Admiralgamer's Generation zero Challenges!


This will be my challenge page where i will post challenges for veterans (or new players who just want some more fun!) like me when they got nothing to do!

The limited ammo and melee weapon challenge!
What do you do when you get in-game? (outside of quests)

Warning You should not try this challenge if you only just joined!!! The Challenge: Start a new character,Select guerilla difficulty do story as normal butttttttttt you are only allowed 1 gun and 100 ammo in your invent. Mines, fireworks, emps and flares are all allowed though no binoculars. Obviously the fact we now have melee weapons greatly helps your chances! Try to complete all the main missions with this to win!
Bonus round: Complete Himfall island in the same way!
(Another way to make this even harder is no experimental weapons!)
Tell me how you do!


Sounds cool I might try it


Enjoy it if you do! Post here if you want to say anything about it


For this challenge you are only allowed to attack 2 types of machines (excluding if its a mission objective) you can choose these but all others you will have to sneak past or run from. Enjoy the apocolypse!
P.S you could make this super cool with 2 other friends by each only killing 2 so you would have to work together!


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Man me n my mate are gonna have a right crack at this, although we r on ps4 so no melee weapons, so even harder, gonna be bloody tough


A new challenge! The marshlands challenge. You got stuck in the marsh and all your equipment is wrecked. Try to survive in the marshlands using only dilapidated or 1 :star: weapons for 1 hour or longer! (Oh yeah no hiding! anything you notice you must fight!)


New challenge! The ReGrouping Challenge! This for 2-4 people You and your friend/s were split up and chased into the farthest reaches of the map. You dropped practically all your stuff in the fear of being killed and must find new items and regroup
Task: Select a point on the map, (a safehouse is advised) then spread out to the edges of the map ( choose different spots ) and make your may to that point with only a pistol to regroup there (you may loot and pick up guns) and blamo theres your challenge but to win you must both get there at the same time (and not die if one of you die you lose.) I appreciate feedback!


New challenge! (changing my layout its neater)
Name: In the Dark
People: Any amount
Task: Complete all the bunkers in the game with no flashlight or game sound on. You will get jumpscared so many times (I would advise a gun with a night vision module or thermal vision)
Win conditions: Get to the warboard in every bunker!
I would love to hear feedback!


New challenge! (Gonna try 2 per day!)
Name: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
People: 1
Task: Kill as many hunters as you can in 1 hour or 2 hours (say if you did 2) with just hunting rifle! (Don’t cheat by sitting by a harvester)
Bronze:25 Silver:50 Gold:100 Platinum: 100 fnix YOUR INSANE: 100 apoco hunters
Tell me how many you got! :smile:


PLATINUM: Kill 100 FNIX Hunters with .243 Hunting Rifle only, no scopes allowed.


Having a try @Xezr? Enjoy hunting hunters with a hunting rifle. Also yes i will add platinum as well! Go scare the hunters into hiding!


New Challenge!
Name: Tank? What Tank?
People: any
Task: Create a massive explosion using anything explosive killing an Apoco tank in 1 go! (Land mines, explosive canisters, fuel cells, shockwave canisters, gas canister. ANYTHING THAT EXPLODES!)
Challenge Try Doing a level 4 Rival apoco!
Tell me how you did!


Not really a challenge more a fun activity!
Name: Cliff Race
People: 2-4
Activity: Throw yourselves off rusaberget at the “top of the world mission” end spot see who gets down first or goes flying off course! (Use field radios to get back up for multiple rounds!)


New challenge!
Name: I want to ride my bicycle!
People: Any
Task: Ride around the map on your bike and try not to get knocked off!
Starting point: Sathoholmen church
End Point: The Bridge
Choose any way to get to the end You can choose 3 safehouses as checkpoints!


Hi guys Im gonna do 1 per day now because it makes my life easier!


New challenge
Name: Get Outa my face!
People: Any
Task: Use shotguns and melee weapons to eliminate either or all in 1-2 hrs:
5 Tanks 10 harvesters 25 hunters 50 runners
Tell me how you did!


New challenge
Name: 3v1
People 1
Task try to get 3 rivals in a close proximity and fight them all at once without dying!
Challenge: Make them apoco harvester, apoco tank and apoco hunter!


Damn these all sound good! As a content creator I keep running out of challenges (already did no guns and any% speedrun) so thanks for this, keep them coming!