I have problems with the mouse, and i like this game

I cant look around in game. But that does not stop me from playing :sweat_smile:. I managed to run to the church and pick up the shotgun. Walked out. Without the ability to turn the neck and see a robot filling me with led. Started up again at Yttervik. My guy in the game was facing down. Fantastic, now I can just face the ground in this beutiful swedich world.:pensive:

Also, I see the devs have a vision for what they want this game to become. They have put love into the making of this game and Im happy to see this game being made. When I was little I used to play that I was out in the forest shooting robots and stuff. So its like seeing my childhood fantasies becoming “real”. Also if a dev reads this. Please put some references to Stig helmer and Jönssonligan :wink:. Och jag vill köra volvo oxå. Mitt hjärta brister när jag ser dom här fordonen som man inte kan köra, stoppa dit en och annan modell av nån volvo bm valmet också. Det finns för få traktorer där.

Love from Finland.

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This is a well known issue for a while now. There are plenty of people effected by this bug. Please read the entire thread linked below for further information.

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