Frequent Crashes / Endless Crashing - Please Help!

There’s definitely something going on with crashing upon leaving/exiting combat. It’s way too common an occurence. But I think it’s safe to conclude it’s got do do with enemies in general.

I can confirm this through my testing.


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After 30+h on a fresh save I had 5 crashes - 2 were random, and 3 plundra related.
Rivals spawn normally.

Maybe, but… this is no Alpha or Beta so I really don’t want to start again from scrap…

And until x-Mas the game worked nearly flawless for me, a little bug or irritation here and there but nearly no crashes. Maybe one or two per month over a period of 4 months, but that’s it.


Same feelings here. I love the game but am right now very frustrated.

I can’t even play today. I’ve crashed out of 7 MP games so far, and after 3 solo player attempts I’ve gotten about 10 total minutes of playtime. This is the most frustrated I’ve ever been with a game. This is the kind of thing that warrants a Hotfix. No one can play the game I mean WTF


Absolutely. They should also clue us in if there’s anything we can do to lessen the problem with our systems.

It seems incomprehensible to me why they would tweak, change, or in any other way modify this game one iota until these completely game-breaking technical issues are resolved. This should be top priority above all else and only when all crashing is completely solved then carefully make improvements/modifications moving forward and preferably with a beta opt-in so these problems can get sorted before “official” releases.

It’s just common sense and good logic to isolate and remedy fundamental problems before touching anything else.

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There appears to be one other instigating factor for crashing which is opening machines for looting that have certain rare clothing items. In such cases upon opening the loot dialogue the game instantly freezes and crashes to desktop, usually not activating the Crash Reporter. So far it has always been when there was a rare clothing item in the loot. Very frustrating. I wonder what a boot with a red “L2” tag under the boot icon is because I’m never able to collect it due to the crash.

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I crash alot to, i reinstalled the game , updated gpu and still crash

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I’ve surpassed 110 hours in the game, and have started to crash on this new update. First day was fine, second day on the new update crashed to desktop once an hour. Didn’t have to be doing anything in particular, one crash was doing nothing at all, just walking around, while another was when I killed a seeker. 3rd day on the new update crashed about once an hour regardless of task.

Today I havent seen a crash yet on my problematic save. Anyone else noticing a change today?

I managed to spawn 2 rivals, one from dieing. Killed them both and spawned 2 new ones in different regions. Also managed some bigger fights, 2 harvesters, 1 apoc tank, 8-10 hunters and some 10+ dogs in one fight and didnt crash.
edit Managed to spawn 1 rival in each of the regions now, no crashes.
edit2 A 3-4 hour session completed, without any crashes today and rivals spawn and lvl up without issue.

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I would like to say that the crashes happen for me at least during or right after combat has ended.
This is seemingly so because the game saves progress in 3 ways, that I’m aware of:

  1. After combat
  2. After fast traveling to any location
  3. Auto save every 5 min or so. (not sure what the interval is), and this could even occur during combat which could explain why some of you crash during combat.

I am not sure why the game is faulting when trying to write to its save file, unless the save data is being stored in memory, and the memory location is changing right before the next save occurs causing the memory to throw a fault that inevitably causes a game crash and is shown as a memory error in EV.

I’ve also read that corruption of this file overtime was suggested, but I am pretty sure this is not the case. The game would not be able to load a corrupted save, which would result in bringing you to a “New game” menu instead of the “Continue” menu when launching the game.

I have a hard time believing that its caused by Rivals spawning as they appear in my game without crashing. I do however crash when fighting tanks that I’ve removed weapons from prior to neutralizing.

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Yes I’ve had several crashes after disarming a tank now that I think about it. I’m also getting that weird glitch again in MP after defeating a tank and looting it and getting kicked a few minutes afterwards then my buddy invites me back in and the same defeated tank is standing on my screen but not on his. I can walk right up and loot it again with diff ammo and sometimes a weapon drop from said tank. It’s a weird glitch exploit. I’ve also noticed when I’m kicked from a MP game there is no crash report unless I’m kicked to the steam dashboard.

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Hotfix just rolled out that should fix the crashing issue on PC.

Hotfix notes:

Oh, hotfix size is 1.9 MB.


“While not as severe on consoles, we will roll this update out on those platforms alongside our next update.”
OMG are you kidding?


With this fix we’ve tackled an issue that we saw was accountable for roughly 30% of all crashes players are experiencing on PC.

Terrific! Hope it really does fix 30% of the crashes. Though that still leaves 70% of a problem. I’ve got about 100 hours a month play time for 3 months and more than 400 crashes.

My heart goes out to everyone here on consoles (which seems like a lot of you) for getting left in the lurch for another month to find out if 3 out of 10 crashes is truly resolved for you.


I’ve wondered the same things. Since my friend changed his RAM, he’s had a lot fewer crashes. I also realized that when he changed his ram, he also increased the amount. I used to never crash, but since the last update it’s started to happen to me as well. Others have said that their crashing has gotten worse since the update too. Since I’m running 32GB of ram and have fewer crashes, and most people with higher rates of crashing are running 8-16GB, I wonder if it has to do with the amount of ram? it seems likely that if there were some kind of ram addressing issue, more ram would make it less likely to have issues like mem leaks, etc. It just seems strange that so many have crashes directly after combat or when they mess around with the plundra boxes. The common point would be saves that happen anytime you finish a battle or change something in your box.

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Highly unlikely.

4 months ago, i replied to SkEyE in Steam discussions, explaining what the memory leak is. Here it is again for folks here to read it as well:


So are they saying now that console players do not matter to them enough to fix this problem so we can play the game…Well that attitude & looking down your nose view of console players is for me very disturbing…I am the largest streamer of the game on Xbox based on views, I run the largest club on Xbox that has this game listed & have been holding off streaming with these crashes in-order to not make the game look bad…I think this weekend I will start streaming it again fixed or not. That was really a disheartening line for me at least.

I so love this game & have not lost all hope or faith in this team but that “console players are 2nd class citizens” line did not help TBH. Sorry if any of this sounds rude or negative but that line & news was for me very frustrating.