is some psycological warfare from the machines.

I’ve gotten word this issue’s being looked into :slight_smile:


I have the similar issue and posted about it but I am on PS4. It seems to be related to lighting in general…perhaps the glare effects or something to that nature is my guess. I am able to replicate this without a rifle scope so it has nothing to do with scopes. See my topic for screen captured proof that a scope is not needed to replicate this bug. PS4 Lighting type bug that makes the game unplayable

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