What do you do when you get in-game? (outside of quests)

I completed the game and got all the good stuff but what should I do beside clearing Anl 118 and Littspork (Windmill place)?

What is your go-to thing to do or place to go?

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What is it at Anl 118 and Littspork?

I am currently gathering Gnome collectables.


Also, I know @Gysbert takes lovely hikes and runs and shares wonderful stories of them with us.

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I gather footage and sit around locations, reading in to small things and overanalyzing everything, when it’s all so much simpler. Basically, a lore freak that is conspiracy theorizing.


With FNIX Rising DLC missions and challenges all done, what i have left: is starting to collect 3*, 4* and 5* schems.

Also, i need to work on my Rival collection to make it perfect. Forest, North Coast and Himfjäll still need some work. The rest are done (region level and score are max, 8 rivals per region, all rivals are tanks and all tanks are lvl4. Except Archipelago, there i have 1x tank, 2x harvs and rest are hunters.).

Oh, i’m also looking for 5* KVM 89 for my weapon collection.

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I Normally test my challenges that are on the forums and see how hard/easy Admiralgamer's Generation zero Challenges! are. Its tricky atm cuz im a console so things that are difficult here wont be on PC. I also take screenshots when i can and game clips.

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@Aesyle What do you plan to do with all your rivals once they’re all lvl. 4 Tanks? :blush:

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@NJR87 Cull.

The Great Cull.

Alternately…machine tea party?


I found all the blueprints, dwarves and other things. Now I have a second guy I’m leveling up. With the new expansion there are new things to find but I haven’t found many, yet…

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Keep them as they are. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Just like my weapon collections: one with all 5* vanilla weapons with 5* mods (except sledgehammer, haven’t found 5* one yet); and 2nd one with all 6* weapons with 5* mods as well (except 5* KVM 89, haven’t found that one either).
I’m a collector btw.

Also, having plenty of Rival tanks on the map gives a good overview of tank patrol routes.

Though, on the other side, i struggled quite a bit doing few FNIX Rising missions since: 1. i didn’t want to engage any of my Rival tanks (have 8 in South Coast) and 2. even if Rival fired at me, i broke combat (tactical retreat) to keep them alive. And all that without failing the mission i was at. (Speaking of it, i have a gameplay vid, where i sneaked myself and the truck i was protecting, past lvl4 Rival FNIX tank, at very close range and it’s still hard for me to believe how i managed to do that. :smile:)

However, if any of you guys are thinking of joining me to help me kill my Rival tanks (in hopes to get some good loot) :wink:, do note that i play only on Guerilla with Auto-Scaling “ON”. That means, anyone joining my game will have their hardest time.

Still, it isn’t possible in the game to get 8x Rival tanks per every region. There are two exceptions: Archipelago and Himfjäll.
In Arcipelago, only one proto tank ever spawns. Also, max 2x proto harvs spawn as well. The rest (5x) are hunters.
In Himfjäll, max 6x apo tanks spawn at once. The rest (2x), are either apo hunters or apo harvs (i have 2x apo harvs, which were FNIX harvs but got magically converted to apo harvs with FNIX Rising DLC). I can freely kill the apo harvs for high-end gear, including schems.

My current Rival collection

Pretty, isn’t it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s impressive! :wink:
I’m guessing you’re done farming experimental gear then? 5* KVM59 and 5* Älgstudsare are the only weapons I’m missing, and my Tanks only drop .44 Magnuses and AI-76’s… Only! It’s frustrating! :grimacing:
If you arranged a farming run, I’d happily come along. Heck, it wouldn’t even need to be farming. I’m dying to play some GZ online with serious players, and gladly on Guerilla! It’s so hard to find random players online who aren’t just screwing about. :crazy_face:

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Well, figured I was gonna do some tank grinding today, and somehow my luck was cranked to the max… :star_struck: In 1,5 hours I got:
5* AG4
5* AG5
5* KVM 59
6* KVM 59
5* KVM 59 ext. mag.
And some other 5* attachments

Now only 5* Älgstudsare is missing from my collection!



Glorious loot haul, my fellow Resister!


You can say that again. The 5* KVM 59 was one I didn’t already have, so scratch one off my list! :blush:
Still gonna be using the 6*, though, even though it electrocutes me in close quarters combat. :wink:


Well, i have found a lot of 6* weapons and all my 4x chars have 6* weapons + i have one of each 6* weapons in my Plundra as well for the collection.
Also, i don’t do farming (aka whack-a-mole) in GZ. If i want to do farming, i’ll play Farming Simulator 19. :wink:

My current average session is as follows: go into the game, look which region needs it’s score up (e.g North Coast), stick in that region, running around and looting (first aid kits are in great demand on Guerilla) and engaging machines, except non-Rival tanks (since when i take a tank out, it doesn’t become a Rival), to get region score up and spawn new score spawn Rivals.
If Rival spawns, i’ll continue in the same region until that Rival is lvl4. If it is a tank, i’ll leave it be, otherwise, i’ll take it out.

Anl 118 is small airplane hangar/bunker with Vraken strike fighter plane in it and safehouse as well (Marshlands region) and it is one of the best machine hotspots. (Just South of Norrmyra.)

Last time i was at Anl 118, i had there: 1x apo harv and 4x apo hunters (it’s guards) + 6x FNIX harvs and 18x FNIX hunters (their guards). 7x harvs in one spot is the most i have ever seen in GZ. :astonished:
And of course, i didn’t engage them. :grin: Even for 4x experienced players, that machine armada is too much on Guerilla difficulty, let alone for single player.


Not all harvs are visible since some of them were behind others.

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