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With June '20 update, a new DLC called FNIX Rising was released and it brings a new set of 5 challenges as well. Created this topic to help out anyone who might struggle with Anarchy challenge.

In Anarchy challenge you need to use one of the two new melee weapons with following requirements:

  1. Kill 20 runners (any class)
  2. Disable 10 hunters (any class)
  3. Kill 5 tanks (any class)
  4. Kill 100 ticks during their jump attack (any class)

Overall tips

In this challenge, you need to be up-close and personal since melee weapons have very short range.

Weapon wise, you have two to choose from: sledgehammer and baseball bat.
Sledgehammer uses more stamina per swing but deals more damage and has larger contact area. Baseball bat has higher rate of swings but with smaller contact area and also less stamina used per swing.
When holding down fire button, you can “charge” the melee swing to deal more damage at the cost of using more stamina as well.

Do note that swinging the melee weapon uses stamina. If you ran out of stamina, you can’t sprint and the rate of your swings also diminishes but you still can swing your melee weapon.

Machine class wise, engaging prototype machines is easiest but you can engage any class machine.

Tips for each tier

Tier 1 is already a good challenge since you need to get close to any runner of your choosing and use your melee weapon to kill it.
Do it 20 times and you’ll get 1st tier completed.

Below is my gameplay of taking on 20th runner, to get Tier 1 completed:

Tier 2 is considerably harder since you need to disable 15 hunters (any class). Hunters are already a considerable threat, especially in close range since they can swing or stab you with their Pneumatic blade.
Here, the idea isn’t to kill hunters but instead disable them. Hitting hunter with melee weapon has a chance to stun it and hunter powers down (same as EMP effect). Also, you can damage hunter beforehand, e.g shooting off it’s ranged weapon to make your life easier.
Do it 10 times and you’ll get 2nd tier completed.

Below is my gameplay of taking on 10th hunter, to get Tier 2 completed:

Do note that when you’re out of stamina, you can’t stun hunters with melee weapons. Though, you can still damage hunters with melee weapons.

Tier 3 is extremely difficult since you need to kill 5 tanks with your melee weapon.
If you plan to engage the tank only with your melee weapon, you will have hard time since tanks have a lot of HP, their weaponry is very deadly and they have a good range of close-range abilities as well (stomp, concussion pulse, gas release, fire wall), not to mention tick pods for ticks to harass you and two main weapons as well.

To make your life considerably easier, shoot the tank’s main weapons (and tick pod) off before going after the tank with your melee weapon. You can even damage the tank further with your weapons to reduce it’s HP but keep checking the tank’s HP level with your binoculars in Tech View. When tank has about 10% or so HP left, it’s good time to go after it with your melee weapon.

To make your life even easier, you can disable the tank with EMP before you go at it with your melee weapon. Throwing fireworks to confuse the tank also helps.
Do it 5 times and you’ll get 3rd tier completed.

Below is my gameplay of taking on 1st tank, to get 1 out of 5 in Tier 3 completed:
(Video starts after i’ve shot off tank’s two main weapons.)

Up close, the tank is far bigger and you need to aim up to reach tank’s main body to hit it.

Tier 4 isn’t that hard but it is tedious since you need to kill 100 ticks while they are in the air and jumping at you. The hard part is to time your swings to hit ticks in the air.

Weapon wise, sledgehammer is slower at swings but has bigger contact area. Baseball bat is faster at swings but smaller contact area. It’s up to you which weapon you prefer to hit ticks.
Kill 100 ticks in the air and you’ll get 4th and final tier completed.

In the 1st video of this guide, there is seen how i hit two ticks while they were in the middle of their jump attack.

And this concludes Anarchy challenge guide.


Made a new guide video! For the last pat of the anarchy challenge!

Ive been stuck at level 2 for quite some time now…
I have been disabling at the VERY LEAST 15 hunters today, but i only have 3 verified in the challenge…
My tactics are to use the spawned hunters from harveys, but they dont seem to count…

And yes, they are getting disabled, sagging to their knees with that electrical motor rpm sound dropping while staying immovable for a while (15 or so seconds).

About 1/3:rd of my hunters has been prototype class, the rest has been military class.

The first two i got was “free-roaming” hunters, the third may have been spawned in by a harvey, but it may also have been a “free-roaming” one.
But that shouldnt matter right?


In my game, i didn’t go after any of those hunters called in by harvs. All hunters i engaged (proto, mil and FNIX) were random free roaming ones.



Few observations:
In your guide, you failed to state that in order to use your trick, Alpine Unrest DLC is a must. Without the DLC, that trick doesn’t work.

Also, why make new topic about “Anarchy” challenge, rather than posting it in here Guide: "Anarchy" challenge which already covers the entire “Anarchy” challenge, not just one tier? :thinking:


I am sorry. I was not aware of this topic already. I will try to look harder next time. And yes i did forget to mention this. I a usually do mention this kind of stuff in vids or advice i am giving. I will add that alpine is needed, in the title and description.


I will delete this post, and put it in the correct topic

NVM you or another mod has to do it.


Same challenge guides merged.




You don’t need to hit the tanks main body: Whacking away at the tanks kneecaps will do the trick as well.

Farming the 100 ticks: shoot of everything EXCEPT the tick pod from one or two hunters.

Then just avoid them and batter up the ticks. Fairly doable and fairly easy.


Yes, however, it does get destroyed and after that, tank takes minimal amount of damage. Central body has several components packed together, giving you a lot more chances to hit several components at once and killing the tank faster.

Same trick can be used with tanks as well. Shoot off the weaponry while leaving only tick pod.
I used tanks to do the “Pest Control” challenge. :slightly_smiling_face:


Except no, you can keep whacking the leg even if the actual weak point is destroyed. It still flies sparks with every hit.


iI am not sure that is how that works. Once a component is destroyed it will not throw bluesparks.


Well its a game. All I know is that it did when I did the challenge. You shot of the weapons and both knee weakpoints.

Whack the leg, it flies sparks. Tank dies.


If the component is destroyed, it starts burning and throwing off small blue sparks on it’s own, without you needing to hit it. Though, it’s just an animation and doesn’t damage the tank any further.

The sparks you get hitting the destroyed components are small yellow ones, indicating damage to the tank but that damage is minimal.


The sparks that flew were not yellow. Also it did not sound like hitting solid steel.

Sigh, why do you always do this Aesyle?


Well i will test if this works. But no destroyed component will throw blue sparks, and do direct damage.


Maybe we should first define what @mrjimp exactly means by “kneecaps” !?

Is it the armor plate in front of the actual knee ? If so there are more “blue sparks” after the plate is off and one starts to hit the knee itself.

If not, I have no clue… :man_shrugging:


The thing is guys, that they designed melee weapon to always do damage, even if you only hit the pinky toe of the tank.

When hitting the tanks leg, the whole main body sparks blue.

Vid will come soon.

Full vid 12 mins, taking down the tank at 09.36


See that makes more sense. Always though the hit box was a little weird.


Being wrong is erroneously associated with failure, when, in fact, to be proven wrong should be celebrated, for it elevates someone to a new level of understanding. :wink:

Checked your vid, twice, and in there, neither of the two knee joints were busted. What you did snipe, was the electrical boxes just above the knee joints. Due to that, you hitting the tank’s knee joint does produce blue sparks since it isn’t destroyed.

Melee weapons do have longer reach range than it initially seems. Hence the hits to the tank’s main body but i agree that you shouldn’t be able to do that through tank’s leg.
Just like seen in your still image. Hit to the leg produces small yellow sparks (minimal damage), while the bat magically reaches further out, damaging tank’s main body and it’s components (blue sparks) as well.