[Weird Terrain] Dump miscellaneous terrain issues you see here!

At coordinates (-2573.889, 2609.327) there is a telephone pole in the middle of the road. Don’t know if it is a bug or misplaced but it has collision and all I did was come across it. It isn’t fallen over and to be honest the wires that I assume are supposed to be connected to it aren’t.

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be careful at this point if you step on these strips you will be thrown to the left towards the bunker

Weird terrain around Säveryd archaeology camp, mostly at the mountain edge.


Platform: Pc

Description: Moving ground textures/ ground sticking out of texture, -2198, 237

Steps To Reproduce: walk on the road connecting jagarstrugan with the “main” road

Images / Videos: Bug report - Clipped with Medal.tv

Host or Client: my own game

Players in your game: only me

Specifications: gtx 1660 6gb vram ti i3 9100f 16gb ram 1tb ssd

Found some terrain glitches, just thought it was funny
Then I got inside

(Also you cant be seen inside it, was being chased by a few hunters and they couldnt find me)

Thanks for reporting this, and providing screenshots of the location! :+1:

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Fall trhough one of the bridges and some of the objects disapear after I’m a certain distance, this one being short

Steps to reproduce:
From the way point take the right side of the bridge and go crouched against the wall to the other side, thats at least what happend to me

Host or Client:
I was in singleplayer


Sorry if this is not the correct thread, wasn’t sure which one is the correct one for this ones

By Torsberga Fort.
There’s a chamber between the cliff face and the walls, no way out, and you have to fall in from top of the cliff.

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Please fix It!

DLC- Alpine Unrest

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