Generation Zero Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Free Steam Weekend & New Surprises Ahead in Year 3!

Resistance, the next major content update for Systemic Reaction’s hit open-world action game, will arrive on PC, PlayStation®4 & Xbox One on April 27

The Team is proud to celebrate the second anniversary of Generation Zero! Thats right, your beloved open-world stealth-action game is getting one year older. And now’s the perfect time to invite your friends if you haven’t already: Generation Zero is free to play on Steam until March 21 and available for 70% off as part of Steam’s Avalanche Studios Group Sale!

Beyond just a milestone, Year 3 will deliver an exciting new direction for Generation Zero that puts players on the front line of the battle against the machines, with a breath of new features and content coming throughout 2021. As the game shifts from 1989 to 1990, new threats and world revamps will emerge, as well as the long-awaited introduction of base building. You’ll also be able to engage in home base defense encounters, fighting off waves of enemies to survive.


Perfect! Do we have some russians here that can translate the last part of the trailer?

HELL YEA This is so cool! And that new cover art is just amazing! :heart_eyes: Let’s gooo

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gonna be epic! So hyped.

I wonder if the voiceover is Fredriks? :thinking: Base building will change the game, I am beyond excited! And the fact that this is only the BEGINNING? Epic.

Mates, i think we have to collect ammonition, i think there is something big coming. Aaaaaand Hell Yeaaah my weapons are oiled. So standup and fight.

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Great news! :smile:

I love base building. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: But base defense, especially against Reaper + then some, is interesting. :thinking:


OK, so I have about 6 weeks to wrap up Skyrim :grin:


I used a Russian keyboard and google translate, this is not completely accurate since I don’t speak Russian but for now I’ll drop it here (I’m referring to the 3 sentences at the end of the trailer):

Prepare for Phase Two.

Start the operation.


I’m wondering if by “surgery” it’s referring to a surgical strike, maybe on FNIX, or if it literally means a medical surgery.

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I’d wager “surgery” = “operation”

Yeah, that’s probably more like it, thanks.

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Prepare to phase 2
Start the operation

Being Russian myself I’d say it’s getting old. The original story was fine: everyone is suspecting USSR invasion (I sure did in the first 10 minutes of gameplay b/c of newspaper mentioning Berlin wall), but turns out it’s not. Cool! At least here my country is not a villain despite expectation. Now story is going to this old boring direction “russians bad guys invade other countries”. Ok, I’m not offended, but rather disappointed if this is really the case b/c the original story was way cooler and refreshing


Thanks for providing the translation. I’ve edited your post to remove some inappropriate language. Even if you didn’t mean anything off it, please keep that in mind in the future.

As for the case of the Russians, I don’t think they’re painted as the bad guys in Generation Zero.
Thus far they’ve just come across as genuinely curious about the happenings in Sweden, and sending troops to find out what’s going in. If there’s a threat so close to their country’s borders, it makes sense.

Exactly! But this trailer showed the opposite to me, on top of russian troops added few updates earlier. I’d be happy to be wrong

Guess we’ll have to see. I’m hoping to see some cooperation between them and the Resistance.
There’s a visual storytelling scene in Boo, where



You encounter Russian fortifications on one side of the bridge, Resistance on the other. Looks like they engaged eachother at some point, probably taking potshots, before the Machines got involved and they had to band together to survive.

(just a question, if I download steam version, and login to my avalanche account will my data transfer?)
I’m so excited for the free on steam and not so much excited for base building, don’t you technically already do that in the alpine unrest and FNIX rising dlc’s? still excited don’t get me wrong :sweat_smile: but I think base building will kinda ruin the game a bit.

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That trailer is awesome. Very well made.

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Awesome really great trailer, can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue: :+1::+1:

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Wow! Didn’t see this coming. :slightly_smiling_face: Super excited to see what news 2021 will bring for GZ. Let’s hope it’s not too many months until the next story DLC. :grin:

ight boys. Time to start yoinking frames from the trailer for a new yt video lol. This update looks like it will bring a lot!

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