Hunt The Serial Killer!

I’ve just had a brilliant idea. We know that there’s a serial killer out there. We have found the corpses.

I want to hunt down the serial killer and kill him/her and make the world of Gen Z a better place.

But how can there be a human serial killer that we can hunt? NPCs are difficult to code in everything created so far in Gen Z.

But wait! We also know (or think we know) that the machines are controlled by human brains. These killings were clearly done while the war was being fought, and any human would be too busy trying to survive to doing the killings. But what about a machine? Suppose that in the process of being plugged in, a serial killer became aware and took full conscious control of his/her machine?? During the war phase, the machine would not be targeted by other machines and would be free in the chaos to indulge his/her wicked fantasies. It would have to be a Hunter, since the Hunter is the only machine with arms (otherwise it couldn’t get up if it fell over :smiley: ).

But what that would mean is that we could have a series of missions to find and destroy the wicked machine, following clues and finally identifying and killing the wickedest machine of all!

DEVs! Please? Please!


Huh, serial killer? What evidence is there for a serial killer?

Walk (or cycle) along th East-West road in the Eastern Farmlands. On the south side, you will see a little path and if you follow it you’ll find all these corpses under trees, with apples carefully placed on the bodies. Go back up to the road, cross it and there are some buildings. One of them you can only get into if you climb on a wheelbarrow and jump the fence. Inside it is creepy. More apples.

I have been there; the Ljuset apple orchard suicide scene. You are saying these are murders. Couldn’t it be a collective suicide where one of the members do not commit suicide but places the apples and stuff, in a “ritualistic journey beyond” kind of way? The poison however, is taken by the members themselves just before they lay down at the trees.

Nah, why bother to make up “people” from bicycle tyres and place apples on those as well? I think there’s a baddie out there…

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These effigies can be part of the ritual.

Without real evidence speculation can go either way, but if they are murdered this serial-killer might not even be one person, but another faction or machines.

But if it’s a person, it’s an NPC and we can’t therefore have a mission to hunt them. But if it is an evil Machine, then we can! My proposition is that a serial killer has been snatched and put to controlling a machine, but has become fully conscious. But coding-wise this is doable without making NPCs proactive and killable. Machines already are!

Aren’t all machines serial killers? I mean, the super computer stole someone’s voice, and was using it to talk during some of the last few missions. Not to mention…they literally kill you the minute they see you.
So, it seems like that would be kind of redundant.

Not to mention…hunters don’t have hands…so how would they have arranged all of those little scenes?

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That isn’t accurate.

FNIX has it’s own voice, distinct from Svante von Ulmer. You actually can listen both the FNIX and Ulmer in close succession during the end part of the “Good Night” main mission, in FNIX Rising DLC.

Here’s the video, FNIX at 7:18 or 24:12 and Ulmer at 25:07:

Source: Guide: "FNIX Rising" main missions

Here’s one plausible cause: It could be, that one person doesn’t just control one machine but instead a squadron of machines. E.g 3 hunters, 6 runners and 12 ticks per one person. And 4-5 ticks are capable of arranging things like desired.

@Bootie @Gysbert This two girls, maybe twins i have found in the vicinity of Annagruvan: West of Annagruvan on the top of a hill. What i found that they where not been sprayed with bullets like the other corpses i found. But it seems to me that they all been killed by one shoot

They look for me like the four corpses that i found in the hut near Boo. The only difference is that the twins are not decoratewith apples.


You are correct, I was mistaken.
My question is, how would one person be able to command the movements of an entire unite of machines, I mean, the sheer amount of information being supplied from all of the bots would be crippling for a human brain. Also, how would they control all of them individually? The bots never move in uniform. In other words, they don’t all move like a marching band…all making the same movements. So, again, the person would have to send individual commands to however many robots they are commanding, all almost instantaneously, because as you can see, the bots, runners specifically, but hunters too, are almost constantly moving.

Female serial killers have been known to work with accomplices (at least, more than male serial killers) so if the killer was female, then her accomplice could, theoretically, help her take some of the strain on her mind. But on the other hand, she would still have to give them some kind of guidance, so it might become even more of a mental tole.

Also, how exactly would we explain that the serial killer gained control over an entire unit of bots? This isn’t exactly the biggest problem, but it is just a thought. I’m sure there is some technical way that could be used to explain it, so im not overly concerned about that too much.

Also, do we actually know that the kidnapped people are controlling the robots? It wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense, considering they wouldn’t willingly be killing humans. Unless, of course, they were being mind controlled. Which, theoretically Is possible, but it seems like it would be a waist of time to mind control humans, then make them control robots (against their will mind you) then make them kill humans. Why couldn’t they just have either one main computer, or a few computers to accomplish the task. Because, don’t forget, when hypnotizing someone, you can only get them to do something that they would arbitrarily do. So, of course the serial killer would easily kill. But the average person wouldn’t necessarily kill people. So kyphosis wouldn’t completely work to control the people either.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. An unhealthy amount of a lot actually. And I do understand why Ljusets commune suicide pact is a theory for this but I don’t buy it.
I’ll try my best to try and explain but English is not my first language.
I think ljusets commune and the serial killer was introduced with the alpine unrest dlc.
The suicide scene with the ljusets commune on himfjäll all “participants” was wearing swedish traditional clothing. But was there any party hats? Maybe I don’t remember but I can’t recall any?
But at the St. Charlotte church not long from there, there’s been a wedding. The party for that wedding was held at kopparviken resort village. And there you can witness the aftermath of a massacre.
“Oh, that’s just the mashines doing what they do”
Well, take a look in one of the cabins. You’ll find odd bloodstains and a bloody knife stuck in the table(right in the middle of a bloody handprint). You can also find the corpse of someone that seemingly was fleeing from that scene, laying face down like he/she was killed exiting the front door.
Västra Mark(Northwestern farmlands) is also an interesting location. There’s evidence of a party going on there as well. There is also two “weird statue thingies” on the porch at the back. One of those as what on its head? Yeah, a party hat.
Follow the trail up the mountain and there another corpse of a poor soul trying to flee. And ontop of the mountain you find the two dead girls, having what on there head?
“But dude, chill. Ånnagruvan isn’t that long from there and there you can find a ljusets commune suicide scene”
Yeah, that is true. But those dudes are dressed in Swedish traditions clothes.
Petterstorp and the unmarked apple orchard there’s no traditional clothing. But there are party hats.
So to summarize: A ljusets commune scene is distinct with traditional clothing and religious stuff, as bibles and such.
And the serial killer, let’s call him or her “the party popper”. Scene’s related to the party popper has party hats, pastries and weird vibes around them.
I hope I make sense. And I really hope for more mysterious scenes in the future.

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Sorry, carry on :laughing:


Sooo…serial killer scenes. Very cool, but, I still don’t think it’s a bot. Other survivors have been found, so since serial killers are notoriously heartless, they would have no trouble killing someone for their gun for instance, meaning it would be easier on some counts for them to survive. So, although I do not at all agree that it’s a person controlling a bot unit, I completely agree that a serial killer may be at large. Plus, because serial killers can have great intellects, if we wanted to incorporate robots, they could salvage destroyed bots, reprogram them to listen to them, and they could have their own personal task force.

One thing I think we are all not thinking of is, possibly some kind of deranged cult. They could have started some kind of religion around the bots, as their “gods” and they are doing their “bidding” . I know this might be a silly idea, I’m just throwing ideas out there.

Cheers @Bootie :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: (long time no chat :slightly_smiling_face:)

Since all machines are potential serial killers just go for those with most medals on the armour :grin:.

No, it is a really good idea, but consider this. Almost all machines attack you at “sight” so they tend to stick around when you engage. A very few shots with my protagonists good friend the 6* AG4 or his chosen life companion the 6* PVG and they are toast. Unbelievable easy given the firepower provided by these “make-believe-teenage-boy-wet-dream” experimental weapons we’ve been equipped with. However, this serial killer(s) of yours could be snipers that stalk you. You walk around minding your own business and “Pang💥” you’re hit with no previous indication or announcement of machine presence. Where did that shot come from? That hilltop over there? Now the hunt is on. If you run it follows. If you engage it withdraws, relocates, and hits again. Requires some coding indeed and should probably not be released on you before a certain level, but it could certainly be fun.


If given that human brain is plugged to the computer, human brain can achieve even greater compute speeds that it would be biologically possible. Which includes receiving, computing and sending commands.

Also, it is possible that human input is needed only for combat, while the regular movement is automated.
To give you an example:
Tesla autopilot. When enabled, car can hold the speed, lane and even turn without any human input. But human input is needed to turn on/off the car, recharge it, service it and also giving destination to it.

Personally, i’m not sold on the idea that FNIX has loads of people, helping to control the machines for him either. And thus far, there haven’t been much to support that theory, except few side mission notes where people witnessed machines taking their friends/relatives away and security monitor showing an empty ward.

However, in FNIX Rising DLC... (spoiler alert)

things change.

During main missions (latter part), we learn that there is huge cluster of human activity and surely, there must be other survivors there. Once player makes his/hers way to the FNIX’es lair, we see that there are no-one around.
Veronika then asks: “All the data say there should be a lot of survivors here. Where did they all go?”, to which FNIX replies: “Worry not. I moved my precious resources somewhere you will never harm them.”.

Also, the FNIX’es lair looks to be like some form of ward:

But the thing is, those capsules look too short to house a full-grown human. They look to be made for babies or children. :thinking: The rest, you can think for yourself. :wink:

I personally have the DLC, and that’s definitely true.

But one question.

[quote=“Aesyle, post:16, topic:30874”]
Also it is possible that human input is needed only for combat, while the regular movement is automated.

How exactly would they get them to fight though? Because it certainly would not be voluntary fo the majority of society. Also, because the average person does not have military training, battle would certainly be less than efficient. So, it seems logical to me that although technically, human interaction could be present, it would make more sense that, besides perhaps, a few military personnel with battle experience, generally the machines would be automated.

You mean convincing the puppet people to fight for the FNIX? Well, that isn’t hard part. All you need to do, is give that person a false memory and make them think that they are on your (FNIX’es) side. Since when all people are connected to the FNIX, it’s easy for FNIX to program false memories into their minds.

Though, for all we know, people connected to FNIX could be inside virtual reality and what they do there, are translated into real world, via the machines. Essentially the same like Ender’s Game movie is. Where you think you’re doing is simulation but reality is, it’s all real. Just you have been deceived. There are other, similar concept movies, e.g Matrix.

Battle experience comes from FNIX, namely the UNIX part of it.

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Lets remember that


Svante von Ulmer was patternized into military AI, borrowed memories, skills, knowledge and even voice but consider itself as a separate entity.

FNIX could do same to other civilians, we still don’t know whether or not hardware includes organic brain or not. Probably AI still evolving, since it currently need organic brain to “teach” Hunters how to balance themselves and walk. Unless we know what use for aboducted people will be, it’s hard to speculate.

So my point that FNIX “patternizing” people’s personalities, distill their relevant knowledge and skills into it’s war efforts and/or machines’ control.
there’s signs of sabotage and FNIX thinks it’s “infected” with “wrong” minds (I mean military structure and command as a whole, since AI integral part of it). Right now it’s mainly cleancing itself and on the finishing line, as it began serious expansion and advanced military projects.

It’s hard to say what agenda pursuits FNIX, but if any serial killer would be patternized into machine code he/she would be processed anyways and their skills/wits would be just translated into more sadistic/efficient tactics. Well, Elsa may have same suspicions.

If machines are connected to hivemind - it’s almost impossible to filter out a single drone as “serial killer”, if machines have own “thinking unit” filled with algoritms and just responds to external signals (audio-visual) as we observe, then it’s quiiiiite possible that certain “mind pattern” would “sneak in” into a singe hunter or other nasty machine, except tanks - their CPU is clockwork.

So, essentially, your talking about the machines using peoples minds as a kind of processor, to enable problem solving and automation? Because theoretically, thats not impossible.

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