Corrupted Save File

…aaand it happened to me as well. Right after the Reaper was generated in the session, my game hang and I lost my save and 7 days of Halloween apparel with it :frowning:

Guys, please, would you kindly prioritize this? I love this game, but the saving mechanism is simply broken :-/

So my game totally crashed without sending any error report. Now i restart and it goes straight to New Game NOT continue… Is this common? i have been playing a long time will i have to go back and re-collect everything???

First of all:

Second - manually backup your save files after a game session. This way if a save gets corrupted then you’ll lose only few hours of gameplay.

Save file corruption after game crash or power loss is an issue known pretty much since the game launch.

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I was playing one night and turned off the game after well yes saving than I came back on and it said my game save had corrupted and I lost my Experimental PVG, Experimental rocket launcher, Automegaver 5, Ai-76 and my Magnus with FOA Boots and a bunch of experimental clothing and stuff.

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@PlainPlatypus look into here as well: Please send us your corrupted save files (PC)


About 15 hours into the game, the computer froze, could only restart. Started up the game and got the question about corrupted save game. Deleted the game, as there was no other choice. Started over, which fucking sucks. Ten hours into the new game, at about the same point, computer feels laggy, mouse input is sometimes ignored, chose “Quit to desktop” as i feared another crash. Computer froze, no other choice but to restart. Start up the game again. “save game is corrupted”. Alt + F4.

  • Copied .bak to savegame, no luck.
  • Downloaded steam save, tried both savegame and .bak. No luck.

There is only one thing left to do. Leave the lowest possible review score. And then I am done with this game. So very, very done.

I feel your frustration. There are options for making backups if you care to give it another go, until the devs have sorted their own ingame backup solution.

Feel your pain buddy - this has been reported WAY back, and guess they’re still working on it.

I have been an avid gamer for 20+ years. I think the last time i lost game progress was a hard drive failure about ten years ago. Having a game corrupt the save, and corrupt the backup, and the cloud backup at the same time is embaressing.


It seems “savegame” and “savegame.bak” is written at the same time. Same timestamp, same content. Makes the .bak kinda pointless.

How about this for a solution?

  • “savegame.bak” gets written after a SUCCESSFUL load of “savegame”, and only then. (meaning we have a “known good” backup)
  • autosave saves to “savegame”, and only to “savegame”

If the game crashes and “savegame” gets corrupted, the game can load “savegame.bak” and you will only lose the progress from the last session.

Hey guys :wave:

Just shared some good news regarding the issue of save data corruption in another topic and thought I’d make sure to share it here as well;

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Uninstalled the game from steam about a year ago but everything was working at the time. After seeing the new updates, I re-installed it and the save game was downloaded from the cloud automatically. I started the game up but after getting past the apex account setup, it immediately crashed.

After much trial and error I realized that it was crashing due to the save game.

I deleted the cloud save and pasted in a working backup save, only now it says that the backup save is corrupted even though I know it was working before the last few updates.

So in short, the game seems to be no longer compatible with my older saves. How can I fix this because I’ve already lost a completed game save to corruption before and I’m not starting over a 3rd time, espically since I had even more hours into the more recent save, which was AFTER already starting over from a completed game?

Sadly it is as it is.
There have been so many changes to the game in the past year… It shouldn’t be normal for a huge gaming studio and every case that might break the safegames should be eliminated.
But it isn’t a great gaming studio and the game engine seems not to be as perfect.

Sadly there also just is one save file for everything. With having it split into one file for each character, one for game settings, one for each story progression it would be more safe. I already suggested it once.

The only positive thing for you I like to mention:

As the game changed that much in the past year a fresh start is a very new experience. Missions, the landscape, enemies… That all changed. Along with all the new features you will see that it might be worth to have it started again.

Again. It’s sad that one has to say this, but it is as it is.

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I am playing on ps4 and the game crashed and completely wiped my save does anyone know how to fix it I have put at least 100 hours into this and I will be so pissed if I can’t get it back and this is not the first time it’s done this I have restarted like 3 times now all with 50+ hours each time before it crashes

What about the cloud saved backup? Did you try to recover it? (may be from an earlier state, you should see the date)

You played more than 50 hours and you did not have a backup in a USB FLASH DRIVE?
Dude…it really sucks i know, but you really need to be more careful.
Every week I copy my recent PS4 saves.
Having said this, the devs dont learn from their mistakes, we keep having crashes after so much time.

I dont think you can do anything by now, but copy your save to a USB flash drive, start a new game, let the game save, get back to the PS4 main Screen, transfer your previously saved savegame from the USB Flash drive and try it
It will probably crash, but there is a chance the autorepair GZ save tool will actually be able to save your old save.

always write down your saves, make sure the game save you just made is a good save, in my case, i close the game, then back-up on USB 1 over-writing 3:56 am creating 10:07 am & still not sure if it’s a good save, I will only know by re-entering the game, if a bad save & everything erased for whatever :cold_sweat: I’m forced back to my 9:40 am save