Hellasgården sauna with bath & gym and sinkhole. Entry fee 70 SEK

F23 Overby Air Base. There is a spot with floating grass :

Here is the spot on the map :

If you walk around that floating grass eventually you will fall inside the ground in what it appears to be the F23 Overby Underground Bunker :

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Since we are here :

Location :

Location :

The achievement Lock & Load completes without having level 5 mods. Just any level will do. I did have a level 5 M/46 “Kpist” SMG though.

Yeah I noticed that as well, thanks. Please report new bugs in new topics, though :slight_smile:

Verstand meinen Leutnant!!

This is a interesting one location, but where is the gym?:smile:
I think, you are doing everything right, it seems to me. Try running your program for a while and see what happens, since you say they “are not necessarily good.” In fact, the general recommendation, I found on the Internet is to stick to the same set training program for at least 12 weeks, but you can use it less. I also try to train to be in shape, my training program is 3x3, mostly focusing on strengthening the core and doing strong exercises. I buy PT 142 and drink it to gain muscle faster. But I have gone to the gym recently and I can make mistakes now.

Any bug reports that would’ve fit in here, have proper topics where to report them:


Topic closed.


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