What games besides GZ do you like playing?

I have a number of games I think I will like in my Steam wish list, and I’m waiting for some to release. In general I like FPS games, I like open world, exploring and missions. And I need there to be a single-player mode / campaign.

What games besides GZ do you like playing?

BTW: These are the ones I’m waiting for - The ‘Coming Soon’ list.


I agree, but I’d like to add cooperative games.
PVP isn’t my favorite game mode.

Since all the crashes in GZ began, I started playing Borderlands 3. And currently I’m looking forward for Modern Warfare II (not Warzone).


The Hunter C.O.T.W.
SCUM (no campaign here, but a :poop:-load of exploring)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (all of them + expecting a new one)
Dead Island
Dying Light
Mad Max

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Have you tried STALKER: Anomaly? Fantastic port of the game :slightly_smiling_face:


I downloaded it some time ago, but never tried it. I saw @tene play it and it looks insanely good :wink:

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Subnautica: Below Zero
Hypercharge: Unboxed
Battlefield 1
breath of the wild
And RDR2
Are my personal favorites

New Stalker I am waiting for too.

Modern Warfare II, I haven’t tried I will see what sort of game that is.
I am big fan of Borderlands, I played all.

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I haven’t tried that one, and it isn’t on Steam. I looked it up I seem to be a mod, but I am not so familiar how that works.

It’s a standalone version that you can download for free. Completely optimized for modern PC’s.
The setting is a number of years after the events of Call of Pripyat. You can play different factions, and explore the entire zone fully with new missions, characters, mutants and whatnot.

The gameplay has been completely revamped and it feels fantastic. The game is also extremely brutal, but you can finetune it just how you want it :slightly_smiling_face:


OK I will download it and see if i like what I see. But I know the Stalker series, so I probably will like it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) was awesome and I just hope, Modern Warfare II will be awesome, too. Just two months left until release, but I hope I can test at least the open multiplayer beta next month.

Btw., it’s my first Borderlands. Just bought it to have an alternative for playing in an open world with my friends in coop. :wink:


My list is a sad, little one…
Since we’re currently renovating our basement, I haven’t touched my PC since early may! :weary: My gaming room is almost done, so hopefully I’ll get to play again in about a week or so. :blush:
When that day comes, my priorities are:

1- Play Revontuli Coast in TH:COTW.
2- Check out GZ’s newest content.
3- Play the Road To Vostok upcoming demo.
4- Play AC Valhalla.

…but hey, that has me covered until about 2025, since I’m only able to play about 400 hours in a whole year! :joy:


You can save some time and move GZs new content to after the next super-hotfix.


I try to avoid anything newly released, most games I start playing have to be at least a year old. This is due to the simple fact that almost no games are sadly released in a finished state. With that being said I played Stray a couple of days after the release and that game was really a fun little story and the game felt finished upon release.

With GZ being broken I have mostly played Squad when I want to play with friends. After this latest “patch” we have discussed trying out Valheim to have another game that we can play together that is a little more relaxing than squad.

For single player I have been completing the Wolfenstein games by machine head, only have the young blood left to try out. New order is my favorite of the ones I have completed so far.

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Over the past few weeks while i wait for GZ to be playable again, theres only be a handful of games ive played, either actively or on and off, or at least compared to how many games i used to play.

The games i actively play consist off;
Tower of Fantasy
War Thunder, Operation Summer (Suffer) event being the cause
World of Tanks Blitz, on Steam not the mobile version

Games i play on and off;
World of Tanks
Left 4 Dead 2
Phasmophobia, whilst i wait for its Custom Difficulty Update
Gaunt Valkyr
Older CoD Campaigns on the PS4

There is some games i plan to play more such as Armoured Warfare and The Forest, purely to 100% the achievements. Just need to find more time for them from grinding in other games.

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Since I discovered GZ, I haven’t been playing as many new games as before. Before I played one game at the time to completion or as complete as I could get it, and then moved to another game.

GZ was the first game where I also started interacting on forums, and that combination made it more addictive for me then other games. The fact that GZ doesn’t have an end like many other games have contributed to the “sticking to it”, as well.

Your list of games has only two games I know and played CoD and Left for dead. It will see what the others are about. Soulworker sounds interesting. :coffee:

Edit: No Soulworker not my taste… :grinning:


Have any of you played Aliens_Fireteam_Elite?

That game has a new expansion coming expected release Aug 30th

Call of Duty, a lot of them but like the WWII ones the most. And on my GF computer and her steam account, “Horizon Zero Dawn”. Really good story line, DLCs add new areas, more story and new weapons. The character’s movement is smooth and you don’t get stuck everywhere, nor do you get stopped at the smallest of a log where you have to stop, back up and then jump over. The story makes sense but just like GZ, it is very open world. You also get to interact with the machines and NPCs more and can make choices when you interact. You really
die and are sent back where you last started from. Easy to manually save the game or quick save it. Oh, and never crashed either with most any other games.

I played this and it was a blast.