Companion and pUpdate (18-07-2023) discussion (Spoilers)

Companion Update is coming on the 18th of July '23.
Free for all players.

  • Companion! Build it, customize it, use it in combat!
  • Companion intro mission: Making Friends
  • Companion Accessories DLC for even more customization!

  • Bugfixes! Reaper Loot bug, Shock ammo bug, and more are gone
  • Patch Notes drop on July 17th
  • Available Stations are added to the map.

  • Players can suggest other names to be added to the in-game list, but there no guarantee they will be added. :crazy_face:

What we know so far

  • Our new friend is a Runner (for now).

  • On PC you look at an enemy then press G and the companion will attack. Look close to you and press G, and he will come to you.

  • To deploy the Companion, check your inventory, and attach it to the weapon wheel or choose deploy. But deploy it outdoors, because it will not always follow you.

    Getting the (Good Boy) FOA 5 Armour

  • To get CSPs (Companion Schematics Points), you need to be in combat and kill enemies together. with your companion. With these points you can buy schematics.

    • Standard Runner Armour: 1* Armor cost 30, 2* cost 60, 3* cost 90, 4* cost 225.
      DLC Runner Armour: 1* Armour cost 30, 2* cost 60, 3* cost 135, 4* cost 325.
  1. Buy Armour schematic
    (Companion Station/ Craft Companion Armour/ Open Schematics Tree/ choose Armour/ Buy.

  2. Craft Armour.
    (Companion Station/ Craft Companion Armour/ Choose a Schematic from list/ Craft Item.

  3. Equip Armour.
    (Companion Station/ Configure Companion/ Choose Armour tab/ Click on Armour of choice to install. Note that existing Armour will be destroyed.

  • With Armour equipped (shield)Runner health hud with armour shieldyou can’t repair. With the armor equipped the Companion hud gets a shield and shows armour health. When the armour reaches 0%, the hud changes to a Plus-signRunner health hud without armourand shows 100% runner health now. When the Plus-sign hud is showing, you can repair your companion with a repair kit.

  • The option to repair your Companion is greyed out if you don’t have Repair kits in your inventory or you have armour equipped.

  • When all armour schematics are bought, you will no longer get Armour schematics points. Note: That the free companion only has the first column of Runner Armour.


  • Assign your companion to the wheel, then you you can place it in the world

  • Place your companion in your plundra, if you want with it you in a New World.

  • Once a Pet name is selected for the first time, we can’t deselect every column to get no name.

  • You can choose a name for the companion from a big list of names, from one or more columns.
    (Companion Station/Configure/Appearance)

  • The companion can make noises, if you equip it with the right voice box. Beep boop, or make it sound like a FNIX runner, etc. (Companion Station/Configure/Appearance)

  • You can pet the Companion. (via an emote)

  • The companion can’t permanently die, it’ll shut down and then you need to repair it.

  • The companion can be repaired at any time. You don’t have to wait for it to shut down.

  • The companion is built during the “Making Friends” mission. Voice boxes and skins you obtain from looting.

  • In multiplayer each player can have their own Companion.

  • The companion can’t be sent toward a target, it will act like a Runner, it will hide and attack on its own.

  • The companion can be equipped with the 3 traditional Runner weapons that are available to everyone, a runner SMG, a runner Shotgun and a runner Rocket launcher. Depending on the weapon you give it, you’ll also have to equip it with the appropriate ammo.

  • You don’t need to supply ammo for the companion.

  • The companion can carry up to a weight limit of 30, (which is currently not upgradable).

  • The companion can’t be upgraded. (for now)

  • The companion will not be affected by your EMPs or your Homing Turret. If it does it will be a bug.

Companion Accessories

  • The companion is viable without the Companion Accessories DLC, so you don’t have to buy it.

  • The Companion Accessories DLC offers extra paint jobs, voice boxes, light kits, armor, and behavior modules to give it extra functionalities beyond helping you kill stuff and being cute.

  • The Companion Accessories DLC is priced at €6.99 / $6.99.

  • DLC: Modules do not need resources, but the Armour does. You have to craft the companion’s Armor, and you can upgrade the companion’s Armour.

Accessories detailed

3 Voiceboxes without DLC: Mechanical voice, FNIX Runner voice, Modulator.

3 Extra Voiceboxes with DLC: Digi-dog, Speak & Learn, Astrid.

By default, your runner will have the normal machine light color scheme of a runner: White in neutral state, orange when it’s searching for enemies and red during combat. But you get two more.

3 Lightkits without DLC:Default, Hazard, and Search.
3 Extra Lightkits with DLC: Neon, Hazed, and Toxic Glow.

3 Armor Types with DLC: Ballistic Plates, Concussive Plates, and Fire Retardant Insulation.
These extra platings will allow your friend to stay in combat without needing to be repaired for even longer!
Ballistic Plates
Reduces damage taken from bullets
Concussive Plates
Reduces damage taken from explosions
Fire Retardant Insulation
Reduces damage taken from fire

3 Behavior Modules with DLC: Medic, Scavenger and Spotter
You can enable it to spot enemies, loot automatically, or heal you using Medkits!

Spotter Module
Allows your companion to mark enemies during combat, causing them to take extra damage.
Medic Module
Allows your companion to use medical supplies from its inventory to heal you when you’re injured.
Scavenger Module
Allows your companion to collect items from defeated enemies into its inventory.

Paint Jobs / Skins

4 Paint jobs without DLC: Resistance, Prototype, Military, FNIX, (Click on picture for larger view)
These are the looks you get access to by looting!

5 Extra Paint jobs with DLC: Black Fire, Bubblegum, Blue Thunder, Grand Prix, and Mecha Monster.
(Click on picture for larger view)

These are the looks you get with the DLC!

Nine Runner Skins => Click here

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Earlier than I expected.


What do you think, can we pet our new friend?


Yay, that would be cool.

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@Malayalam, it would be cool indeed. On the picture above, it seems that the character is petting.

My comment Is almost copy-pasted, but its not.
I dont like that with any new feature we get a DLC with stuff that should be part of the new feature.

PS: I would like to be able to pet our new friend yes.


I had robot companions in Fallout 4 & they are easy to repair. They do take orders or commands. Sometimes you can add weapons or build them with their own weapons and easy to paint & upgrade. Nice to have I hope in Generation Zero !!


This makes me feel quite nostalgic 🥲

Rivals and Allies

Oh my gosh … has it been three and a half years already? How time flies :slightly_smiling_face:


Well… I guess the most important question is, can it get a stick if I throw one ? :thinking: :dog:

:innocent: :wink:

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It’s good to see you back @IanForce :guitar: :coffee:


Please devs make it so the homing turret doesn’t kill our friend…

Can we add PVG, missile launchers or homing turrets to our friend?

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I don’t think we can add those. The companion has its own arsenal of weapons.


I has a sad now… :frowning_face: :pleading_face:

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As long as it doesn’t bring us our flares, fireworks and handgrenades back… :wink:

Why not? Would be cool to attach unused weapons to a slot. These weapons, like at enemy machines, can be shot off (empties the slot) or it could run out of ammo.
So you would be forced to give him another weapon/stack of ammo.

In my eyes it would be welcome for those many weapons we find in the world or loot.


I am just concluding it has its own arsenal from Carni’s text in Discord: “The weapons you can equip it with are all free.

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It’s all speculation. I could be wrong. :man_shrugging:

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The companion has behavior modules what kind of behavior would you want to see?

Fetching @Kimosabe_X’s stick, for instance.

Maybe it’s just

  • agressive: automatically attacks all machines
  • neutral: just for support purposes (as mule, recon or healing unit?)
  • defensive: just shoots if you’re under attack
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:scream: God beware…

Hahaha errrrm… actually I’m not sooo sure if I really would want such a :dog: module… especially not if the above mentioned behaviour might apply… :scream: Like:

“Here doggo… bring it back” *whistles * "come on doggo… " “Ahhh, what i fine boy you are… ehh… what the f…?” *boom *