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Haha, no! It was just an ironic remark of how uninteresting the stream was! It was just some regular glasses! :joy:


Ugh… I had an itch that desperately needed scratching! :grimacing:

Blasphemous screenshot...

I’ve been longing to get back here for a very long time…

I’ll say one thing for sure: Generation Zero does a very good job at keeping me from playing other games! :grin:

Which game is that?
Far cry primal ?
I just know it´s one I still haven´t played or don´t own :thinking:

Yep, it’s Primal. One of the top 3 FC games, in my opinion. :wink:

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That and the first one are the only ones i haven´t played.
But the HUD reminded me of the other games.

What you mean “it´s now 35 hours”?
That you have been destroying those enemies a row for 35 hours with the solo objective to find the weapons?

35 hours is not enough to find them all, I’m afraid. Unless you’re extremely lucky! I have played almost 60 hours since the weapons pack was released, and I have “only” gotten a 5* N16 and a 5* N9 extended magazine, plus a few 4* attachments.

I am level 31 with more than 330 hours of play (Main missions and annexes completed) but only 35 hours since the installation of the DLC US Weapons Pack … I understand that I have to be patient! Thanks for your feedback.

If you’re going to have to pay for it AND THEN have to grind for it, I’m out. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while, especially if those weapons are anything more than re-skins.

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I didn’t like the drop rate at all. Within one session we all knew what lay ahead to get the 5C variants.

There is one thing though that I can’t shake, is that I’m convinced that it has been done on purpose.

Now remember this title has been out for over 2 years, (and not to side bar the new players) but there is a community here that are invested in both time, effort, and money to support the development of the game now and into the future. In 404.2 I discuss with @OBiW4NSHiNOBi about player retention - and what will be needed to keep those invested…committed.

And then comes the US Weapon DLC - with a 3C variant good to go in the Plundra. Now anyone who’s done the grind will know that naturally the mindset will be getting the 5C equivalent, along with attachments.

And that’s why I think the drop is so very, very low. It’s been done on purpose for those players who are looking for an excuse to come back to Sweden to have something to go for. I mean I’m completely guilty of it - as soon as I got the DLC I was after the 5C versions, whatever it took - even ended up making my own trailer for them!

But to bring it back on a level, like everything that is introduced it’s all about balance. To cap weapon tiers in conjunction with your level is a great idea - but would have needed to be a vanilla base game option in order for it to work its far too late for it to be accepted now by the community without severe tantrums.

Integrated into missions…yes ( but what if it doesn’t unlock ) then you’ve paid content you can’t get. Can you give it to another player who doesn’t own the DLC? Can the guest player pickup the weapon post mission? see where I’m going. There are just far too many variables for it to be placed in a mission only for it not to unlock at the end of it all.

Clarity would be needed before any new DLC Weapon pack drops to lay out the criteria of obtaining the 5C legit. And while your there, a complete re work on the loot pools for all forms of Hunter, Tank, and Harvey so people know exactly what is available in the loot pool. Yes, you can reduce the loot pool by only going for normal machines - but there’s players over 200 hours in that is still yet to pick up a 5C item they are missing which is pretty harsh by any standards of weapon grind.

US Weapon DLC N16 needs polishing - it’s extremely flat. The N9 stays the same in your colour in hand regardless of quality, 4C is a matte black in the inventory - yet polished silver once put in side arm slot. The pig is superb, but - like all the LMG’s why doesn’t the mag empty as you use the bullets leaving one round visible before it’s an empty clip. There needs to be refinement for these weapons to really pop.

Future Weapon DLC packs would be a nice addition, but the tone of the game will determine how adventurous the devs will get. If they are going to stick with the 80s/90s only theme - that’s fine, but I would look on building on the current weapons instead (Experimental weapon mods & attachments).
Or even - a new set of experimental versions on base guns, especially as they missed 3 great ones.

Experimental .500 Magnum / “Pontus” (.50 Cal Explosive tip Rounds, 7 round chamber)
Experimental Sjöqvist / “Elmer” (Twin barrel sawn off, any 12G round, belt fed 12 round clip {6x2})
Experimental AG5 / “Goodnight” (Green laser sight, grenade/smoke round attachment, enemy marking)



I gave up on finding the golden N16.
After the April update fiasco i started playing GZ again from September to the 31th of December, but i started having less fun the moment i was grinding only for the US weapons (that i payed for).
I haven´t touched GZ in 28 days.
When the next update comes i´l be there.
But this just proves that something like this does not serve to keep players interested, on the contrary, i payed for something and can´t even have it?

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Your either going to have the camp that point blank refuse to go for it on the basis it’s un balanced with the effort not worth the reward.


Those that will continue on regardless of time and effort. Once I knew that someone had one, then I knew it was possible. May I ask what platform you are on out of interest?

I thought you knew that by now.
I have still many MANY other titles to play and finish.
So it´s just on Pause mode.
It´s a random drop, i´l get it later by myself, by gift or by trade.
But the problem maintains, we buy a product and we have half of the product.
The devs keep going in circles with weird decisions.
The good news is that the N16 is not a great weapon, has low damage and recoil, so the N60 was my main goal, it´s an excellent weapon.


I found the gold N16 last night after roughly 100hrs and it was definitely NOT worth the effort. The model quality seems lower detail than the other guns and it’s terrible to use. Dreadful recoil along with requiring .556 ammo means it’s just going in the Plundra.

The N9 is fun, the N60 is great, but the N16 is terrible IMHO.

Also, is it just me or does there seem to be less variation in the audio for the US weapons?

It sounds like exactly the same single shot being fired in a tight loop with no variation in tonality. It might just be me, but the audio for N60 and N16 are particularly grating.


Yes the 3* N16 is not a great thing, the golden version will only be a little better, and it´s not worth it.
Now…the N9 is very fun to use, and so is the N60.
Yes…the sound is not great, specially the one from the N16.
When i was a teen i played the games Desert Storm (2001) and Desert Storm 2 (2003), they are old games but the M16 burst mode sound is better than the model from Generation Zero…
20 year old games have a better sound than one from a 2020 DLC, the sound could be better.


A thing to consider: older games have made weapon sounds to sound better, to please the gamers. Newer games (e.g GZ) are using the real sound what weapon makes in real life. Since not all weapons sound awesome in real life, there can be disappointments when games are using the real sound, not enhanced sound.

This reminds me one of the studies i saw: bunch of people were to ask to test 6 different, unlabeled, orange juices, while secretly one of the orange juices was the real deal (pressed on the spot from fresh oranges). After the reveal, many people preferred the processed orange juice over the real deal.
That study too: (results are shown at 14:30).

It’s similar to Mandela Effect, where you remember/prefer specific way, while truth is that the real deal is actually different of what you remember/prefer.

There’s another, widely used weapon in video games, that game makers have made it good or best weapon within game but in reality, it’s a poor weapon: AK-47.
There are only 3 pros for AK-47: reliability, low manufacturing costs and ease of use. These three have made it the most readily available weapon in the world. (Based on 2004 statistics, out of the estimated 500 million weapons in the world, 100 million were AKs, where 2/3 of AKs were AK-47.)
These three pros aside, there is nothing else good about AK-47. It has high recoil, poor accuracy and it’s effective range is only 350m. Yet, many gamers still think AK-47 is one of the best (if not the best) weapon in the game.

Discussion moved here to keep the source topic on-point.


As always you have to contradict whatever i say.

I compared the sounds from both mentioned games and GZ and the real counterpart. The GZ N16 sounds more like the “ag4” than an M16.

I actually revisited those 2 games in 2015 and still own them, i remember the burst fire, there is no Mandela effect there, the M16 burst fire sound from those games was specially good for the time (being games from 2001/2003).
Of course there have been other games through the years with better weapons sound effects.
That example was to make a point, that a “old game” has a better sound of a weapon currently available in GZ, yet you have to defend the game in every single aspect every single time.

I never said anything about the ak47, it´s a bad weapon to fire from a distance without proper modifications, the only thing i agree with you is that it´s reliable cheap and easy to use, just like you said.
If gamers in general think it´s a good weapon in real life or in every single game i don’t know and have no way to prove it or not.

I don’t contradict your sayings all the time. Also, i gave one possible option, why it may be so. I didn’t say you’re wrong. If you don’t find my option plausible for you, then that’s fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

While i haven’t played neither of the games you presented (Desert Storm) and i don’t know how weapons sound in them, however, i do know that game components are getting better and better as time moves onwards, especially graphics. So, it’s quite common place that newer game is mostly better than older game in all aspects. But there are always exceptions.

As far as GZ goes, devs have stated that they are using as realistic sounds as possible, only a hair short of personally recording the weapons fire in firing range. And so far, many people have said that weapon sounds in GZ are spot-on to the real deal (said by those who have fired these weapons in real life).

So, dug up some videos, 1st off: Conflict: Desert Storm (good sample is at 1:30);

And then, the real deal, M16 (weapon fire starts at 1 minute mark and again at 2:50):

In the Conflict: Desert Storm, M16 sounds much deeper and deeper sounds are usually more pleasing to the ear than higher pitched sounds. However, at least i, personally, can tell a night and day difference between the in-game and real firing sounds. Also, the real weapon fire sounds similar to the weapon fire in GZ.

I brought in AK-47 as one of the examples, where many players have misconception about it (thanks to the game devs who have made it in their games a lot better than it actually is).

Didn’t search forums much but here’s one GZ player, who, at that time, favored AI-76 highly: The special AI-76 looks ugly

It´s a matter of auditory perception then.

Because to me the N16 does not sound as good as it should, the sound quality of that weapon is not on the same level as the other weapons, i was not the only one stating it, i just agreed with it, otherwise i would not write about something as little as this.
And i specifically compared the sound of the burst fire, not single and auto.
The echo could be better

The game weapons behavior and sound is great, I never said the contrary, i just excluded the N16 from that common opinion.

The AL 76 subject, does not even make sense, most people tend to avoid that weapon unless they have all the anti recoil skills, there are those that prefer it and those that sometimes use it (like me) but most players will say that because of high recoil its only useful to be used at short distance.

I have a clarifying questions. Are those changes retcons or time passing ? In other words, is this how the world is suppossed to look from the beginning, or did those structures canonically appear after the main story ?