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OK, I feel I’m going slightly in circles here.

So for clarity - I know what a mule is and how to use one, the issue is - how do you get your mule - to a recycling station in solo play to store more?

Make a recycling station right next to a place you spawn in the resistance base.

That’s the thing, you can’t. Even in player base.

But as far as i understood Mrshneeblie’s description, the “mule” is used to store only crafting materials and almost up to the point where player can’t move.

With lvl4 char, and Carry Capacity at lvl2, one can store up to 112.999 units worth of stuff. And when it comes to the crafting materials, that translates into 2824 pieces of crafting materials, while still being able to move.
For comparison, Recycling Station can hold up to 6250 pieces of crafting materials.

This doesn’t work. In player base, that spot counts as a Fast Travel point. It does not count as a spawn point.

Every single time, when i’ve ended my gaming session inside my base and then Continue my game later on, game has always spawned me in the closest safehouse, in this case: Hiker’s barrack. Not once i’ve spawned inside the player base, when Continuing my game.

Sorry I’m late, but I’ll answer. Before I go into my mule character, I fast travel to the little base camp to the top left of the home base in the first region. The hiker barrick Aes mentioned. Then I switch characters to my mule and I’m at that spawn point.

The recycling station is only a few feet away so I drop my stuff until I can walk, I move a few inches towards the recycling station just close enough to pick up the dropped items, and repeat.

It lets you inch closer and closer while also moving your stuff. Once I take everything out of the station I want cleared, I quit. I only need to do this every few weeks, it doesn’t even take 5 minutes.

Ah, right - yes you are correct that would 100% work.

Sadly, I’m not gonna be able to unload that much gear on the floor for crafting materials. For the moment, I’ll take the nudge to one.

But - problem is solved

:clap: :clap: :clap:

I feel that you guys should know, that dropping tons of stuff on the ground can cause the game crash on you, and you will be loosing all the dropped items.

This already happened to one “mule” user, topic: Dropping too many items crashes game - items gone forever

While using alt char to hold stuff isn’t against the rules (e.g EULA), exploiting the no cap on weight limit is, and you will be doing all that on your own risk.

And from the depths of forums comes another example. That time, it was far more severe, ending with corrupt save: Corrupted Save File - #109 by Lonewolf

Exactly, however I can confirm that you can now get to a crafting station solo. You just gotta cook a grenade.

Yes, you can do that. However, ragdolling yourself to any favorable spot is exploit and lets not talk exploits in the forums.
Btw, grenades (or explosives in general) have been used to get yourself unstuck from the terrain, given that you’ll ragdoll out of the “sticky” situation. :slight_smile:

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Can i ask; what is Kyoko?

Oh my bad is my main character i still working on find her a proper backstory to fit the lore^^

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That’s awesome! There’s a thread that I created for just this kind of thing; character backstories. You’re free to read mine and others there to get inspiration! And you can post yours there when it’s finished!

Here is the thread. My character backstory is at the top, the very first post. Character Biography

:smiley: I sure will make sure post it once i figure out her stroy^^ Let just say it’s involve the “Time Paradox” and my own main character in my own work but i get off topic there^^ Still love my “Acting Supreme Commander” title :slight_smile:

Ok, I look forward to reading it!

What “Time Paradox” are you referring to, though?

Well with GZ Timeline streching on the 90’s i figure that could be interessting use the whole well know “Time Travel” idea^^ That what i meant by “Time Paradox” with the techs,Picatinny Rails and red dot It’s a love story that lead me hour of red dot sight history searching and some night going crazy on my own back when game come out Hahha, But generaly speaking i refer the “Time Paradox” as those minor "error’

Well, yeah, there is technology in the game that didn’t exist in the 80s, the most obvious example of course being the robots!

But the first “electronic” red dot sight was developed in 1975, well ahead of when the game takes place. As for rails, perhaps the rails in the game is the Weaver rail which existed in the 80s-90s?

In any case, I’m not including any time paradox or any time travel into my own character backstory because no time travel technology is displayed as existing in the game’s lore.

I think i shall use my “Nam” love for this conflict to make a awesome backstory fitting GZ lore :D, I meant “Weaver Rail” yes it’s fault of my part being used to call “picatinny” every rail possible XD , But Aimpoint wich is Swedish btw and first large commercial sucess (thank those night of search) was bulky and not that small that the complain i got back in the day but with time and love of GZ i didn’t pay attention to it anymore tbh :slight_smile: On this can i include drawing of my character ?


Well, I look forward to reading your backstory! And yes, you can post a drawing of your character, but I would recommend posting the drawing in the backstory thread I linked to!


Will do^^ Back on track there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Discussion moved to proper topic to keep the source topic on point.


I beg to differ. It’s assault rifles are “less useful” than MGs. Yeah, less fancy gadgets on the gun, but more bullets sent to the machines. With mag upgrades there a less chances to get caught with pants down on reloads.