Ammo loot boxes all empty

I joined my fiance’s game and I couldn’t get any ammo from the boxes. I left her game and stayed in my own lobby and I could get ammo from the boxes. She joins my lobby and it wont let her get ammo from the boxes.


We had this problem too yesterday. At least me the other seems to have not been affected by it. I was client on pc. The day before everything was fine.


This has been reported before. Friends and I have been experiencing this from launch and the bug is very much still present. The host gets normal ammo drops, guests get nothing.

As you progress farther, it gets marginally better. Only marginally though in the sense that you’ll pick up 4-8 rounds of ammo out of a loot box / dead soldier where the host is getting 30+ rounds.


I have same “client host bug” on my PC. its very annoying. Host has to share with me his ammo

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Same here. Has anyone found a way to fix it? I’ve reinstalled my game (client) and now I have convinced the host to reinstall as well. Quitting and rejoining has zero effect.

Same issue here. Tried the complete reinstall + save game folder deletion from the older thread. Also 0 effect. Started to get the issue after about 5 hours of Co-op gameplay.

Mobs do drop ammo, but very little. Ammoboxes are always empty.

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My experience after too many hours of game play. The loot box issue only occurs in multiplayer. I don’t know why but it seems to occur more frequently after joining the second or third multiplayer session. I can’t support it by hard evidence as I don’t take testing notes during game play.

I have only seen it as guest as I seldom get other players to join my solo-gaming and recently only play multiplayer

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It’s definitely only as a guest. The host (be it in coop or single player) doesn’t experience this at all. I’ve played other friends’ games, and as a guest, I always have that issue. When my friends join into my game, I get normal loot as the host, they get little to nothing as guests.

And it’s easy to tell if you’re experiencing the issue (as a guest). If you open a non-bugged empty loot box, it will stay open after you “close” it, and it can’t be accessed again. As a guest experiencing this bug, you can repeatedly access an empty loot box and the lid closes every time.