Guide: "Combat Perfectionist" challenge


With June '20 update, a new set of 5 challenges were added to the base game. Created this topic to help out anyone who might struggle with Combat Perfectionist challenge.

In Combat Perfectionist challenge, there are 4 tiers where you need to take out certain machines without taking damage with following requirements:

  1. Kill 3 prototype runners
  2. Kill 2 military hunters
  3. Kill 5 FNIX runners
  4. Kill 2 apocalypse hunters

Overall tips

Any damage you take, regardless from which source, will reset your counter progress within the tier. It doesn’t reset your whole challenge progression. Luckily, weapon selection or means how you need to take out machines aren’t restricted. Also, counter starts counting from the death of 1st machine within the tier, giving some lee-way in the challenge.

Tips for each tier

Tier 1 is easiest, just take out 3 prototype runners one-by-one or all at once. Good tactics are either sniping the runner’s fuel tanks from afar or firing HE rocket into the pack of runners to take out several at once.

Tier 2 is tougher since you need to take out two military hunters without taking damage. Engaging hunters at greater range gives you time to take both out before they reach at their weapon’s range to fire back at you.

Tier 3 is more-or-less same as Tier 1 was. Sniping runner’s fuel tanks or using HE rockets are good tactics to take out runners.

I did it by traveling to Lennart’s Marin AB (Forest region) since there are always 5 FNIX runners just outside the safehouse. I took first three runners out without issues and when 4th one blew up, it triggered secondary explosion around the safehouse, blowing up final, 5th runner as well.

Tier 4 is the hardest since apocalypse hunter is very tough opponent with it’s cluster mortar and flamethrower. This tier is essentially same as Tier 2 was but with tougher machines.

Below is my gameplay of taking out two apocalypse hunters, without taking damage, to get Tier 4 completed:

My tactics were:

  1. Take out 1st apocalypse hunter.
  2. Get on top of watchtower to scope for 2nd one.
  3. Take out 2nd apocalypse hunter.

The 1st apocalypse hunter was greatly damaged from my first encounter with it, hence why it blew up with only one shot.

And this concludes Combat Perfectionist challenge guide.



Really good guide(s), Aesyle, much appreciated. :+1:

The last part is indeed not that easy but it started to work out for me when I tried and finished the 3rd part.
There are (nearly) always FNIX Runners to be found at Klinte Church, so I took the occasion and killed five in a row without being hit. And there was an APO hunter, too, so one down…
I fasttravelled to the safehouse of your video, sneaked up to the watchtower and found and killed a second one from up there. Good idea though. :+1:

Oh, and the german description of the last part is not correct, it says (translated back) destroy 2 APO Hunters without getting detected where it should be without taking damage like in the first three parts…

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