Bockhyttan experiment (image heavy)

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The first thing I did after the patch was to head to Bockhyttan to see the new behavior of the harvesters. This area is a well known hotspot for spawning harvesters in great numbers, and often a fair share of all the other enemies as well. This time was no exception. I counted at least 10+ harvesters, three tanks and a bunch of the others, so perfect for testing.

Started out at Angerås church:

I proceeded to engage the nearest group of harvesters, a group that already had a bunch of regular hunters close by. This group was located in the forest, way across the field (view from the church entrance):

The group:

I closed in on the group and engaged. Right away the harvesters spawned the railgun hunters and laid heavy barrage of rockets on me. Other groups close to the first also engaged, so I must have had close to ten railgun hunters in the forest sniping away at me. Went down fast.

Retreated to the church, barely made it there and took cover behind this shack:

The railgunners shot me straight through, which I should’ve known since I’ve encountered them before.

Ran into the church, with the hunters firing away constantly on the church. I don’t know how they could know my exact location when inside the church, because they were firing away straight at me. As soon as I went for the entrance, it was a constant sniper barrage at the door. All this time, the enemies were still in the forest across the field, so quite the distance away from me.

Decided to ‘run for the hills’, and use those for cover:

Now the rocket barrage from the harvesters started, and to me it seems the rockets follows the ground, since they came in close to the ground above the hill top, and then straight down at me. Went down again of course.

You should also consider that the enemies in this area aren’t even of the highest tiers.

I’m not new to this game, and I’ve requested difficulty increase. There are however different ways to implement harder difficulties, and the devs have imho chosen the worst way of bullet sponges and having the machines act like aimbots from Quake 2, instead of working on their AI. More realistic for sure, but for the vast majority I think it’s not fun in any way.

I called it in another thread that this update will scare loads of people away from the game, and I think I’m right. Perhaps not the best way to introduce new people to the game with the free week on Steam.


Very well made explanation and report. This will scare possible new players.

But i think steam can have some control over discounts and advertisement, so the free week might not be the developers idea. Just really bad coincidence with the new update.

I’ll add my own findings here as well;
(Note: all links are linking to the correct reply within that topic)

Test #1 - Circle strafe around FNIX harv: Machine behaviour post April 2020 update

Test #2 - 1. safe range distance test: Machine behaviour post April 2020 update

Test #3 - 2. safe range distance test: Machine behaviour post April 2020 update


  • ranges between 0m - 200m: being out in the open is suicide. Use cover as much as possible.
  • ranges between 200m - 400m: safe to be out in the open. Good distance for sniping.

So I just decided to bicycle through Bockhyttan and see how many Hunters I could pull to Readiness Storage 116. I played on Adventure, for pity’s sake and all. I ran into 4 Harvesters with escorts, and 3 Tanks.

I lost count after killing 50 of the Hunters. Good times.

Edit: Went back. Encountered 8 Military Tanks. Screenshotting them all was impossible.


I don’t have the skill that shows the distance, so I’m not sure of the distance from the church entrance to the forest across the field in my example above. If you find the time to measure it, please let me know! :slight_smile:

I don’t have that skill either. :grin: Instead, i popped the waypoint on the map, as close to the machine as possible. After that, you can just hover over your waypoint to see how far it is from you.

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Ah of course! :smile:

So in the above example, that would be in the ~ 250-280 m range I suppose.

It’s difficult to measure distance with waypoints since when machines have a path to you and once aggrod, they will come closer, especially hunters.

However, if you block the path to you, they won’t close the distance. It’s easiest to do with harvs/tanks and more difficult with runners/hunters.

Witnessed another thing with weapon ranges. Concussion Rifle FNIX hunters have their weapon range at least 300m if not more.

Met FNIX harv and while i was safe from it’s rockets at roughly 287m, i wasn’t safe from the Concussion Rifle.

Need to test their range at some time as well.

Överby Airfield is a good place to test the range of those guys.

It’s a good place but i was thinking more of a place where i can block the path to me, so that the hunter doesn’t close the distance on me. (Half wishing that i could shoot it’s legs off and immobilize it for easier testing.)

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