Frequent random crashes preventing progress

Thank you for the information, we\re looking into this! Apologies for the trouble.

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Been looking around some more. Another common thing I have noticed is Windows 7 (running Win 7 64 SP1 myself)…so much about me being observant. My bad! -.-

They recently had a patch for win 7 players, cannot blame for missing it as it could have easily been removed as an option without thinking.

Who released a Win7 patch? Am I missing something?

Asked google about “BEX64” and “StackHash_b4ee” which seem to point to the windows DEP … which I have no clue about.

Expanded my search and looked for similar issues with JC4 and HunterCOTW, which AFAIK use the same engine. And surprise: players were reporting random crashes every 5 - 30 minutes or so and these reports date back to late 2018 / early 2019.
This seems to be an issue with the Apex engine, not specifically GZ. COTW supposedly got a patch that fixed it, so … waiting it is I suppose.

Just to be sure I tested every single fix that’s suggested online. Literally all of them and too much to list here … which took about 3 hours including research. None of them solved the problem.

I’m not screwing with my system any more to get this game to run. Everything else runs perfectly stable, even if I push my PC to the limit.

GZ released one, though i think it was labeled more as a hotfix then a patch.

Nah, haven’t noticed a patch and I’m looking daily … because I must be mental.
Sorry for constantly causing a notification, but I kinda enjoy bumping since I’m unable to enjoy the game at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna leave a list of things I tried (in no particular order):

  • updating all drivers
  • installing all Win 7 updates
  • running as admin
  • underclocking my GPU (eliminating potential heat issues)
  • playing in offline mode
  • disabling cloud sync
  • disabling AV software
  • disabling Steam overlay
  • killing Steam completely after game launch
  • disabling Windows Aero
  • closing all non-essential software (including background processes like ATI overlay etc.)
  • every possible combination of in game settings
  • playing in window mode (sidenote: why is the cursor not restricted to the game window? ouch!)

NONE of these or any combination made a difference.
There is one more thing I’m going to try. It’s a stupid idea, I can’t call it by name, but I’m doing it anyways for research.

Unless there is a point in further discussion here I’ll stick to replying to new threads about the issue, telling people there is no fix and that the issue is seemingly being ignored.

It is not being ignored, this thread even has a post by one of the developers. The Win 7 hotfix they released was supposed to fix this issue, but did not. They are still looking into it, but more then likely it is not an easy one to track and fix since it has survived all the previous patches and hotfixes. You are a lot more persistent that I was though, any more things you find out about this would be of great help I am sure, so keep it up~. Would love to play the game again as well.

Avalanche_Graham, thank you for responding to these posts finally. Haven’t seen a dev respond to a ‘random crashes’ post anywhere else. Wish the game was playable but it isn’t due to these crashes! Windows 10, 16gb ram, Geforce RTX 2080 w/ 8gb ram.


Installed May 28th patch. Played for around 30 minutes and crashed twice. Basically nothing has changed.

It’s so much fun testing this rushed early beta game. Great job!

Any progress on this? I’m running Win 7 Home Pre (sp1), i5 2,67Ghz, 12 gb ram, Radeon Nitro+ RX580 oc 4gb.

Have been experiencing freezes 1-10 seconds long right from the start in the main menu and in the game. At first it seemed to be while entering new areas or reloading an area. I played around with the settings a bit going from high res and graphics on ultra to low res and graphics on medium-low, still experienced freezes a lot and crashes every 5-30 min.

I ran windows update (there was an update for .Net framework and something else) and checking for solutions on this forum and elsewhere. Then I just tried turning graphics back up to Ultra and High Res. Now it works fairly well, no freezes longer than 5 seconds and not to many (seeing as my CPU only meets minimum requirements). But still crashes every 5-30 min at random places. A few times when the game was closing down.

For me it’s playable on single player, but not much fun to play multiplayer if I’m gonna crash 2-8 times per session. And I mainly bought it to play with my friends.

Is there any known solution to this except upgrading the os to Win 10? (which I can’t know if it would fix it in my case and I’m not keen on upgrading it for one game…)

Can we have some more details on your CPU? If it only meets minimum requirements it isn’t that optimal, especially if you try to run graphics settings on High or Ultra. Either way it’s likely that it won’t keep up with the Radeon RX580 (which is a decent card on it’s own) and will cause a bottleneck which affects gaming performance. I think that may be why your game’s freezing.

Hello again! I kind of gave up right after posting my last post. I used to run an Intel Core i5 750 at 2,67ghz, but now I’ve got a cooler and overclocking at 3,6ghz.

I used to have random crashes before, every 5-30 min, and freezes all the time, like I wrote in august. But since the september update I’ve tried playing and there was Zero freezes and only one crash after 4 hours of playing with just two 5-min breaks when I left the game running. I’m getting hopeful that most crash-issues has been cleared out for me!

A thing to note is that I was running on Ultra graphics for the first 3 hours, then tried turning it down for a smoother experience the last hour. Maybe some of the changes there provoked the crash? Or maybe not…

I will try soon again and hope it doesn’t crash more than once every 4 hours. That would be absolutley awsome! Love the game!

Hm, so, after playing 6 more hours I’ve had about 5-6 more crashes. The last one about 2-3 min in to the game. So the spread of crashes since last update is about 2-3 min to 4h apart. Very random. And only about half of the times it asks if I would like to send a crash report.

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Tried setting down the graphics and turning of v-sync. Still a crash after 5-10 min. Have had tre crashes nearby the bridge between Iboholmen and Södra Saltholmen now, at different places doing different things. But now it feels like I’m stuck on Iboholmen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is very weird though. The game did have a lot of crashes for a while but they’ve grown fewer and fewer. The amount of crashing you’re experiencing isn’t on par with most reports I’ve seen either… Is this the only game doing this?

The game crashed like crazy for me too since the September update but not every 5-10 minutes.

It hasn’t been very consistent either. Sometimes after 15 minutes, sometimes after half an hour. I definitely did not manage to play for an hour without crashing.

Before the update it did crash a couple of times but those were mostly explainable (in hindsight).

Most of them where very probably because of the numeric minus key of my “brilliant” mechanical keyboard (with these worthless Cherry MX switches) getting stuck and therefore starting and stopping new recordings a thousand times a second. The only other one was when I was walking around a weird piece of terrain (ditch in a sand path with floating texture). No idea if that was the cause but it did not happen again after I reloaded the game.

Last night the game crashed literally after a couple of seconds with this error message:


I didn’t think about that before even though it’s the first thing to try when you have problems. Since my graphics card (R9 380 4GB) is pretty old already and since I haven’t had any problems with any game, it had actually been a little while (few months) since I last updated my graphics driver. So I did and after that I had a session of about one and a half hours without any problems.

So I’ll see how that goes in the upcoming sessions.

There have been some very obvious changes to what the game renders. Possibly in the engine itself so that may very well be the cause for (at least part of) the crashes.

Edit: I still got a nasty crash after I stopped a recording. That seemed to have something to do with RivaTunerStatisticsServer. In the module SaveMedia64.dll to be exact.

Hard to say, since I’ve only played this game, The Forest and Green Hell on this computer the last 4-5 months. Before that I had another graphics card and less ram, which only allowed me to play very old games or low graphic indie games and I didn’t play as much as I do now. But to answer your question, no I haven’t experienced a crash or freeze on this computer that I can remember in any program on the computer, except in this game, the last months.

I should add that the crashes are varying a lot again. I tried uninstalling the bike add-on, since the bikes seem a bit glitchy. In steam it looks like it’s been deactivated/uninstalled, but the bike stations are still there in game (should they go away?). However, I haven’t been on a bike the last two sessions of gaming and I experienced just three crashes over about 3 hours of total game time. (I think I recall previous sessions when I’ve been mostly on foot, not touching any bikes, and having a considerably more stable experience of the game, but it could be wishful thinking…)

One of the three was not really a crash, it was me falling through a glitch in the ground, down in to the subterrainian sea and then respawning in the same spot and falling down again, and again, and again in an never ending loop… So that wasn’t really a crash. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good idea, though I installed my RX 580 in late august, I checked the updates and saw there’s new drivers. Will update them and report if there’s any change in the games stability.

finally was able to get my game going after redoing my PC, I use Win Pro 7 sp1 x64, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb, 16.0 ram, Intel® core™ i5-4690 cpu @ 3.50ghz 3.50ghz, and installed it on a 860 evo 1tb sata drive too. Last night was playing with my friend and kept crashing over and over again must have left least close to 30 bikes all over the place. Friend kept going on that least she’s becoming a expert on inviting and I’m getting good with riding the bikes ingame since i have to ride all the way to her after the church safe house as would crash over and over again sometimes in the first 5-10 mins or 1-2 mins.

Don’t know what is going on with the game. I see from a lot of posts that a lot of win7 users are having issues with random and frequent crashes and I’m running win 10 and having the same problems. I can be playing single player for hours and maybe crash every other hour but as soon as I go into multiplayer it’s crash crash crash. Sometimes every 10 min, sometimes 30 min. Don’t know why the game can’t seem to run multiplayer without this issue. Bought this game exclusively to play with friends. Love the game and all the potential it seems to have for the future updates that are coming. Only time I play alone is when I’m out scavenging for ammo and meds. Game plays damn near flawless when I’m alone. I’m running win 10 with 64 gigs of ram ,twin 1080 ti’ s with 11gig vram a piece , i7 8700k. My frame rates run between 100 to 120. I’ve tried dialing the graphics back and every other thing suggested in these forums with the same end results. Thought maybe in multiplayer too much was going on in the game that was causing the crashes but after the 7th crash in less than an hour me and my buddy found ourselves somewhere in the marshland region and came across 2 fnix tanks. The firefight was intense and I’m thinking this is it, my game is about to crash but oddly enough it didn’t then a third tank walked up then a fourth untill 6 fnix tanks were bombing a house we were holding up in. Runners were showing up, seekers and a couple of hunters. The fans on my pc were screaming. Kept checking my core and gpu temps and everything was well within safe range. Pulled up task manager and my main gpu was at 100% while the second was running at about 30. Cpu was running between 45 and 50 %. So no 100% cpu core issues ive read about in the past. Still couldnt beleive i hadnt crashed yet. But as soon as the fight was over; we lost by the way ultimately running out of ammo, we spawned at the closest safehouse and after 15 min it crashed on my end. And that’s something I’ve noticed, it only crashes in multiplayer when I’m the client. When I’m hosting I can play all day long with some stutter and slow down in the game but crashes are few and far between. Any thoughts on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys.